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  1. Snomike

    Food in Hornepayne

    Thank you all for the info, it’s greatly appreciated.
  2. Snomike

    Food in Hornepayne

    Hey guys, anyone know if there is restaurants open in Hornepayne this winter? Doing a day trip from Hearst and wondering about filling the belly. Thanks.
  3. Snomike

    New to this site

    Hi to all. I like to bash and trash in jest. Truth be told I don't care what a person rides I care that you ride and enjoy it. I have been riding sleds since I got my licence in 78 and like a bad addiction I can't get enough!
  4. Snomike

    New to this site

    Thanks ,I hope so most sites forums are more trash and bash. Looking forward to goo d info
  5. Snomike

    New to this site

    Hey all just a introduction, hope this site is informative and fun.