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  1. OFSC On-line Map Working? Is it just Me?

  2. Riding Alone/Gps tracking

    Wait...what? 'Tis true?
  3. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    Hear hear! Fiasco doesn't begin to describe what's happened. Why was the system outsourced to a different company this year? Was there bad blood after last years confrontation? IIRC there was a large hike in the fees by the original provider at the last second... Why weren't we informed of the changes this year at AGM? The costs and the potential savings by changing service provider. Who made the decision to find a new provider? Who established the parameters to find a new provider? What was the final deciding factor in selection of the new provider? Was the person accountable for this transition adequately prepared for the task at hand? Who's working on the restoration of PTS now? It's been down FOR OVER A MONTH! What's happening to clubs that, based on the new compensation formula for this season, are seeing even smaller permit payouts due to the system crash? Polar Bears already have groomers on snow and the Polar Vortex is coming next week so they're looking at a marathon $ea$on. 28000 erroneous transactions...there has to be one helluva bill somewhere to get that corrected.
  4. BIG STORM this weekend - Nov 18

    Last year people got the double burn. They held off because 2015-16 El nino was a bust then saw the snowmaggedeon in December '16 so bought full rate then saw most of it disappear by mid January. Aaaand on topic of the big storm...barely a drop of rain here, +4* right now, cloudy, foggy, generally crappy but zero wind. Just a November day. #ForecastingIsPrettyMuchaGuess
  5. 'Sup with all the Klim gear

    You folks see the Pre Dec 1 marketing material? Seems like nearly every rider is decked out in Klim. If I wore as much Klim as some of the riders in those photos I'could maybe afford 3 tanks of fuel all season.
  6. Almaquin SC no longer supports their webpage??

    Yup. Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and 4Chan-for the real rebels, is where the young-uns are now.
  7. Change of the Tide?

    Agreed regarding volunteer work load. I'm not sure where volunteers fit in this equation though. This is a complicated problem that requires a ton of effort at upper levels of the pasttime. Sure ground level support and awareness is a must for any effort to succeed but the planning and strategy for how to promote that awareness has to come from the top. Kinda why I linked to the FCMQ effort which is being driven at the organizational level, with efforts to recognize the problem and come up with ideas of how to try and move all stake holders forward. Yes in the end it is local clubs that will determine if they have an area that meets the criteria laid out in the FCMQ plan but the framework of that plan has not been left to overworked volunteers to come up with. At least that's not the feeling one gets reading thru the web page. My point is that this thread seems to be throwing ideas on the wall and trying to see what sticks, while meanwhile in the province right next door they are already way ahead of the curve by developing a plan and implementing it. Meanwhile the OFSC who touts itself as the voice of all snowmobiling in Ontario remains silent. My idea for grass roots volunteer involvement in helping to solve this problem: The OFSC runs a contest, open to people over the age of 18. It is run just like the SnowTrax N.A. Best Snowmobiler. Contestants submit video testimony of what they personally do to move organized trail riding forward in Ontario. One finalist from each district is selected and sent to Wawa on an all expense weekend in the Top Secret location. The weekend is spent learning to off trail ride and on the final day a competition is held. grand prix winner of the whole shebang gets a mountain sled or an all expense paid weekend in one of Quebec's newly designated regions: https://fcmq.qc.ca/files/5814/7144/5724/Hors-piste-region-de-la-capitale-nationale.pdf
  8. Change of the Tide?

    Great thread but why don't we talking about re inventing the wheel?? C'mon guys, Quebec is working on hard on it. Why can't we? (I know snow cover ain't the same and funding is not the same but at least they are making a strong effort at the organizational level) And props to the whole team involve din the Wawa Top Secret Boondocking project. https://fcmq.qc.ca/en/safety-informations/trail-riding/
  9. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    You know its bad when the PTS system returns a 404. Ouch.
  10. New ITG

    I might be able to hook you up with a GPS trace of that exact loop. I look through the archives tonight.
  11. Hey Trail Map

    Should we have a pinned topic on this? People with interface issues could list device, OS and problem. People can also note the hits and misses. Give the link to that marketing@ofsc email addy. Could be quicker for them compared to a flooded inbox of the same issues and/or compliments-complaints..
  12. Snowmobile Show

    D4 booth Saturday morning. HSSZ, Canada 150, black ball cap. Afternoon gathering maps like a squirrel and doing re-con on Quebec regions.
  13. New ITG

    Here here! For people on this board working the show this weekend watch how noob's checking out the sport for the first time light up when you start explaining the ITG. Typical conversations I've had with guests at the booth: Visitor: " So how do I know what trails to take? How do I know what trail is open for me to use" Me: "Well the OFSC provides an app for your smart phone. It's cheap and it shows the trail status, POI's, routes for the most popular Snow Tours AND it can locate you on the map using your phone's GPS." Visitor: "Really?! That's great. Does it just work just on my phone?" Me: "Nope, it's on your PC too, access it from ofsc.on.ca. You can plan your trips, find parking places, restaurants, fuel, the whole thing." Visitor:"Wow, that's great, I was worried about getting out there and trying to read these paper maps. This app and the maps should make it alot more fun". So yeah alot of us can navigate the trails and know the spots to hit and the ones to miss, but to attract noob's there's gotta be an easy to use, reliable and comprehensive digital assistant. I'm still reserving judgement on this "upgrade" effort but so far, for a project that seems to have been in the works for months I'm somewhat disappointed. I'm curious as to money spent so far and if the providers of the guide solution in Quebec were approached.
  14. Hey Trail Map

    Still no word if we need a live connect for it to work eh? I'm thinking the answer is a yes which really makes the thing kinda pointless. Lets hope the roll out to district and club admins goes well and the promised ease and speed of trail conditions updates come true.
  15. Quebec $$$

    Groomers used to be purchased with grant funding from Federal regional development programs. You know, all those programs that Ontario clubs are supposed to access now. But I believe 2 years ago the feds cut those programs.