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Dandy Dan

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    Sault Ste Marie Ontario
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    Algoma Region
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    Sault Trailblazers
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    2010 Yamaha Apex
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    2007 Polaris 600 HO IQ 1996 Polaris Indy Trail 1990 Skidoo Safari 1986 Skidoo citation 1977 Skidoo Elan Deluxe 1973 Skiroule RTX 340
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    1500 miles
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    Sleds, 4 wheelers, camping, sports
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  1. Thanks Dan Senior, this was the lowest miles I put on my sled in years. Always enjoyed your post and videos as we ride in the same areas. Have a great summer see you next season. Cheers!
  2. Thanks for your postings Dan, looking for ward to your updates. Thanks also to Sault Trailblazers for their dedicated work for the many hours and miles of grooming.
  3. Memories of the 70's when the local weekend cottages from Moffat/SquawLk got on our Skiroules, Alouettes, Colts with polaroid camera stuffed in our snow suits smashed through the bush before there were any groomed trails and found the well packed lake trail for Pikes Peak. Very happy to make it there and back with no break downs in those days. Living in Sault Ste Marie where I enjoy Algoma riding, I still visit the McKellar area where snowmobiling through that fantastic area can't be beat....Great memories!
  4. Sad I missed this one, seems like conditions were perfect and a great area to ride through. Good to see your post Dan. Hope all is well.
  5. Need to keep up withn Yamaha and Skidoo in the 4-stroke for better reliability which results in better sales and happier customers keep that Polaris name on top.. Good job Polaris as I am a fan...Cheers!
  6. Just back from this trip and conditions are great if you are planning to do the loop from Echo Bay to Elliott Lake to Aubrey Falls and back to Echo. 400km for the 2 day loop, th main trunk trails D to Elliott was dandy and the Main F trail to Aubrey Falls was also good. The D106 back to Echo was also good with fantastic scenery and great riding. If thinking of doing this loop Black Creek Outfitters in Aubrey has food and gas and I know you will enjoy your trip...Dan.
  7. Will be traveling from Elliott Lk to Aubrey Falls to Echo Bay this Sunday. Would anybody have a report or any info in general on the D106 from Aubrey to Echo especially the 10k of road running that is usually plowed to the ground with heavy sanding for the logging trucks and not snowmobile friendly. Thanks...Dan
  8. My son and I ran from Sault Ste Marie to Searchmont ski resort for lunch and made the loop back to the Soo 175 km trails were good local Snowarama was in effect to raise money for disabled kids. An annual charity run. Much thanks to the Sault Ste Marie Trailblazers snowmobile club....Cheers.
  9. AC+YA Great report hope you had good weather. Can you tell me how the conditions of the D106 was and the 10km or 6 or so miles of road running between Aubrey and Echo Bay was. Thanks again.
  10. Not always the easiest or most accessible part of the country to get to. The Algoma region experienced heay record rains this fall which sometimes go un noticed untill in this tough cambrian sheild untill mankind comes accross it and notices that these beavers were building their own winter hacienda...Huh!
  11. Sorry AC+YA computer glitch clicked me out of my post as I was mentioning my 73 Skiroule RTX 340 had a 30 HP bullet proof Kohler engine that I ran on Big Red oil at a 50:1 mix. The motor out lasted the rest of the sled...they were fond memories.
  12. AC+YA... How U doing thanks for the mileage #s, I will keep that post for future references as I love that Cambrian sheild north of the Soo...Amazing country as I tell my friends you can fly over it or you can drive up a highway and enjoy the scenery but northing compares to riding up through the Mississagi National Forest and enjoying gods green earth...Thanks for mentioning the Skiroule as my 73 had a bullet
  13. Just for info, the Sault Ste Marie trailblazers club posts every day on there website that fuel in this Algoma region is NOT available at Searchmont, Heyden and Flame Lake Lodge please consider this in your route planning as there are many miles between gas stops without cell phone coverage
  14. wondering the same, down trees? logging? washout? It is the access from Echo Bay north to Aubrey Falls or east. Anyone got info?
  15. Thanks for the great info and pics, are any of the road runs heavily sanded or have these warm afternoons contributed to road rash for the sleds, hopeing to get to Aubrey Falls again. Thanks.