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  1. remi

    E TO B TRAIL Haliburton Lake

    .thxs lads ... should be go to go from coe hill to maynooth over to haliburton up to whitney..back down to coe hill tomoro morn .
  2. Halaburton lake...I see half the lake is yellow half the lake is red.... can u get across the lake to go from the E trail to the B trail back up threw the park to whitney??
  3. remi

    Coe hill bancroft area

    I usally leave trudys.... good friends qith the trips... dad lives on dickey lake
  4. remi

    Coe hill bancroft area

    Looks decent... mabey couple inchs then ice base??? ...hopefully she ll be good this weeknd...yesterdays trip was pretty decent .pembroke was rocks and tore to s$#t. But thats to be expected by 5pm on a sunday
  5. remi

    Coe hill bancroft area

    How are the trails around coe hil bancroft to madawaska to barrys bay?? Rode eganville to barrys bay t9 pembroke back to eganville yesterday was decent...was hoping to ride around cottage this weekend coming coe hill to barrys bay and back
  6. remi

    Get ready to blow.

    So for trail side testing ..does the breathalizer not have to be warm...to function properly and not give false readings...and how would they test for mary jane..
  7. remi

    Riding the Rap currently

    Missing link trails are #1.... me and the gf go there every year... stay st pine valley resort in stonecliff...the owner there is the presedent of missing link and groomer operator and a great guy.. they do a stand up job on there trails...groom 7 nites a week... never have we beeen there and rode ruff or even near ruff trails...
  8. remi

    WTB Ski Doo 1 Up Seat

    Where arw u located ...i have one ..that was on my 2009 1200 xr.... should be the same i think as i think its the same part number in ski doo parts catalogue... i used it 1 year for the gf ...and she got her own sled this year.... its the one...that comes with a hole new seat.. and a back rest...1000.00 new.... i d take 800.00 for it
  9. remi

    rap tour

    It ll be me and the girlfriend.. got her a sr viper this year..she loves it and handles it well... .... i no the trails from coe hill bancroft area up to mattawa ...we we re in stoncliff for 4 days 2 weeks ago... just not sure about the west or south west ends of the park.... would it be better if we stayed at cedar gabels lodge or dinner bell...then rode from there to ox narrows... what would that be for km... thanks for any adive guys as i m a newby to this fourm.
  10. remi

    rap tour

    Hello to everyone .. hope the winter has been good to all..... looking to do the rap tour feb 8,9,10,11.....firstday will be from coe hill to deep river.....2nd day deep river to trout creek...3rd day trout creek to ox narrows....then oxnarrows back to coe hill.... anyone no excate kms of the last 2 days... i wondering if i should... push from deep river to kearney.... then from kearney to halaburton or even back to cottage in coe hill...i ve done the tour before but it was years ago with a grp and i was much younger...thxs for any advice!....happy trails