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  1. On My AXYS

    North Shore Loop Alternate Routes

    My Camp is in Desbarats. The road is not plowed but I could likely drive in if that is all the snow they have. I do not want to drive in... Let's hope it keeps snowing and we get this much...and I cannot drive to my door.
  2. On My AXYS

    North Shore Loop Alternate Routes

    Elliot lake to Halfway Haven is about 250km - alot of it in the twistys. As you see above it is possible If you get gas in aubrey falls you are still 190 KM without any fuel It would be better if you were to carry some. I would take two days and enjoy some time in the sault
  3. On My AXYS

    North Shore Loop Alternate Routes

    That is big, remote country. The scale on the map can be deceiving. Use the distance guide on the OFSC Trail guide to gat approximate distanced. From the Sault heading north through Searchmont , With no gas in Searchmont, you will need to gas, particularly heading the Aubrey Falls from the Sault. The TOP D north east to the TOP F then south to Black Creek (Aubrey fFalls) is a long way Echo bay to Aubrey falls is 115 KM so quite doable. It is the northern routes that will require you to carry gas. Check you distances
  4. On My AXYS

    North Shore Loop Alternate Routes

    If you cannot get to the gas station in echo bay there is gas on the reserve, just off the D100
  5. On My AXYS

    Frostbite and helmets

    CKX has a helmet that you can put goggles under a shield. i ride with the shield up most of the time then put the shield down to cross a lake or at super high speeds. That combined with the extra tall (Polaris) windshield and I have never had a problem, even on the coldest days or at night. It is a great system.
  6. On My AXYS

    North Shore Loop Alternate Routes

    In the time it took to write this the D107 went green into Echo Bay. you can get from Black Creek Out fitters to Echo bay on one tank. Elliot Lake to Echo Bay via TOP F, D106, D107 with a fuel stop in Black Creek will be a beautiful ride. And ready for this weekend! The D100 into the Sault is now open and there are some Good eating places on the way there too... and Fuel. You can now loop around on the D back to the D106. I would stay in the Sault, or there abouts then head back to Elliot Lake the next day. That is alot of riding but doo-able. I wish I was heading up this weekend. This pic was taken at the junction of the D107 and the TOP D a few years back. lets hope they get more snow and the trails look like that this year!!
  7. On My AXYS

    North Shore Loop Alternate Routes

    I am sure the D106 is in reasonable shape. It is so remote the club will post closed until they can get a run down, could be trees... whatever. There is going to be snow form Black Creek heading south west to the D Trail. If you get to Black Creek from Elliot Lake you can ask them about the D106. They will Know. you can always head up the F if not. If you do this Bring Gas! Heading southwest on the D106 towards the D Trail is an awesome ride. the trouble is getting into Echo Bay for gas. It will be dicy getting into Echo Bay right now. At this point I do not know how much snow they have but to do a good job grooming the D107 into the town of Echo Bay, they need a lot of snow. That is a beautiful trail with spectacular views. I do not know if they have enough snow at this point. Maybe Dan Senior will know. The best plan would be to try to get to Searchmont. There will be plenty of snow if you stay in the back country. Your best riding will be to Searchmont on the D Trail To make it from Black creek to Searchmont without fuel will be tough. I have a 2016 800 Switchback and I could not make that trip without fuel. If you can bring even a small gas can, there is no problem. Make sure Carl will have gas for you in Searchmont. You will have to pay a premium for his efforts but the trip will be worth it. It this point stay away from the Blind river, Thessalon, Bruce mines, Desbarats, St. Joes. Island They do not have much snow at all. The trouble is that is where the gas is. If you can find a way to carry fuel, you have opened up the north part of the loop and there is lots of snow up there. I will be there Feb 26, I hope they get a few storms between now and then. That North Shore area is a beautiful ride. The pic below is the D Trail Bridge over the Garden River last year
  8. On My AXYS

    Port Loring - Trail Closure Possible

    I have read the thoughtful facebook post by the concerned land owner. They really get it. They want to support the sport and there is a history there. The point is STAY on the trail. One thing we cannot over look is that the trails are the safest way to travel. You never know what is buried under the snow. Most of the sledding accidents occur off the trail. Be respectful and be safe. This is the only way to go. If any of you have teenage or younger rider, do all you can to get accross this message.
  9. On My AXYS


    I know many riders do not have the option but up north you would not believe the trails, perfectly groomed and table top flat. We were north of Bruce Mines and rode about 150 miles in three days on the trails and saw one larger group of maybe 5 sleds and two others... yeah two other sleds in three days. It is worth the time to put your sled on a trailer and get up there. Iron Bridge or Blind River is a great place to start. Get on the D trail and head west as far as you can go. The farther west and north, the more snow you will see.
  10. On My AXYS

    2017 D106 Echo Bay to Black Creek Outfitters

    The longing is actually on the D trail between D106 to Aubrey Falls and the D107 to Echo Bay The logging is only 3-4 K so not bad. The the D106 trail to Black Creek oufitters was not groomed as of Tusday but there is lots of snow Just a matter of time likely. When that trail goes green on the OFSC Trail Conditions it will be fantastic. The D Trail that does north to Heyden and to Searchmont is fantastic. See Pics Below What Bruce mines has been able to accomplish with their trails with the snow levels is amazing With this new snow they should be in great shape too.
  11. On My AXYS

    2017 D106 Echo Bay to Black Creek Outfitters

    Coming out of Echo Bay the swamp is usually fine and the first part of the trail is usually good. The power line is usually fine to the top of the hill too. Does anybody know the extent of the logging. How much of that trail in between is being plowed - has anybody been there this year? It is a beautiful ride from the D trail into Echo Bay and you can get gas and food, always a great destination. Just wondering.
  12. On My AXYS

    Aubrey Falls - Black Creek

    Hey Thanks for the Info I just posted a question on the Sault section of this forum then I found this. I would still be interested to know how the D106 is from the D east of Echo Bay all the way to Black Creek Outfitters
  13. The D106 is still red. Does anyone known the state of this trail. I will be up there in two weeks and I am hoping we can visit Black Creek Oufitters Are they are struggling with washouts or if it is just a matter of plowing and grooming. How are the trails holding with all this warm weather. All of Southern Ontario's beautiful early snow is gone. If you guys have good trails there may be a lot of sleds up your way.
  14. On My AXYS

    OFSC interactive map DOESNT WORK !!! for me

    Works fine for me - Windows 10 and Chrome
  15. On My AXYS

    Port Loring this weekend

    We stayed at Tornado's (great place by the way 20 minutes west of Port Loring)) two weeks ago after a heavy rain and the trails were OK. The trails were marked as yellow on the OFSC map due to some washouts so we just took it easy. The farther north and east we went the better the trails were, Now all the trails in the area (even the AR 500 which was the worst) are marked green so that means all washouts have been covered. I would just keep an eye out and go easy after they get more rain. The trails in the area are beautiful. Make sure you swing by Jake's Place in Port Loring. He is heavily involved in the trails and the volunteers.