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  1. badmxz

    Best place to drop n go around Minden??

    Pine springs rd, directly across from Kushog Korrners cottage resort www.kushoglake.com
  2. badmxz

    What was your first sled?

    my first sled was a 1972 Rupp nitro 400, # 2 was a 1979 7500 blizzard that I bought new
  3. badmxz

    Open or Closed Businesses

    I dont know if this is old info or not, but the Fire House on Kushog lake( hyw 35) is closed
  4. It was bought at Dennies Marina on Kahshe lake
  5. I have a 81 7500 for sale, It has been in the family from new, very good original condition, engine is fresh, I have all the original paper work and cover. Sled is Innisfil $1200.00 obo
  6. badmxz

    Collingwood area trails

    I was in Collingwood last Wednesday and there was a lot of green grass showing
  7. badmxz

    Something else for the sled toolbox

    I had a friend break a lower radius rod and we used a ratchet strap to hold the front suspension together, it got us on our way
  8. badmxz


    I bought a 2-up off of kijji for $50.00 but it is a for a f-chassis
  9. badmxz


    Is the sle a short track ?
  10. badmxz


    Hi, Im looking for a 2-up seat for a S-chassis ski-doo Thanks Ron 416-579-3780
  11. badmxz

    Vintage Sleds

    I have a 1981 7500 Blizzard, my dad bought it new a Denies marina on Kahshe Lake. The old girl has 2700km on it. Its for sale
  12. badmxz

    Holland River riding ?

    Say away from the 400, unload at yonge st and head to the lake
  13. badmxz

    Old Snowcrest sticker

    I to had a 1979 7500, I bought it new at HA McLeans in Aurora
  14. Heres a old Snowcrest sticker that is on the windshield of my Father's 1981 7500 Blizzard that he bought new at Dennies marina, this sled has sat in the corner of my garage for around 25 years
  15. badmxz

    How much snow did you get today??

    My deck in Innisfil