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  1. Brodieman

    Helmet Suggestions

    Don't buy a Ski Doo EX-2 Enduro helmet at least until they fix the manufacturing defect on the heated visor that delaminates. I pick up my second replacement visor tomorrow and hopefully it last longer than one day before falling apart.
  2. Brodieman

    Trail Status

    Picked up my first sled on Dec 29th 2017 and have 3006km on it in seven weeks and there are still trails open so I'm pretty happy with the season so far. thought this was in the general forum lol, not even sure where the "New Dundee" club is
  3. Brodieman

    Christmas in February

    +1 on the finger throttle. My 900 ACE is my first sled and a big bonus with the ACE for me is the ability to rotate the throttle. A thumb throttle is completely foreign to me, I want to 'hold' the bar and also I broke my thumb skiing years ago so I'm fairly sure using my thumb for throttle control would be painful after a short time although I must admit I have not even tried it. I keep my index and second finger on the throttle with the lever facing downwards about 35 degrees which is perfect for me sitting, standing & kneeling. I've been very impressed with the 900ACE. I'm not a fan of two-stroke noise and smell so for me the ACE is perfect. Super smooth, quiet, fuel efficient and has a proven track record for outstanding reliability. I was initially looking to buy a 600ACE Renegade Sport but there weren't many around so I ended up choosing a 2018 Renegade Adrenaline 900ACE which I have absolutely zero regrets purchasing. I put a set of used carbides on the outside of the Pilot 5.7 and that worked a treat and only took a few minutes to install. Next year I plan on swapping out the track for a Camso Storm 150 (there is a pre-studded version coming out next year), possibly changing the skis for C&A XPT. The following winter I want to swap out the HPG shocks for Fox. That should make an great sled excellent. Enjoy revrnd
  4. Brodieman


    As a newbie to this sport I've been a little bit surprised at some peoples complete disregard for oncoming traffic especially in totally blind corners and crests. A few times this week I've had to put my sled completely or partially off the trail to avoid someone cutting the apex on a blind corner and about to crash into me. If you have a clear sight line around a corner than yeah, go for the apex but man some people just seem to roll the dice around corners. I like to stand up to get a better view and also to hopefully be seen sooner if there is someone approaching and always keep right and slow down when I can't see what's coming up. I've been thinking about getting a sticker for my windshield: KEEP RIGHT! I will be buying a Tekvest shortly for obvious reasons. I should note that I've had just as many close calls with 'fast/aggressive' riders as I've had with the 'family outing 2up wanderers/going to cut every single corner on my old sled' riders. On a similar topic, the whole hand signals thing can be a bit much sometimes. Yes, I see your entire group on this perfectly straight section but definitely everyone take one hand of the handlebars, proceed to do an uncontrolled wander, all to inform me that there is someone two feet behind you. Great. For sure it's good to know that there is going to be an approaching rider behind someone but really only the first and last rider need to do anything. The Green & Yellow light indicator needs to be more prevalent and I plan on getting one sometime soon. Green = alone or last of group. Yellow = riders behind. Easy and this should be standard on all sleds IMHO. Rant over lol
  5. Brodieman

    North of Bancroft

    Rode from Birds Creek on B106E to Whitney then B to Barry's Bay jumping on 155. At 7:00am I had pretty much first or second tracks on fresh groomed trails all the way to Whitney. Lake St. Peter to Whitney was absolutely amazing this morning. In and around Whitney was not the greatest. Rail trail to Barry's bay was pretty decent and mixed conditions on 155 but overall a cool little trail. Coming back to Birds creek the rail bed was still ok. Whitney to Lake St. Peter was still decent going south but getting pretty chewed up on the north "lane". All in all a fantastic day and better than expected conditions. More snow on the way so it's looking good for the Bancroft area.
  6. Brodieman

    End already ?

    I'm new to the sport and traveling to ride is part of the game IMO. Exploring Ontario, road tripping and seeing the sites is a main reason I bought a sled. I definitely don't expect to ride locally for 12 weeks in the Peterborough area that's for sure! I've had my sled for three weeks, had 10 days off riding since then and have 1229km in so far. Having a blast.