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    Yup, you did hit a nerve, you do with many of your opinions towards geographical locations other than yours. Passion nore pride know geographical boundrys. Whether my area gets enough snow, in your opinion, to be a part of the federation is not relative, so it shouldn't bother me yet it still does, and I would imagine that is because I believe each club and district has a part in making the system work. I assume from many of the comments I read in various places,, not all feel the way I do. We groomed around 900 hrs this past year, if the average wage for grooming is 15/hr we have close to 15k between payroll remittance and administration. We don't pay operators, we are a complete volunteer club. Over the years that adds up. Obviously it is not that much every year, I believe our average is around 500 hrs. We sell allot of permits, and put a great deal back into the system that is distributed province wide. I am sorry if that is not enough to satisfy you, I am sorry if we run our club in an efficient manner. District 5 doesn't make the rules nore the policies and procedures that we as a federation follow. If your club is coming up short, you need to find a way of selling more permits, operating more efficiently or have fundraisers. Looking down at other locations and blaming them for your short comings will not fix your problems. Sorry to all yous that think defending my district/club from this type of scrutiny is unproductive, I have passion for my sport, and I am entitled to defend it.