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End of season message

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Heres our message for the end of season, once again, thanks to OC.com fo putting this forum together for us. :wavey:

Its time again pull the covers on the sleds and put them to bed for a long summers sleep, so store them well and think of another great year to come.

We ended up with not too bad of a year after all, so a huge thank you, goes out to all the volunteers who put so much time into trail preparation and maintenance to squeak as much riding time as we could out of them. Also, everyone who works so tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the club running deserves a big Thanks as well. We have had some changes this year with some of the old guard stepping aside and lots of new faces on in the club which is great to see, so lets keep that enthusiasm going.

Land owners, with out you letting us cross your property none of this would be possible at all, so a huge Thanks for your patience and generosity, we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

To all the great businesses that support us in so many ways, cheers to you for your support once again, cant wait to see you again in the 2010/11 season.

Cheers, Todd

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