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  1. atventure

    North Bay - March 27th

    On Saturday or Sunday I plan to ride the Missing Link trails starting at the Brent Rd... also going to go for a ride down to the park.. if anyone wants to join me lemme know
  2. atventure

    Polaris don,t float

    Should have chased them down and taught them a lesson or two.
  3. Was thinking the same thing, if it was around here id be a volunteer.
  4. I have all day tomorrow to myself so I want to get in another good day trip. Thinking about trailering from North Bay to Latchford. From there I plan to take A trail north to L186, then L186 up to connect back with the A trail, then L161 up and over to Englehart for Gas. Then A108 South from Englehart all the way over to L191 and eventually Lake Timiskaming , then I'd take the lake all the way down to L182 , and back to A south to my car at Latchford. After the recend mild temps is there anything I should keep in mind? Any suggestions for alternate routes? The plan is to get started in the morning and back on the road before the snow/rain starts. Again I'm going solo so if anyone wants to join me... Cheers
  5. atventure

    Sudbury conditions

    Only thing you MAY have to worry about is lube for your sliders until we get a bit of fresh snow. We still have well over 4ft im the north bay area, if anything this rain and warmer weather HELPED our trails by making the base firmer. This is the first thaw/rain the trails have seen so far this season..
  6. atventure

    North bay accommodations

    This might suite your needs - https://sunsetinn.ca/ Right on Lake Nipissing
  7. atventure

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Somewhere around 3200km as of today.
  8. atventure

    Kearney Ice Caves

    Not a huge deal, the windshield can probably be fixed with super glue and it wont even be noticeable, and the side panel is completely unharmed except one of the 'hinge' tabs broke off. Panel still stays on fine, just vibrates a bit more. That and a couple scuff marks.. not bad at all. Like I said trails be absolutely mint and I can't wait to go back when its warmer out! I can already feel myself getting sore as a result of my little tumble.. Lol. I'm just happy my sled didn't land on top of me/run me over.
  9. atventure

    Kearney Ice Caves

    Just got home! Did the loop exactly as I said counter clockwise. Trails were MINT. Quite possibly the best trails I have ever ridden... I really enjoyed the ride until i ROLLED my sled and broke the windshield/side panel. Hit my brake to hard on a 90 degree turn, track locked and sled went sideways - caught something on the trail and I got ejected and my sled rolled once, landed perfect on the side of the trail skis down.
  10. atventure

    Kearney Ice Caves

    I messaged the club on Facebook and was told that trail will be groomed tomorrow mid-day so my plan is to do the loop counter clockwise to hit that trail in the afternoon. Depending what time I get to South River in the AM I might do a small loop over the Eagle Lake way to get the day started.
  11. atventure

    Kearney Ice Caves

    Well this doesn't sound too appealing all of a sudden... shall I go north instead?
  12. atventure

    Kearney Ice Caves

    Going to trailer to South River tomorrow, I have never ridden a trail South of Trout Creek so I'm pretty excited. My plan is to park near the brewery (for easy access after my ride ) downtown. I plan to run C105D East to the D trail, then D South to AL301, from there I'll go East to the ice caves, then back on D South to the town of Kearney for gas. From Kearney I'll take D West to 306, then North on 306/D123 back to South River, Id then complete the loop by taking C104D and NN400 back to my vehicle. Is there anything I should know? Anything I should change about this route? I ride a 600 C-Tec2, should I bring an extra 10L of fuel? I will be riding solo if anyone wants to join me.. Cheers
  13. atventure

    North Bay Staging area

    When are you riding today? I am thinking about taking a solo jaunt to Mattawa and back.. ill see where I end up...
  14. atventure

    North Bay Staging area

    It is indeed plowed and there are people parked there daily. I've used this spot a few times so far this year - I don't think it was plowed at all in Dec. but is now. Its just down the street from me and I drive by everyday.
  15. atventure

    Red Trails = Trespassing

    What about the red trails that run on Crown Land and the clubs require packing to be done in the early season before they can send the groomers out?