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    I know many riders do not have the option but up north you would not believe the trails, perfectly groomed and table top flat. We were north of Bruce Mines and rode about 150 miles in three days on the trails and saw one larger group of maybe 5 sleds and two others... yeah two other sleds in three days. It is worth the time to put your sled on a trailer and get up there. Iron Bridge or Blind River is a great place to start. Get on the D trail and head west as far as you can go. The farther west and north, the more snow you will see.
  2. 2017 D106 Echo Bay to Black Creek Outfitters

    The longing is actually on the D trail between D106 to Aubrey Falls and the D107 to Echo Bay The logging is only 3-4 K so not bad. The the D106 trail to Black Creek oufitters was not groomed as of Tusday but there is lots of snow Just a matter of time likely. When that trail goes green on the OFSC Trail Conditions it will be fantastic. The D Trail that does north to Heyden and to Searchmont is fantastic. See Pics Below What Bruce mines has been able to accomplish with their trails with the snow levels is amazing With this new snow they should be in great shape too.
  3. 2017 D106 Echo Bay to Black Creek Outfitters

    Coming out of Echo Bay the swamp is usually fine and the first part of the trail is usually good. The power line is usually fine to the top of the hill too. Does anybody know the extent of the logging. How much of that trail in between is being plowed - has anybody been there this year? It is a beautiful ride from the D trail into Echo Bay and you can get gas and food, always a great destination. Just wondering.
  4. Aubrey Falls - Black Creek

    Hey Thanks for the Info I just posted a question on the Sault section of this forum then I found this. I would still be interested to know how the D106 is from the D east of Echo Bay all the way to Black Creek Outfitters
  5. The D106 is still red. Does anyone known the state of this trail. I will be up there in two weeks and I am hoping we can visit Black Creek Oufitters Are they are struggling with washouts or if it is just a matter of plowing and grooming. How are the trails holding with all this warm weather. All of Southern Ontario's beautiful early snow is gone. If you guys have good trails there may be a lot of sleds up your way.
  6. OFSC interactive map DOESNT WORK !!! for me

    Works fine for me - Windows 10 and Chrome
  7. Port Loring this weekend

    We stayed at Tornado's (great place by the way 20 minutes west of Port Loring)) two weeks ago after a heavy rain and the trails were OK. The trails were marked as yellow on the OFSC map due to some washouts so we just took it easy. The farther north and east we went the better the trails were, Now all the trails in the area (even the AR 500 which was the worst) are marked green so that means all washouts have been covered. I would just keep an eye out and go easy after they get more rain. The trails in the area are beautiful. Make sure you swing by Jake's Place in Port Loring. He is heavily involved in the trails and the volunteers.

    Great Topic... Port Loring and Arnstien How about the Port Loring and Arnstien areas? Any one have any first have knowledge of that area? The trails are more reliant on ice up there. We are staying a Tornados in two weeks - Great spot BTW It sure would be nice to have Little Long lake and Wauquimakog and Seagull frozen and south to Ardbeg frozen Loggers Station House is a great stop.
  9. Blind River Access and Conditions

    With your report, I thought the BR 3 would have been marked open on the Interactive trail guide but it is still marked as closed. Any idea why?
  10. Blind River Access and Conditions

    Fantastic, Thank you very much Heading up next week and Blind river is a key stop
  11. I notice the BR 3 trail to access D trail from Blind River is not open If memory serves that is mostly swamp. Can anybody tell me why is that still closed, is it slush or no snow or both? Also, the TOP D trail is still listed as limited, has anybody been in the area? PS the Thessalon TH1 just opened which is great
  12. Parking in Shelburne or Dundalk.

    Hello All, I just got back from Shelburne yesterday. The rail bed to Owen sound is in good shape. It was awsome around Flesherton and North The trails groomed by the Osprey Snow Hawks and marked green around Lake Eugenia are in Fantastic shape - way to go Osprey. With that amount of lake effect snow they have gotten there, it felt like you were in the mountains. You can park on a new road south of Shelbourne that is right off the RR Bed - Luxton Way. Plenty of room to park and turn around. The RR bed is right there and you can travel north to Dundalk. and beyond The trails off the RR bed still marked as "limited" are just that. A little slow and bumpy but It is worth the trip. The Junction in Dundalk is a great place to stop for lunch.
  13. red viper riding alone,,,,, stay clear!!

    Just for your info, I like to go up to the Bruce Mines area (40 miles east of the Sault). We will put on 400 to 500 miles in 3 or four days of easy riding always looping back to the camp. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. we usually count 11 to 15 sleds...for the whole four days! That is why I buy my permit from up there too - the economics are very boarder-line for the area but good trails and almost nobody on them. Also, there are very few Hot sleds - cause nobody can afford them. Now the secret is out I hope I have not ruined it by letting the cat out of the bag but I tell you it is worth the trip.
  14. I was out on Friday I launched in Wellesley and headed west The trails at that time were a 9 out of 10 From Milverton we did the loop turning right out of Monkton to the north to Brussels then back through Brodhagen. Basically the further west the better the Trails It was a "little windy" at the end of the day Friday and the trails were getting blown in a bit With the new snow and some grooming I would imagine the trails are even better now
  15. The D107 out of Echo Bay is not open - anybody know what is up? Will it be opening this year?