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  1. Hey Trail Map

    Should we have a pinned topic on this? People with interface issues could list device, OS and problem. People can also note the hits and misses. Give the link to that marketing@ofsc email addy. Could be quicker for them compared to a flooded inbox of the same issues and/or compliments-complaints..
  2. Snowmobile Show

    D4 booth Saturday morning. HSSZ, Canada 150, black ball cap. Afternoon gathering maps like a squirrel and doing re-con on Quebec regions.
  3. New ITG

    Here here! For people on this board working the show this weekend watch how noob's checking out the sport for the first time light up when you start explaining the ITG. Typical conversations I've had with guests at the booth: Visitor: " So how do I know what trails to take? How do I know what trail is open for me to use" Me: "Well the OFSC provides an app for your smart phone. It's cheap and it shows the trail status, POI's, routes for the most popular Snow Tours AND it can locate you on the map using your phone's GPS." Visitor: "Really?! That's great. Does it just work just on my phone?" Me: "Nope, it's on your PC too, access it from ofsc.on.ca. You can plan your trips, find parking places, restaurants, fuel, the whole thing." Visitor:"Wow, that's great, I was worried about getting out there and trying to read these paper maps. This app and the maps should make it alot more fun". So yeah alot of us can navigate the trails and know the spots to hit and the ones to miss, but to attract noob's there's gotta be an easy to use, reliable and comprehensive digital assistant. I'm still reserving judgement on this "upgrade" effort but so far, for a project that seems to have been in the works for months I'm somewhat disappointed. I'm curious as to money spent so far and if the providers of the guide solution in Quebec were approached.
  4. Hey Trail Map

    Still no word if we need a live connect for it to work eh? I'm thinking the answer is a yes which really makes the thing kinda pointless. Lets hope the roll out to district and club admins goes well and the promised ease and speed of trail conditions updates come true.
  5. Quebec $$$

    Groomers used to be purchased with grant funding from Federal regional development programs. You know, all those programs that Ontario clubs are supposed to access now. But I believe 2 years ago the feds cut those programs.
  6. Quebec $$$

    There's always comparisons between Ontario and Quebec. We all know it's apples to oranges. Here's the numbers breakdown for reference if you're in a "discussion". Edit: I count about 206 clubs in the fcmq,
  7. New ITG

    App is dead. But, with ???'s about off-line availability of the new WEB based map I'll be keeping my app installed. Which brings up a question. Since RM(risk management) was apparently a roadblock to finding companies to work with the OFSC on a new ITG, are they as protected as they hoped if a bunch of people still refer to the app for directions and location finding?
  8. Hey Trail Map

    Does anyone here have the inside scoop on the new web map? Is it a WIP or is this the final product? Do you need to be online for it to work? Can you download sections? My older Samsung G3 doesn't load any map functionality. Just zoom in, zoom out. Scrolls really quick, but it's just a map. My phone, my Android version or the map itself? Are waypoints for trip routing going to be a feature? Is GPS tracking going to be a feature? We can find it when it's loaded on an Iphone.
  9. Trail Patrol 2018

    I was at a neighbor club meeting the other night and discussion was around an effort by OFSC and OPP to have clubs form better connections with their "local" detachments. This was supposedly discussed at AGM. I don't know the numbers but I don't think many of last years fatalities occurred on OFSC trails so I don't see the benefit of having increased OPP patrols. As for permit compliance I think nearly all of us can agree that OPP permit compliance enforcement is at the bottom of the priorities list. Hard to say if last year was directly related to no STOP patrols, or our screwball climate that totally pooched the lake ice province wide.
  10. Trail Patrol 2018

    When I wear my tinfoil hat I foresee Northern Ontario mostly abandoned by citizens (no banks, no fuel stations, no jobs, no high speed internet) and all of that juicy land is ripe for foreign "investment"..ie mine, cut, chop, dig, and export to their hearts content. H20 included.
  11. Winterforcast

    A La Nina seems to be a guarantee. How that impacts the great lakes region depends on what happens off the coast of Alaska. The computer model runs are going topsy turvy it seems. I think there is a new EWMCF run that some are interpreting as lots of cold out west and mostly warm temps, but "active Great Lakes". Other numbers are showing cold December/January but February and March melt down similar to last year. As long as we stay away from that Pacific Jet we should be in for "a normal" winter.
  12. Looking for a center and rear shock for '14 600 'Gade Adrenaline R motion skid. Nothing fancy, but newer than the stockers on it now. They can't be rebuilt so it would be nice to put something newer on there. So if you've upgraded and still have stockers in the shop I might be interested. Or if anyone can recommend a decently priced option that'd be great.
  13. Trail Patrol 2018

    I missed Friday at AGM. I assume some discussion regarding Trail Patrol was had. What's the scoop? Still handing out trail guides, tea and biscuits or is the plan for it to have more bite?
  14. The Best Link Ever (for trailer parking)

    I suspect it might be hunters looking for areas to stage from but I've been getting alot of requests for access to the map. The OFSC new ITG seems to be AWOL so until it's back up I've enabled access for everyone to my map, such that it is. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QRP-gnPMbxseSN8lQlQ3MgmX718&usp=sharing
  15. Vintage sled permit price?

    Thanks guys. I informed my district admin too so yeah let's assume it gets looked into tomorrow. Now about that new improved trail guide....