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  1. L143

    I see by Timmins fb page they are working on L143. Does anyone if this will open it all the way, so you can get to Timmins from Sudbury?
  2. Hello from SCBATECH

    Hello everyone, the attached picture is of a group of great sledders that joined the Northbound Sno Drifters Snowmobile Club on a trek from Chelmsford to Elliot Lake Feb. 2017 This is me introducing myself ! Location SUDBURY Main Riding Area SUDBURY TRAIL PLAN Club NSD Sled 2017 GRAND TOURING LE 900 ACE Previous and/or Other Sleds SKIDOO GTX 2007- YAMAHA VENTURE - YAMAHA EXCITER - ARCTIC CAT COUGAR - JOHNSON - (1ST MACHINE 12.3 SKIDOO ) 16/17 Mileage 1000 miles 15/16 Mileage 700 miles 14/15 Mileage 500 miles Interests snowmobiling , bowling , scuba diving , travelling , fishing , golfing Gender Male
  3. I am planning to come up to Sudbury on Friday for up to a week. I am wondering if the trails are good, and if anyone could recommend a loop in the area, maybe to Sault St. Marie, or a great 4-5 day loop where the trails are good. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  4. TATA area ride report

    Day 1 We left Gowganda and onto the new cut east of town , no more road run, :beer_cheers: awsome job on this area as it looks like some tough going , continued on the 107 to short run on Beauty Lk Rd witch was snow covered , Long Pt to Elk Lake 107 was fast with lots of lube on top ,Elk Lake to Kirkland Lk power lines were tabletop all the way , lots of powder up there for you off trail riders , lunch and gas in Kirkland Lk and headed back to the lodge for cervezas, 320 ks and wide open sunshine , lots of smiles per hour on this one Day 2 We left Gowganda going west on the 107 , we were first ones on a fresh groom :snowfall: the new groomer driver seems to have it done pat ,as this section out to the power lines was rockin,the sleds stuck to these trails like they were on rails ,hats off to Elk Lake trailblazers ,Jumped onto the new C trail re-route , were were suprised how great the conditions were here after the new cut , we were also first ones on a fresh groom here , we kept on flying down C to the 206 and over to the Sportsman Lodge , again more awsome trails , talked to George for a bit,had a hot lunch and gased up and began the trek back north , the logging roads north of Sudbury were postcard worthy, rode hard and fast up the Hydro lines on C trail back to the lodge for cervezas again , 370 ks of fast and groomed trails We would like thank Ron and Giselle from Gowganda Lake Lodge for looking after us and making us feel at home and that we were riding some of the best trails the north has to offer :dance: We rode 800 Ks in the TATA area and never seen a ungroomed trail here is a short compilation of some vids