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  1. atventure

    East of north bay today

    Didn't go that far but I went the other way to the portage and back.. As far as going north I only went as far as the first pond where the trail goes around through the bush, didn't wanna get stuck back there.. i dont think it'd be an issue to get up to sand dam though. Are you the guy that lives right beside the trail with the shop and all the sleds out front? Did you sell me a primary for my polaris years ago? Cheers Thinkin about going back and breaking the trail tomorrow or wednesday actually, wanna come along? Also yesterday I had my dog out for a walk up there and there was another guy on a green polaris coming up the trail (coming from the north), not sure how far he made it.
  2. atventure

    East of north bay today

    For since I only rode for an hour today I'm considering going for another short one tomorrow if anyone is game (around noon).. Blake?? Cheers Andrew
  3. atventure

    Early rides 2018 - 2019

    Where were you riding?
  4. atventure

    East of north bay today

    Ended up starting at the hydro station just off four mile lake rd. Rode around the station for a bit on the hydro lines, lots of tracks on one of the hydro lines that the trail does not run on... still no tracks on the actual trail going North from there, VERY surprised. I didn't want to break trail solo but I'm sure getting to Sand Dam would be no real issue? Lots of tracks between 4 mile lake road and the portage on 63, trail is bumpy but there is easily enough snow to run it.
  5. atventure

    East of north bay today

    Looking at all the pics of clubs grooming on Facebook I will be very disappointed if I go out tomorrow and there isn't any fresh groomer tracks honestly. At least 4 clubs pulling drags as I type this 1 of which has open trails. No excuses, lets goo!
  6. atventure

    East of north bay today

    All gassed up, wife works at 8am, probably going to head to the fish hatchery for another little ride if anyone wants to join me.. Cheers
  7. atventure

    East of north bay today

    Haha I knew you'd say something about me buying a Cat! In all honestly at the time there was no Polaris dealer in town, and the service at the one in Sturgeon was so terrible I refused to spend a cent there, I went to Carlsons for fun and got a wicked deal on this sled, with 0% interest to cap it off.. Could not turn it down. I had also spent some time on my buddies 2018 XF8000 High Country and Arctic Crap didn't seem so bad after that.. ..Would still go back to Polaris for my next sled no questions
  8. atventure

    East of north bay today

    Yep that's me. That sled was the best $1700 I ever spent haha, ran it into the ground every season up until spring of this year (finally blew up).
  9. atventure

    East of north bay today

    Hey BBaker, Just so you know I used to post allot on HCS under the name 'token', we have talked many, many times years ago. I did not encounter any fallen trees, just the odd branch here and there. Everywhere I rode has been recently ridden by sleds, ATV's, or trucks. If you guys need any help clearing trails let me know where to go. I am laid off and have my own chainsaw. Cheers
  10. atventure

    East of north bay today

    Haha I was waiting for someone to notice. Sled was already loaded in my truck and I hadn't put the pass on yet, when I got to the fish hatchery I was gonna put it on but my sleds windshield was covered in ice so half way through my ride after the ice melted/came off I put the permit on.
  11. atventure

    East of north bay today

    Camelot is a stones throw from where I live, Trout Lake is under 2 minutes via snowmobile. I'm on Circle Lake
  12. atventure

    East of north bay today

    Hah really the cops were out already??!! On sleds?! I bought mine last March or April as well, thats funny. Did you get yours at Carlsons as well? As for the seat I haven't even really noticed to be honest, as long as the sled is reliable i dont care Lol. I might go for a ride tomorrow A.M... just mounted my GoPro to my helmet.. i wanna check it out... gonna go fill up some gas cans cheap on the reserve. Cheers
  13. atventure

    ICE In 2019

    Might have to go for a ride to get in some early season trout fishing
  14. atventure

    East of north bay today

    Few more for fun..
  15. atventure

    East of north bay today

    Laid off right now (canoe trip outfitter in summer), although I'm looking for work so schedule may change any time