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    Break-in Ride March 16

    Nice looking ride Denis. I bought my sled in the spring as well, there are some great deals this time of year.

    Auberge le cabanon -saint zenon

    Here are a few suggestions: 1 - go north up 345 to Pourvoirie du Lac Repos for lunch and back on 33 2 - go west on 360 to Hotel Marineau Mattawin for lunch, go south on m19 the river trail (if open) and return on 23. 3 - go south to Saint Come to see the ice sculptures (Jan 27 to Feb 12). 4 - do a small loop around Lac Taureau. Try to see Hotel Sacacomie if you can. Try to have dinner at Real Masse if you get the opportunity.

    New Bridge from B101Q to Quebec

    I made it over last week with a group of 8 for the Quebec free weekend. It is very nice to be able to cross the Ottawa River with out having to worry about ice thickness. To the Quebec and Ontario clubs that constructed the deck, well done and thank you.
  4. Pictures of the new bridge from B101Q to Quebec look impressive, has anyone riddden across It yet?
  5. Mulder Glad to hear that your wife's sled is fixed. Was it a broken chain?
  6. Went for a ride down A trail to Iroquois Falls and back today. The ride down was very good, smooth, hard and only a few bare spots. We toured around Iroquis Falls on the local trails but they weren't as good as the A trail, there seemed to be more bare spots. Coming back we noticed the A trail much softer with the warm temperature and strong sun. We then looped around Cochrane on L101. We noticed a lot more bare spots on the trail from 2 days ago but still a good ride. We are heading home tomorrow after 3 great days of spring riding. Blake, hopefully the trail conditions hold up for you. Mulder, sorry to here about your break down, that does really suck.
  7. Just got back from the canyon and the trails are still pretty good. Going up the east side this morning the trail was smooth and hard with a few bare spots on the inside corners. At the ice bridge you will have to run a hundred metres of gravel on each side of the bridge. Before and after base camp you will have to run a single wide ungroomed path in the ditch for a few km to avoid the plowed road. This is the yellow section on the OFSC site. Coming back down the west side was smooth, hard and fast with a few bare spots to watch out for. Heading back to Cochrane from Smoothrock was smooth but starting to get soft with the afternoon sun and several bare spots in the corners. We passed the groomer 20 km east of Smoothrock. Hope this helps.

    Cochrane This Weekend

    After lunch at Cassy's we headed back up the C trail to Smooth Rock and took the A trail back to Cochrane. C trail was in very good condition all the way, A trail was a little choppy to Cochrane but not bad and not too many bare spots. We took side trail L105 to the lookout in Green Water park. The trail was a little bumpy but lots of snow.

    Cochrane This Weekend

    At Cassy's in Timmins now. We came down 106 to C. 106 had a few bare spots in the corners and looked to be groomed within the last few days. C was very good and looked like it was groomed yesterday. The ride today so far is a 9 out of 10

    Cochrane This Weekend

    Just got back from a small rip around town. The snow is very thin in town but out of town the trails are freshly groomed and pretty good.

    Cochrane This Weekend

    Glad to here you had a great weekend flash. My wife and I just arrived here in Cochrane and are looking forward to our Easter weekend ride. I think spring riding is my favourite time to ride.

    Cochrane This Weekend

    Thanks for the great picture report Denis. Nice sled BTW. I always liked the older, lower sleds for their ability to corner well when trail riding.

    A107C has something going on...

    Thanks for posting Jamie. I am thinking about heading up that way on the Easter weekend for a late season ride if conditions stay good.

    collingwood, meaford, markdale conditions

    I am not sure how much snow they are getting but the riding has been pretty good in that area.

    Shelburne trail yellow

    As farmergeorge said, the groomer shed on highway 10 just north of Shelburn would be an excellent place to stage.