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  1. MXZ41

    Pilot TS Skis Manta Green

    SOLD! Please delete
  2. Mid size Windshield and Deflector kit Excellent condition. Also rear springs for R motion from 2013 Renegade X, only used for a couple of rides $100 for windshield $60 for springs Thank you.
  3. Hi I'm selling my like new Pilot TS Skis, they worked great the short time I used them just going to try something different. Used them in Dubreuilville and Kirkland Lake so very little wear. I think they fit 2013 and newer sleds. $600
  4. And if they are over 4600 kg you need a restricted A license to drive the vehicle.
  5. Hi I have a mid size windshield for 2013 to present ski doo with XS body style, comes with side deflectors. Also have Like new springs from R motion rear skid part#503193158&503193159 $100 for windshield and 100 for springs 705 559-7978
  6. MXZ41

    Disappointing to read this.

    Well I rode in your area last week for 4 days, We stayed at Magpie Relay the whole time and I must say you definitely groom a lot and the trails are the best I've been on. I think the key is the clubs working together in each area, and money management. The northern clubs burn more fuel because of the temperature, I think the hourly rates should reflect that.
  7. MXZ41

    2016 Grand Touring For Sale

    So sorry for your situation Dave and Tess, glad you've found something else you enjoy doing. Not to be another keyboard doctor but have you tried Cannabis? My wife has MS and has found that it helps quite a bit although it's not 100% effective. It's high in CBD and she doesn't get stoned from it, and she doesn't smoke it. It comes in liquid and goes under the tongue. If you need more info let me know, my wife knows much more about it than I do. Take care, Mark
  8. MXZ41

    My update

    Didn't know you were sick, get better man, hope to meet up with you sometime. Congratulations on your lifestyle change, not easy to do. Just got this new to me 10 days ago, we'll line them up next year Lol
  9. MXZ41

    Disappointing to read this.

    I'm pretty sure they mean the club exec airing dirty laundry on Facebook not this discussion
  10. Excellent condition Upgrades - new 137 1.25" Ice Attack XT only 2. seasons - RAS 2 front suspension - C&A Razor with dual carbide - 2 windshields low and medium - New clear handguards with mirrors - All bearings replaced in skid at start of season - Shocks rebuilt at start of season - Duraflex ice scratchers - New AGM battery - 2 sets of rear springs - medium 21 litre Linq bag - 13 litre Linq fuel caddy - New hand grips - Spare belt and spark plugs (they never foul anyway) - Front plastics have been sealed with Optimum Polymer Technologies. This machine has been meticulously maintained by professional mechanic. 11000 kms Will compression test for you. $8300 NO TRADES Please text or email 705 559-7978
  11. MXZ41

    2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    I've got over 11,000 trouble free on my 2013 800, you have to remember how many more sleds ski doo sells compared to everyone else, I think the number when they come out in 2017 was between 40 - 60 sleds and only a few of those were engine problems, some belt.
  12. We were riding on Friday from Gravenhurst, trails were open when we left and closed in sections on way back, not much you can do in that case.
  13. MXZ41

    Port Loring

    I really think everyone riding the lakes should wear FXR floater gear or any other brand that has similar suits, I'm thinking of getting the Nebulus system as well. They could save your life if you happen to go in.
  14. I've heard that these skis work great on trail sleds as well as the 6.9's anyone have this experience or friends that use them? I'm looking to lighten up my steering on my '13 Renegade.