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  1. AlBoK

    Kearney ice caves

    Thanks Blake. Enjoy your ride.
  2. AlBoK

    Kearney ice caves

    ITG is showing some trails open around Kearney, so I'm thinking about taking the wife for a short ride to see the ice caves. Just wondering how well these trails survived this weeks rain and if conditions are decent enough to take the old girl out for a ride?
  3. AlBoK

    The Best Link Ever (for trailer parking)

    Thanks - we will check it out.
  4. AlBoK

    The Best Link Ever (for trailer parking)

    Thanks for sharing Adam. Parking seems to be a big issue for sledders, so this link is a great help. My riding has typically been local, so having reliable parking info will help me to venture out a bit. I'm hearing there's lots of new snow west of Barrie, so Friday morning I'm going to try parking at the New Lowell legion and head to Singhampton and beyond depending on trail conditions.
  5. Warm weather and trottle pinned wide open trying to catch up with the big boys was too much for the old fanner. It was a great day for early season riding. Nice to meet POTA, Fire242, as well as ride with Blake and White Dragon again.
  6. Hi Blake I just saw your post and would like to meet up with your group tomorrow if thats ok? Al
  7. AlBoK

    C101D Gravenhurst to Bala

    Hi Blake. You have my correct cell number so text me when you know. If anyone else is interested we can meet up at lot 21 next to the wharf. Al
  8. AlBoK

    C101D Gravenhurst to Bala

    Thanks Blake. I took a quick ride from Loon Lake to Pine Lake to check it out. There is a fairly good base but bumpy so tonights expected snow will definitely help. Loon and Pine Lakes were great with the fresh snow so I'm planning to run Nine Mile past the "mouse hole" to C. I'm heading out from Gravenhurst around 10 if anyone wants to join me.
  9. C101D was listed as open on ITG this morning but driving past I only see a few tracks and doesnt look groomed since last weeks snowfall. Im thinking about taking a run up to the C trail tomorrow - just wondering if the trail is rideable.
  10. AlBoK

    Lake of Bays Tour February 26

    Im leaving Gravenhurst at 8:30. Is the park on little trading bay on Main St?
  11. AlBoK

    Lake of Bays Tour February 26

    Great. I will look forward to meeting everyone and exploring new trails.
  12. AlBoK

    Lake of Bays Tour February 26

    Old Sledder: if the offer is still open i would like to join your group for your ride tomorrow.
  13. AlBoK

    This Sunday

    Viperrules 700: Barrie trails have survived the rain and should still have a decent base once it freezes tonight. Lots of trucks parked at Miller Rd today - here's a pic of the B103 crossing. Not sure if the groomers have passed this way or not. Blake - good to hear your on the mend. I hope all is well. Al
  14. AlBoK

    Gravenhurst to Mactier Wed. Feb. 18

    Hey Blake I was planning to head up for a ride tomorrow. If you're interested I can show you the route up 9 mile which comes out at the top of c101D and C trail junction. I have to pick up the sled at the cottage so let me know where and when you want to meet. Al