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  1. bozskagg

    New Sled Pics..2019 Mxz X 850

    Noice!!! I am jealous!
  2. bozskagg

    When will it happen?

    Curious why?
  3. bozskagg

    Fortnine Parts Retailer

    I use Fortnine for most of my motorcycle purchases and all my transactions have been great. Even had a return on some luggage and it was easy peasy! If you find it cheaper else where, Fortnine will price match.
  4. bozskagg

    Sleigh Hitch Pin Size?

    Anyone know what size the hitch pin is on sleigh hitches? Just bought a Pelican sleigh and it did not have a pin.
  5. bozskagg

    You begin to wonder why you do it

    “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”Mark Twain
  6. bozskagg

    Ice Scratchers

    Does anyone have any experience...or opinions...on the Ski-Z's? http://betweenthelinesdesigns.com/?page_id=509
  7. bozskagg

    FREE tracks

  8. bozskagg

    FREE tracks

    Two used tracks. Pick em up and they are yours. Located in Blackstock.
  9. bozskagg

    Favourite on trail Restaurant / Pub

    And Andy Dick wants to sell off Hydro and privatize it to fund Metrolinx. Metrolinx...a company who's CAO is a lobbyist for MGM Grand. Metrolinx...a company who gives employees and partners free transit passes. Basically...sell off a province wide public company to fund Metrolinx who only plans transit for the GTA. Makes no sense to me.
  10. bozskagg

    Ski-Doo owners where do you buy?

    I will be purchasing from HB Cycle in Lindsay.
  11. bozskagg

    Favourite on trail Restaurant / Pub

    Went to Haliburton this weekend hopefully optimistic but nothing doing. Although, ended up having dinner at the Peppermill on 35 just south of Canarvon on the west side. Amazing food and atmosphere!!! I highly recommend you check them out if you are in the area.
  12. bozskagg

    Rant of the Day - Township Roads

    I believe this is more prevalent this year due to the lack of snow earlier in the season. Municipalities and Townships need to use up that snow clearing budget and max it out otherwise they take a hit on budgets the following year.
  13. bozskagg

    12 year old sledder killed near Mattawa

    Thoughts and prayers sent to his family and friends.
  14. bozskagg

    Do you like being an asshat ?

    More asshats...with names. OPP officers were conducting a RIDE program on Settlers Line and Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs trail E108 just after 6 p.m. on Sunday. Three snowmobiles approached the RIDE program but stopped about 50 metres short of the officers. Two of the machines then drove directly at officers before fleeing the area. The remaining rider was investigated and released without charges. Donald Lafonte, 53, of Otonabee-South Monaghan Township, has been charged with dangerous driving and failing to stop for police under the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act. He will appear in court on April 16. A 17-year-old youth was also charged in relation to this incident but cannot be identified under the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. - See more at: http://m.durhamregion.com/news-story/5456549-oshawa-man-among-those-charged-with-drinking-and-driving-two-caught-trying-to-avoid-a-ride-check/#sthash.ym2EHAMd.dpuf