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  1. BruteMan

    Where To Head This Weekend??

    Mattawa East got hammered by over 300 sleds on the weekend last weekend The report i got yesterday from up that way is they still haven't fixed all the damage from last weekend yet. finally getting enough snow this week along the Ottawa Valley might get some yellow trails open in the valley but it's going to be hammered by the weekend warriors so keep your ice scratchers on.
  2. BruteMan


    there's anywhere from 5 cm - 25 cm forecast for the Valley Tues - Wed this week it should restore whatever melt we had Pembroke west had 20cm+ when we all got rain a week ago i doubt they lost all that + the base tho i'm sure it'll be Wed by the time the groomers get all the moguls flattened again from the heavy riding last weekend.
  3. BruteMan

    Today's sat images.

    Well you might also be seeing areas of surface water from the melts we had, I was out with the club checking ice conditions yesterday Ottawa river crossing at sand point had 20" - 26", White Lake / Calabogie and a few others all were between 22" - 34" so we haven't lost much in the ice department just little to no snow in open areas.
  4. BruteMan

    Trails east of Embrun -anyone ride them recently?

    Yellow is to renfrew now though the Renfrew > Pett has some bare areas on the open fields etc. the bush trails are awesome and the 8" - Foot of snow up in Deep River > Mattawa turned some rough riding into some pretty good trails I would still steer away from the Main "A" trail pipeline and Hydrolines i expect would still be rough since last weekend there's not been that much snow to fill in those big ass holes.
  5. BruteMan

    Replacement of Damaged Permit

    In my short season i have seen a total of 3 times OPP, Stopped only once and all they wanted to know was if i had my stickers on my sled never asked a single thing beyond that besides civil conversation about trail conditions and how our day was going. I find this thread delving into a useless banter of he said, she said,.you should, I will not BS. The primary topic was about the lengthy time it was taking to get replacement / transfers and what someone could do in the meantime. as with everything in "THAT" situation is at your own risk if you ride and there were good suggestions to protect yourself in the event you do ride without the sticker the rest of this is starting to just waste my time reading the thread. Move on if you have nothing more to add to the Original Post.
  6. BruteMan

    Replacement of Damaged Permit

    Well i always carry my phone and on my phone i have access to all of my Emails and in my emails i have the purchase order confirmation, another email of the order and shipping tracking number and the temporary permit link to which i made a PDF of the temp permit and saved it to my emails, With the instructions to print it off and tape it to my sled or carry it digitally (both these emails have the plate # and the vin # in them). if that's not enough for a officer then i'll see them in court and fight it there. Of the documents mailed to me the only document i have that states i have to do anything is to install the sticker front center of windshield or front-top 3/4 of sled hood. not sure why carrying the rest of that paperwork which is mostly advertising is going to help anyone on the trails. This is not the case of a permit transfer and not receiving a new sticker (which is what the topic started out about) but in the primary purchase / vandals ripping it off scenario. If i was riding without a sticker at all because i'm waiting for the transfer to come in then I totally would be carrying all paperwork possible even printing the original 2 week temp permit off no matter if its expired or not and taping it on and explain that the replacement hasn't arrived.
  7. BruteMan

    End already ?

    You all just gotta do more Snow Dance!
  8. BruteMan

    End already ?

    TWN cant even get the weather right for today 1 cm snow my arse! this was just taken out my front door...
  9. BruteMan

    An Overused Safety Message?

    as with everything else knowledge is best when dealing with Ice I asked a lot of the locals around stonecliffe that had already been out on the inland lakes fishing around there most were reporting 20" or more ice but to stay off any of the moving streams as they had 4" or less. Lake Riding around here is pretty normal and it's a whole pile of common sense and usually one guy with a ice auger or chain saw that easily tell you what's what.
  10. its ok i had another one as backup came home with about half of it :P it'll be gone next run heh.
  11. BruteMan

    Replacement of Damaged Permit

    Well the guys that stopped us were specifically looking for OFSC stickers we all have one so i did not witness what they would do if you didn't have one...... so if they didn't care about permit stickers why look for them.... think there's some misinformation out there... both your licence reg sticker and the OFSC stickers are property of the MTO and the OPP are the only enforcement agency for the MTO. Patrollers (stop officers etc) apparently have the ability to charge trespassing but can't do crap about the actual sticker only the cops can.
  12. BruteMan

    End already ?

    Ed and I will be in Mattawa for a weekend of riding Feb 9th to the 11th should be rock solid riding there based on the 14 day forecast im seeing nothing but snow over the next 14 days up there.
  13. oh and some pain killer after a day riding all the moguls....
  14. So some trail pics and vid from the poker run we were near the back of the 110 sledder pack so pretty torn up but over all, Off the pipeline and hydroline trails were really good. Deff need a grooming run now to flatten out all the braapers moguls. IMG_2394.MOV
  15. BruteMan

    OFSC Trax map

    once your 365 days expire to repurchase updates / new card with another year of updates its half price i purchased in Jan and typically most of the trails that are relocated etc are updated by end of Dec so i theoretically should get 2 years out of my purchase before i need to spend 35 bucks to get updates. and a quick google on the internet will solve the locked to SD card thing not that i promote that but there are ways out there to combine your maps in basecamp /create backups if need be.