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  1. $70 I have a new Auxiliary Power module for the Yamaha Snowmobiles which will give you 2 x USB and 2 x visor heater jacks (RCA). This is a plug n play for models newer than 2009, older ones you will need to tap into the accessory power wire.
  2. Just saying thanks to the party of 3 who stopped to help me and the wife out of the ditch in Pefferlaw on Sunday AM. Not sure how we ended up there but we did. Truly appreciate the gesture (so did my lungs).
  3. Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of.....

    Welcome to the forum, by this time (hopefully) you have got some km under the Skidoo GT SE, we too have the same model though a 2011. Loving it. Enjoy!
  4. Couple of Gaspesie Questions

    @whits-end and others We are a newb couple and would like/planning to do the Gaspesie tour, if there is room would like to join a group as we've never been that way. (We have driven the Gaspesie loop in the summer though.) we are for the most part flexible on the dates at this early time. Would like to know more details though. Note, we are not fast riders, enjoy the outdoors kind of riders.
  5. Trip to Moosonee availble this year?

    Thx Xfirecat A quick update: Washrooms are/were decent, not heated but good. the comfort stations gave us a very appreciated break from the -25c cold. A big thanks to whoever who manages them. Base camp is expensive, but hey no biggy. Happy it was there as it was another comfort station for the ladies. A very enjoyable day on the trails though the canyon itself was all packed down, which allowed us to make plans to get up there again, maybe on a warmer weekend! The Base camp -> SRF was fast to say the least, though the 'stand up n ride' folks were passing us as though we were parked. A big thanks to the party that showed us the way, when we were kind of 'lost'
  6. Barry's Bay to Pembroke

    this was week before ... someone can pipe in on the conditions of the stream... + ~40km out of Pembroke on 'B' there was some seriously icy sections, again not sure how they are now.
  7. Trip to Moosonee availble this year?

    thx for the updates ... Hoping to get up there on the Saturday (11th), we are taking gas cans just in case, given all the reports. Q1: Are there warm washrooms up there (base camp), the ladies are quite anxious about that! Q2: Trail conditions? i heard it was raining?
  8. @manotickmikethat is way out of my skill level ... ours was on 'B', junction of 'white mountain chute trail' and 'Wiloski drive', it was a stretch of about 10 yards with 2 big holes.
  9. Cochrane - Access from Highway 11

    Thx for all the replies. After the -25+ 11hr. Ride last Saturday from Whitney to Pembroke the ladies have prohibited us from taking them on another "ride like that", so we will trailer to "Smooth Rock Falls" n ride from there. Hopefully we can stage at the gas station at SRF. Let me know if this assumption is correct.
  10. We set out from Whitney n rode to Pembroke n back. A few corners had some serious amount of ice n saw a rider taken to hospital not far out from Pembroke. Also had to cross a literal stream in the middle of the trail. All in all a good long run. 11hr. ride in -25+.
  11. Trip to Moosonee availble this year?

    I am assuming 'base camp' is at the top of the 'Abitibi canyon' trail? just checking as we are hoping to take a ride up there next weekend.
  12. We (My Wife and I) are hoping to stay at a B&B on Highway11 (due to the lack of vacancies in Cochrane) the weekend of March 10th, the location is highlighted / marked on the map, is there a way to get to the official trail from that point. i have searched the web without success for more local trails to make this happen. Any information in this regard is greatly appreciated. if this is not possible, the next option is to trailer to Cochrane, which is just 5km up the road. We want to ride the 'Abitibi trail' on the Saturday, clockwise va 'Smooth Rock Falls'. Any information / advise is appreciated, we are new to the sport. Hoping to carry a extra can of Gas, food etc.
  13. Trip to Moosonee availble this year?

    "Your trip report gave me an idea for a 'couples tour'." @canuck -> keep me in the loop if this works out, this seems interesting for us too. determined to ride the 'Abitibi canyon' this year, so we will be a little seasoned.
  14. Staging out of Cloyne - Feb 11 weekend

    Rode thru the storm on Sunday and beautiful Monday .. did east and west loop in one day and south to Kaladar, Tweed the second. Met very little traffic, which was nice. 3.2km north on 1002 past Bon-Echo park there is a stream across the trail which needs attention. Other than that the ride was uneventful. We are getting addicted to the lake runs!
  15. My wife and I are riding out of Cloyne on Feb 11th/12th and 13th (Monday), hope to do, first the east of Bon-echo loop and then the west of Bon-echo loop. We are targeting about 100-130km a day. If anyone wants to join you are welcome. We will get into Cloyne only Saturday day, depending on the ETA & weather, we will also do a small east 25km loop (3rd pic) in the afternoon.