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  1. Cobden area

    that's not too far from me right now there's barely a base to work with from the last warm up right now were a crap shoot on the next warm up on daily checks at TWN says snow on monday the next says rain as of right now the weather says there's about 3-7 cm of snow coming this weekend but rain 10mm on tuesday now. there's no promise of a good snowfall before the 26th but long term is showing a lot of snow falling from the 26th to the 31st but i wouldn't bet any money on a forecast that far off. the base from Chalk River West is open and trails are a little thin which isn't too far up the road from cobden (45 min) if you want to trailer a little to ride and that area west looks to be missing most of this rain thats coming but id say its a 50/50 chance for cobden right now. Id check after this Tuesday there's a chance this rain will actually be snow with the temps that i'm seeing if it is snow trails will most likely open Timberline SC is reporting all their ice crossings still hver 17" of ice so they just need the snow to open.
  2. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    I picked up my Vector back Nov i had researched the hell out of sledding the tech around it the differences in engine types and locked down on a vector or similar sled (apex / viper etc) I started watching Kijiji in september and visited a few different sleds the biggest challenge i find is assessing the prev owner and that can be done in all of 15 - 20 mins at the visit. I knew i wanted something good for easy trail riding and a engine that's not gonna leave me stuck in the bush by buying a older high mileage sled landed me on the Yamaha 4 stroke. and knock on wood it's been rock solid. I selected this sled cause the price was perfect but even besides that it was a husband and wife team she sold her vector earlier that month less mileage on hers i guess and the seller was up front and honest about his riding behaviour as well as his maintenance of the sled he was always having the sled worked on at the local dealerships didn't appear to be modding it himself in anyway and was a trail explorer not from what i could tell a hotdog pinning the throttle everywhere. So i dropped the Offer for 3k down and he took it even tho he had just 3 days prior got it back form the dealer for 700+ in repairs and seasonal upkeep mostly he had 2 other new 800 E-tek skidoos in the garage for them and wanted to get rid of it but i think he also assessed me as a buyer as someone whos going to continue to look after the sled.he could have easily asked for more to help offset the recent repairs and I would have more than likely have agreed to adjust the price as i knew this would most likely be something that will get me through a few seasons with proper care and maintenance. Buying used even older sleds like mine is not as scary as it sounds ignore the paint the abundance of stickers or flashy wrap and look at the owner and his experiences with the sled like i said i visited probably 5 other Yamaha's with the 120HP 4 stroke and all of them isn't anything abundly clear looking at the sled, almost all of them were walked away from due to previous owner interaction during the visit. be it lack of maintenance know how by the owner or they seems to be trying to avoid certain aspects of the Q&A or they were straight up throttle jocks which lead to finding tunnel or other damage... Last thing i'll add is buying used isn't going to be a one time pay and be free to ride carefree I expect maintenance costs even some expensive repairs but say i get 3 years out of this sled or more and if i spend under 2500k on maint that'll be 3 good years for 5500 bucks all in and the sled will still have similar to same value on a resale and i'll be keeping all receipts and the receipts i have from the prev owner and the next owner will have a clear record this sled was looked after and is value for the money being spent. While new sled owners buying that 15K Apex etc. will have lost almost the same amount in depreciation in the same amount of time.
  3. Abitibi Canyon

    Just FYI for all you sledders in the Polar Bear Club area of Cochrane from their FB tonight: Polar Bear Riders Snowmobile Club Attention A103 Riders on the eastside there will be a dozer working on preparing a 2.2 km section of new trail tomorrow about 7 kms north of Gardiner Ferry crossing or the ice bridge. Once completed we will be blocking off access to the logging road diverting the snowmobile traffic onto the newly levelled trail. Pay attention to signage and ride slowly through the area in the future as it will be a bit rough until we get more snow and can start grooming it.
  4. Yea going up early if any of you who are going i'll be making a Stonecliffe <> Mattawa Run for dinner friday afternoon it looks like as the rolphton trails appear to be not going to be open by the weekend according to Deep Rivers FB response.
  5. Well just got news my riding buddies brother just passed away this morning so it'll just be me and the grandson and his GF on one of the 660 T's it's def not gonna be the same without him there.
  6. I so want this.

    so far so good the rain has pretty much changed to no rain or very little all along the ottawa valley now to small amounts of snow and even down by Kemptville its been pushed from saturday to monday keep doing your snow dance guys and it might miss eastern ontario all together.
  7. any of you going? If so i'll see you there just look for the red yammy in racing stripes running with 2 Cat 660T 2 ups
  8. Howdy

    Welcome to the Forums!
  9. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    just a little bit of water everywhere
  10. I so want this.

    2 long days riding and driving the groomer we got stuck today. its wet out there but it should freeze up and i'm not looking at next weekend's weather we did that last week and expected 50+ cm of snow that didn't happen so i'm not believing that rain will happen for now.... I made yesterdays album on FB too tired to add todays album its much larger with all the stuck in a swamp photos It's open to anyone to view with or without a FB account should be able to see everything here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.477169816012847.1073741835.100011594978672&type=1&l=6df405ccda Added Yesterday's photos and fixed link so anyone can view it with or without a FB account: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.477324805997348.1073741836.100011594978672&type=1&l=03ea23c284
  11. I so want this.

    Well kemptville has the snow but we were pushing a lot of water with the drag today hoping it freezes up we did clubhouse to limirick forest and then a104 and the rail line then back to the clubhouse asked to go back out analog tomorrow so I'm stay in in kemptville overnight will post pics from my cell tomorrow for now trials closed but if they setup over the next 2days I think we will be yellow here by tuesday
  12. I so want this.

    Just got the call going grooming for the next 12+ Hours in Kemptville will report on conditions when i get back.
  13. I so want this.

    the problem will be the wind if it's anything like up here in Arnprior it is snowing lightly here but it's pretty much sideways across the window so without some snow banks on the sides of the trails most of this will accumulate in drifts at the edges of the fields and not much will lay directly on the trails down that way.
  14. I so want this.

    Well they did get the rain right and it did wipe everything out so i guess if its bad news they always get it right then by those standards. Just got this on my phone hoping it is right might still be riding next week:
  15. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Yea I seen your post Soup id love to join you at the moment I have a work commitment next week and im reged into the poker run in stonecliffe at the end of the week (not sure if that'll happen now) but we booked the cabin and too late now to cancel it. Im looking to head north anytime after im off work from the 22nd till sometime in march. We also have a booking in Mattawa for a ride weekend Feb 9-11 hoping the snow returns by then. other then that i think i'll make plans for a north run or a far north trip to visit friends up in Dryden.