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  1. Lucky_twin

    B trail

    Does anyone know why the B trail is closed across wolf lake when the other lakes are open?
  2. Lucky_twin

    Shining tree to Timmins

    Does any one know if the trail will be open from Shining tree to Timmins again soon? Or what the conditions are like on that section as its yellow. I believe it was open recently and now it's closed... It throws a wrench into a ride plan
  3. Lucky_twin

    northbay to Elk Lake

    Trail was good and smooth today.... Great ride!
  4. Lucky_twin

    northbay to Elk Lake

    Does anyone know where they get good again? May be worth the extra hour in the truck. Or where there would be truck and trailer parking north of the breakdown area?
  5. Lucky_twin

    northbay to Elk Lake

    Great... Makes the miles pass by a little quicker... It's going to be a long day lol 450 km in the truck and 350 on the sled
  6. Lucky_twin

    northbay to Elk Lake

    Thanks... Were going to try and park at Portage restraunt I be leave ..... Are the trails fairly open that way or heavy bush?
  7. Lucky_twin

    northbay to Elk Lake

    Lol keeping up to the Orange missile is the least of my concerns..... Getting the orange missiles owner up and moving in the mornings will be the challenge.....lmao Thanks Henry
  8. Lucky_twin

    northbay to Elk Lake

    Ok thanks a lot
  9. Lucky_twin

    northbay to Elk Lake

    Doing a first trip to Cochrane this weekend> We will be leaving from Northbay Friday mid morning....Just wondering if any one has an idea of time or distance to Elk Cabins in Elk LAke? Thanks in advance....