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  1. steveo

    2001 MXZ 800

    Hi Vip, its not an easy choice but I have child # 3 on the way and the wife and I are in need of a larger home. Sometime reality sets in and you have to do whats best for them. I will miss sledding beyond belief but my kids come first and so does my wife.
  2. steveo

    2001 MXZ 800

    Hey guy, not sure how many of you still come out here during the summer but I am selling my 2001 MXZ 800. Most of you:s know what has been done to it so I.m not going to list it all. $3500 is my asking price firm.......... if interested you can call me @ 705-962-0178 or 705-681-0293 and ask for steve Sled is in absolute mint condition and was in for work at campbells marina and they couldnt believe the shape it was in.
  3. steveo

    Riding tomorrow

    Thanks Snowcrest and all the rest of the surrounding clubs for making this year possible, I did end up going for a ride but it was very short lived thanks to the float bridge in Bracebridge, for some its not an issue but for my sled with no studds I would have had problems, the south side has a huge ice rut (deep too) and no snow, I would have made it across no prob but coming back I know I would have got stuck (no room for error on that bridge) so I ended up riding back on the top D to trail # 3, man the D was in great shape, no clinging or changing at all. All in all short but sweet. Trails by tomorrow will be crap : (
  4. steveo

    Riding tomorrow

    Hey Guy's Going for a ride tomorrow up the D trail to Sprucedale leaving from gravenhurst. My question is where is that section of the D trail close by Falkenburg Rd and how much of a rode run is there to get back on the trail. My second question is, is there fuel in around Sprucedale, if not where is the closest. Thanks for any input guy"s may be my last ride this season : (
  5. steveo

    B103 North Of Kinmount

    what do u expect with a winter we've had. Gravenhurst trails are in awesome shape right now but give it 2-3 days and it could change. No body should be whinning about trail conditions this year as its been just crap everywhere, except way north.
  6. steveo

    Trail 15 south of Gravenhurst

    My pleasure, if i could have moved it i would have, I was even going to run back home and get the hand saw but it was frozen solid to the ground thats why i posted on the FB page and here.
  7. steveo

    Trail 15 south of Gravenhurst

    Just an FYI There is a some what large tree down across trail 15 just south of Mclean Bay ( about 100yrds just south of the S/SD shoreline) i tried moving it myself but had no luck, had to turn around due to not being able to pass it, back to gravenhurst i go. Hopefully the snowcrest groomer will get to it soon....
  8. steveo

    Gull-Silver Lake Narrows.

    hey izzy you talking about under the #11 bridge ?
  9. steveo

    Trail 15 south of Gravenhurst

    Hey Guy's, How long does it take to do the 15-4-Top D loop ( at a reasonable speed) and approx how many Km? the 800 is a gas eater and just dont wanna have to worry about filling up, seems there's no gas stations anywhere near these trails so best to know before going.
  10. steveo

    let it snow......

    we didn't get anywhere near a foot like wildbills area but we did manage about 12-15cm which isnt too bad. Trails should be decent this weekend.......
  11. steveo

    let it snow......

    Good luck with the grooming tonight and be careful, its quite windy out and blowing like crazy.
  12. steveo

    let it snow......

    hey iz, we're getting hit hard right now, complete white out on the bay, went for a ride and had to turn around because I couldn't see 20 feet ahead, kind a scary when there's a 4x4 somewhere out there plowing the ice drag track. Be very careful out there on the bay, the big pressure crack out by the 2 huts is covered now and if you don't know about it and hit it at a good speed you may be in for something you wont like. The sled is running great now, its like brand new hehehehe (thats because the whole engine is besides the case its self) I absolutely love the Camoplat Cobra track they put on, the handling of this track is second to none, there's nothing it wont handle. Let me know if your coming up this weekend I have time on my hands and looking to ride (only if they groom the trails).
  13. steveo

    let it snow......

    Snowing steady and heavy right now in G-Hurst, should help out with the trails for this weekend. I haven't seen a groomer touch the trails in and around the area for days now, is it because equipment is down or just not worth grooming? this snow should do the trick.....
  14. steveo

    Long weekend riding

    Hey guys, Just giving you all an update for anyone that plans on staging in Gravenhurst this weekend, GO NORTH, from what I've seen in and around town and the surrounding areas the trails are very thin, lots of dirt and bare spots showing up this warm up is just killing things. Take it for what it's worth but I wouldn't take my sled out until we get alot more snow.
  15. steveo

    Is it worth the drive to Muskoka?

    Probably better off not having anyone on the trails Tues. Wed. to preserve the good base we're building. Yes Gravenhurst got hit hard the other night and yes there's lots of snow but we all know what happens when riding trails on warm days. The trails were awesome today, freshly groomed and lil traffic...... I love week day riding