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  1. white dragon

    thurs feb 16 ride

    my wife (dragon lady) & I met team extreme600 [ (dee & terry) & friend] at Canadian tire gas bar this morning,we headed towards norland . we were to meet chris,his brother mike & dillion bro-inlaw at kirkfeild Tee.quite a few sleds out on our secret trail.trails were amazin from Orillia to norland we gassed up in norland, & continued on b104 across hwy 35.tons of pavement to trail.once back on trail,it was beautiful. we made it to Fenelon falls for a burger few sledders use the b103,non-stop.took trail thru Coby on way back,what a great trail...till you get to coby,ton of pavement again,,,carbide tour ? chris not getting enough pavement.take off perfectly groomed trail & down roads to lake,which lead to trent system...that was too scary so back on raods...jeez finally back on trail & said our good-bye at kirkfeild lift locks to chris & bros we continued back to Orillia for gas & parted way with dee & terry. las tpic of day with wife on railbed home,which was still in good shape thx for the great day side note; double riding sucks,how suffocating.you accelerate,they pull on you.you break,they push into you.you courner they counter-weight you...like a back-up with one strap on it.legs & arms cramped.i'm getting double up seat & arm rests...wow .
  2. blake,amber (wife)& myself went for bike ride today.went into colingwood & blake lead us to... I know ...someones big finger in way we then headed to wasaga bch... no traffic yet,though some tourist stores were open great to see the snow on ski hills still... as usual blake knows every side road so its always a great ride
  3. NOT!!!!!!!!! OMG seriously folks this is an unbelievable year. Some people are still posting negative crap which I literally HATE!!! Especially when all the clubs, groomers, volunteers and landowners do so much for us. First of all I wish people would seriously learn to respect other peoples property, signs, wildlife and pedestrians. Here are a few pictures of the beauty trails we were able to enjoy this past week. Just plain awesome once again. Special shout out to the people who look after trail #4 for snowcrest and the #204 for Orillia. These trails are used by us every time we are up in our area to access all the other beauty trails. For the past 6 weeks they have been mainly 10/10 and the worst day was an 8/10. So THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh snap I can't seem to upload my pics!!! I will have to come back later.
  4. white dragon

    sat ride bill,carter,lily & i

    met bill & carter on b112b just down from my place,was 11:30 so pretty nice out temp wise..& trail 2 mins later we took b112b to 414,made a right on b103,left on b to c...barrie trails were smooth,wide & fast,nice to get out on local trail while in its prime back onto b to wasaga,trails were as good as ever in wasaga area,but nearin town thru the wooded area the snirt was unbelieveable.the trail was brown,very easy to see for sure but odd. we went to boston pizza,which had a a lot of sleds food & service was good,bill demanded he pay again...needs write-offs...just glad I could help.lily took some pics of carter on way back took 301 off b & headed over to old phatom 309....some great field runs. tee at 309 & c kid checkin his carbides...learn something new everyday trails were sweet we parted ways at c & b205c...I continued on till moonstone where the trail turns into road rash for abit due to new development,,,sucks,road already bare,too bad cause trail after that is great hooked back onto b till 201 where I headed home another perfect day for sledding
  5. white dragon

    rip to norland

    met fire242 on b112b at 15 line,great spot to launch from,lots of parking & right on trail we had 5" of fresh snow,made roads ok, we met bill & gang at gas station & headed for norland,took b to b104.all the trails were in great shape with fresh snow.quite a few sleds out,usually only see 4 sleds out that way & you know 2 of them.the trail is worth the trip,lots of jumps,hills bush & few open fields.little beside road running near head lk .end of the rainbow is the riverside inn in norland,need reservations on wk-ends.food is great,never left hungry.lots of sledders stop in on the way back we took 103 over to lagoon city,carden has done a great job on this trail,wider & smoother than ever,decided to keep going towards Orillia,few nice field & railbeds get you to Orillia effortlessly falling behind on cooch from speedy gang I made on wrong turn,gang went for gas while fire242 & I headed back to his truck & them to my place,after leaving fire242 I was going down b112b (railbed) at 80 kph when a ski-doo guy ripped by me & snowed us.was alittle pissed but guess I've done it too. was a great ride today,warm &,trails were smooth...thx to Orillia & carden snowmobile clubs for nice ride
  6. Thanks once again to all the clubs involved in D8. Never hit a ripple in the trails all day once again. Did a nice 160 mile loop today. A little cool and windy in areas. Lots of new snow to start the day out. Snowed in Wasaga Beach while we were riding through. Stopped for lunch at Wild Wings in Wasaga. Once again, great signs, info, map boards, accurate mileage and all trails groomed to perfection. Saw the groomer in Wasaga, but he was camera shy. Thanked him for his awesome work and we were on our way to some sweet trails!!! Look I stayed on the trail all day today. Will post a short video once I get my butt in gear and do some edits. Need to cut 16 hours down to 4 minutes or less. LOL
  7. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Also thanks to all the landowners. We rode D8 many times this year and trails were always top notch. Cheers!!! See you next year
  8. white dragon

    groomed trails

    headin home from mech place at top of couch i was runnin down b112b,which was in ok shape & figured as someone mentioned the grooming would slow down...came up to intersection of b112b & 203 & the trail was groomed ahead,i noticed a sledder right away jumped on the freshly groomed part instead of riding the ungroomed(still flat) part..why not let it set up overnite,that sledder turned off & i continued to ride the ruff...came up to the groomer heading back & it was stopped with operator checkin drag out.i stopped & wanted to say thx & wasn't me riding on his fresh trail,well turned out to be ''oro guy''was nice to finally meet him & say hi...i'll have a great start to the ride tomorrow...thx again oro guy & odsc for your hard work
  9. white dragon

    tuesday's ride 240 miles

    headed out with bill,fire242(glenn)& myself to pick up a map bag in carnarvon from jrhz06...left orillia around 11 towards norland,as oroguy said trails were ruff until we ran into carden groomers..bruce was on lead groomer,stopped at riverside for lunch.did the yellow road rash & wasn't too bad with the new snow...off b104 we took trail 340..50 ft in we ran into kawarthra groomer,trails were mint.this trail is hilly & twisty...hooked up to B & ran it to carnarvon,where we went to jrhz06 place & picked up the magic bag...when i held the little map bag up,bill said''we came all this way for that,it's worth about $300 now between us on gas''...now 5:30ish we continued on B thru wood lk & onto trail 3 where we came across a fallen tree,luckly there was a trail over the one side...it was nice & warm out so nite riding was going well...we then took D to summerland which was closed...so sad....then ran roads to bridge due to ruff trail,once back on orillia trails we were fine as the groomer was fixed & trails were mint back to town where we arrived back around 9:30...said our good byes & parted ways was great to ride with fire242 again & meet jrhz06 & his wife...try to post pics later
  10. white dragon

    district 8 ride

    bill & i hooked up with blake g & 3 of his friends in orillia....from orillia went up b105c to C to midland the trails were in excellent shape,just behind the sign board there was a deer carcass...nice.one of the sleds had alittle clutch deflection trouble...bill ok'ed it & we were rollin again headin into wasaga bch the trails were in decent shape...stopped at ''big chris bbq'' for lunch,it was great trail shot after lunch we head back to C where i broke from the pack but not before a last pic had a great 100 mile loop & some good laughs at lunch
  11. mgooding

    Trip - Simcoe?

    Planning a trip Family day weekend from Coboconk to Lake Muskoka. Simcoe should be safe for sure by then. I was wondering if I am able to hop on Simcoe at Brechin? (It appears the trail crosses very close by). At that point, would I be able to ride Simcoe into Lake Couchiching or does in not freeze well through Rama and Orillia? Any input is appreciated.
  12. mgooding

    Lake Simcoe

    I was wondering if Lake Simcoe has ice in yet and how thick itis?
  13. Harbour Inn and Resort (on lake simcoe) has a new owner and they are working hard to attract more people to visit Lagoon City. They have 43 rooms (12 suites) available, swimming pool, hot tub, and a restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm sure they will be very interested in attracting snowmobilers to stay with them in the winter and to eat at their restaurant. Harbour Inn is located on lake simcoe (Brechin) and very close to trail 207 and 103. There is an Ultramar gas station close by as well. Visit www.harbourinnlagooncity.com
  14. mgooding

    Lake Simcoe

    Just wondering if Lake Simcoe has frozen completely over yet? If so, what are the conditions in the middle?