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  1. Panterawill

    B103 North Of Kinmount

    I'll have to get some contact info of locals that I can call to get up to date conditions for areas that I like to ride in. Safe sledding guys. Will
  2. Panterawill

    B103 North Of Kinmount

    Fred, someone replied that there is no snow, implying that I was complaining about the lack of snow. That would be stupid. I complained about the ITG and you have just confirmed there are problems. Apparently you can say it, but you don't want me to say it? I'm not complaining about the volunteers. I am complaining that the ITG is inaccurate. You agree, but you don't want to hear it. You have some good suggestions. How about they post those suggestions on the ITG site? Crazy idea, huh? How many posts do I have to create in order to be able to voice my opinion? ""If you mean the excuse for a repair on Tr 4 just before you get to Horseshoe Lk. Rd. It is a nightmare. The hay is more like soup and the mud is thigh deep in the middle. I can not figure out why the club would not have put in a section of corduroy??? Hay might be fine for a small hole but a whole swamp?"" The above is a quote from one of your latest posts. Are you complaining about repairs done by volunteers?
  3. Panterawill

    B103 North Of Kinmount

    Im not an idiot. I wouldn't complain if there wasn't enough snow. I paid $250 and have a right to voice my opinion. And it hasn't been crap everywhere. Dorset and Baysville were great when we went out. When I plan a ride, I get on the OFSA trail site and expect that they are being honest with their reports. They are not. Gravenhurst was said to be green and it should have been red. There is a huge base of snow in Kinmount. As I said, the last time we were there, the local business people were saying they never saw the groom for for days. It was the same case yesterday. We only passed 50 sleds. There were not "hundreds" of sleds out on the trail. My point is, report the trail conditions as they really are so people can plan their trips accordingly. I don't mind driving another 1/2 hr if it means ridable trails. If I posted that B103 was awesome and you drove 4hrs to ride a mess, wouldn't you be pissed at me?
  4. Panterawill

    B103 North Of Kinmount

    Went out to Kinmount again. I'm an idiot for listening to my riding buddies. We went out there a few weeks ago and it was pathetic. The restauranteur said he hadn't seen a groomer for many days. Well today was no different. The B103 from Kinmount to Haliburton was an absolute POS. Massive bumps/rutts every 15'. Went to Gravenhurst a few weeks ago when the trail guide said green and it was also sh!t (brown mud everywhere). Should have given our money to Haliburton.
  5. Panterawill


    Hello. I was wondering about the true trail conditions around Dorset (hope Im on the right forum). I checked the interactive trail guide last week and went to bracebridge where is was supposed to be green. Iwas not green. It was very brown. A waste of time and money. I heard Dorset has alot of snow. Can anybody recommend a good area to sled in? We are coming from toronto suburbs. Thanks in advance Will