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  1. Annual Barry's Bay Trip

    My wife and I will be staying near Barry's Bay next week for our annual snowmobile trip. Riding Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I plan on doing the loop south and west to come up to Whitney to the Mad Musher for lunch (but now I read it might be closed during the week?) then across east back to BB on the Tuesday. Any suggestions for loops centred around BB/Wilno? We are staying at the Mountain View Motel again so that is our base for the week. Thanks for any feedback and I will do another trip report like I did the last two years.
  2. Mad Musher is Open

    So the word direct from the Mad Musher themselves as of the day of this post is: We are now open during the week for lunch, our hours Monday to Thursday 11am to 4pm Friday 11am to 9pm thanks, steve
  3. Mad Musher is Open

    Since it is unknown if MM is open during the week for food we will probably stop at Porterville Diner on our clockwise loop. That way we take B back to BB. I found MM's website so I'm going to email them directly and stop trying to hijack this thread.
  4. Annual Barry's Bay Trip

    I found one that has three loops on it keeping between Whitney and Pembroke. I also found the map referenced above. Thanks. One of the reasons we travel is the quality of the trails in the area. My local club has our trails riding great also but there is nothing like going to District 6. We love the area.
  5. Mad Musher is Open

    So the Mad Musher is only open on Fridays and Saturdays? That sucks. My wife and I will be in Barry's Bay during the week for our annual snowmobile trip and we were planning on doing the loop with the MM for lunch one day. We are sledding Tuesday through Thursday. Can't do that if it's closed. I always wonder why people don't post their hours on their websites. It is just bad business to not give your potential customers the information they need. If they are closed during the week is there anywhere else near there to get a decent lunch during the week?
  6. Poker/radar run this weekend

    And here I was looking for something to do this Sunday. See ya tomorrow!
  7. Crickets....

    Since this is the "official" forum for our club I'd like to know where everyone is? Is there somewhere else to get information on trail conditions and general "what's going on" in our area for out favourite sport? (I don't mean the once a day updated OFSC interactive trail map. I mean eyes on people who have been out there.)
  8. Crickets....

    Thanks for the replies. I went out Tuesday but as was stated before, it was windy and drifting in behind the groomer. It was still fun. Hope this rain only serves to pack what we have and doesn't get rid of it. You hear different stories about riding closed trails. I usually stay off of them until they are at least listed yellow. I'm in Sarnia and trailer my sleds out to a friend's place near Forest or farther so information helps. The field we use to get to the trails was deep and fun.
  9. Barry's Bay

    So it's that time again to make a snowmobile trip for my wife and I. Last year it was North Bay. Good luck with that. This year my plan is Barry's Bay. Since I've never been there I figured I would post in here and ask for comments and suggestions from people who have ridden in the area. Currently we are looking at Mountain View Motel for three days of riding. We live 6.5 hours away. Leaving Sunday (Jan 20), riding Monday through Wednesday and heading back home Thursday. So my questions are: -How's it look up there after this January miserable thaw? Is it worth the drive? -Suggestions on day rides from BB for an average rider? (My wife is still new to our sport.) -BB to Mad Musher for lunch and back. It that feasible for the average rider? -Food? Fuel? -Anything else I didn't think of... Last year I posted my trip report for North Bay. This year I will do the same for this trip if it is a go. Any information, suggestions and/or comments are welcome. Thanks
  10. Barry's Bay

    OUCH! No. Can't say I've done that. I figured it out today. The handlebar came around and smacked me in the ribs then I hit the ground. It will be three to four weeks before I get on a sled again. Gives me time to order my new handlebar and such.
  11. Barry's Bay

    Home again. I can't ride so we came home early. Monday was great until the end. Mountain View Motel: The owners are great people. They offer a great breakfast. The room was clean. We would go back there again. Very snowmobile friendly. Wilno Tavern: This place has great Polish food and Tuesday night is blues night. We went there the Sunday we got in and last night. The trails in the area are well signed and were in good condition considering the weather. The local club does great work. In conclusion, we both left there thinking we would come back again.
  12. Barry's Bay

    Base is good. Could really use some more snow for the groomer though. We did 80 miles today.We went from the motel into Barry's Bay. Fuel at the Esso. A visit to the BMO since I had a moment of sometimers and forgot my MC pin. Headed out of town on the B102 on to the B to the 159 to the lookout. Then back to the B and headed to Madawaska. We turned around and took the 157 to take the other side of the B down to BB but I made a wrong turn and headed the wrong way. By the time we stopped to check we made it just north of Paugh Lake. So there we turned around and followed the B back to B102 into BB to the Esso again. Then my wife ran into the back of my sled by accident. Lucky the only damage was my snow flap bracket. I beat that back then carried on to the motel. The sleds ran hot for the beginning since they were being broken in again after the rebuild. We had to stop and let them cool a few times. After about 20 miles mine went right to were it should be for coolant heat. My wife's always ran a little hotter than mine and it still does. Hope I feel up for tomorrow. I fell off my sled while reversing. My throttle is touchy when in reverse and it kicked some power at the wrong moment.Bend my handle bar some. As far as the trails: They are excellent around here. Signage is plentiful. The lookout had a mailbox with maps in it. The local clubs that look after this area really know what they are doing and I thank them for their work. Doug, one of the owners of the motel we are at, was out on the groomer this morning.
  13. Barry's Bay

    Made it to the motel. Had the best polish food ever at the Wilno Tavern. Sleds unloaded and ready for the morning.
  14. Barry's Bay

    Good news! Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the report! My wife and I are headed to BB tomorrow (Sunday) and this is good news indeed.
  16. Barry's Bay

    Packed and ready. We leave tomorrow morning for Barry's Bay with rebuilt sleds. We have to break them in so the first and second day are just taking our time.
  17. Barry's Bay

    Talked to Doug at Mountain View tonight. He said the area is cold again so the trails are hard packed and icy. Also said they need snow. Here's hoping!
  18. Barry's Bay

    The only negative things I can say about last year in NB was with the best western. Our first room had no heat and on Saturday night the restaurant was taken over by a wedding party so we had to drop the trailer and fend for ourselves. Although we ended up at an excellent prime rib house where the food was awesome.
  19. Barry's Bay

    We enjoyed NB. I did a trip report in my thread last year. The trails haven't opened and it doesn't look like they will soon. That is what I mean by that. Barry's Bay is green again! Now I just need the shop that is rebuilding our sleds to get it done for the weekend... I said to my wife that next year we plan for February instead of January. It was like this last year with NB. We were running the lake for fuel at Bonfield/Astorville while they were just opening and staking it.
  20. Barry's Bay

    Thanks for the info. We will make reservations for BB and watch and wait with fingers crossed.
  21. Barry's Bay

    Bancroft is red. BB is green. My wife's business is scheduled months in advance so it is that time or nothing. Even if I have to drive to Cochran...
  22. B Trail and Hwy 60

    I hope they hold. My wife and I are keeping our eye on the Barry's Bay area and will be making reservations early next week for the following Sunday (20th) through Thursday (24th). Fresh rebuild on both sleds. Looking forward to a good run.
  23. Whitney or Barry's Bay?

    I am trying to plan a trip for next weekend (Jan 21-23) to get some use out of our sleds. My wife is new to snowmobiling so I would like her to get her first ride on some good trails. I have never been in this area and am looking for advice from those who have as to where would be the best place to start from. We would be coming from Sarnia so no matter what it is a 7+ hour drive to get to this area. What I was thinking so far was leave early Saturday morning and drive to Whitney or Barry's Bay, head out for an afternoon sled check and ride, head east on TOP B from either place for the day on Sunday (01/22), and finally a Monday morning ride before driving back to Sarnia. Opinions, suggestions and/or comments?
  24. Whitney or Barry's Bay?

    Back home. We never made it to Pembroke but still had a lot of fun. For her first time ever on a snowmobile my wife did well. We ended up doing 98 miles Saturday and another 90 miles Sunday. Here's the story: Arrived 12:20am Saturday morning. We didn't get going until 10am Saturday. Some people we talked to told us not to take SSR710 since it was all washboard so we headed south down the lake to use SSR701. My plan was to show her the basics in the parking lot then head to the lake and let her get some turning in and such. Well, her Mother had some friends that died snowmobiling on ice so she has instilled this primal fear in my wife of driving on any body of water on anything other than a boat so she was petrified. She couldn't get herself to do more than 20 mph (she says 30) even after I showed her the ice shacks, trucks and trailers on the ice. We get off the lake and on to SSR701. Third turn in she drives off the trail. Thanks to me and a few helpful others we get her back on track. We get to a road crossing and I get on top of the plow mound and as soon as I did it I thought, "I hope she doesn't try to follow me up here." She did and proceeded to fall off the other side into deep snow in the ditch. A pick-up and a few more helpful people and she is back in business again. SSR701 to SSR700 and I miss the turn to A101D. That took us 8 miles too far south before I realized we missed it. Back north to A101D. We get on the nice old rail bed stretch and by now she is getting a feel for the sled and I get up to speed then wait for her to catch up. We get to where it turns north into the bush and a few turns in she dumps it off the trail again. She got too close to the side where it wasn't packed and that was it. I struggled with it for about 15 minutes and was resolving myself to try to use my sled to pull her out with my rope when an army of 5 people showed up, picked the sled up and put it right. So by then she was feeling like an idiot and I was frustrated but got over it. We looked at our fuel gauges and they both showed less than half a tank. That made no sense but with all the slow moving and pauses We figured before venturing out the A trail we should get gas. We made it to where the A101D and the TOP A meet 3 hours after we left the hotel and I asked some guys that were there where the nearest fuel was. So off to Bonfield we go. They said 7 miles. More like 27, 11 of which are on a lake. We make it to the store and proceed to put 18 litres in my tank and 20 in hers. My fuel light was on as I pulled into the station. What a bunch of BS that was so I now dedicate Trip A to fuel range. Argh. I already knew by then we would never make it to Pembroke so we headed back to North Bay taking A102D to TOP D North to SSR710. What a mistake that was. As the guys in the morning told us, the trail was a disaster of washboard rolling bumps. I stood up and let the sled do the bouncing but my wife decided to go really slow instead. To be honest it was really bad. Got back to hotel, got a room, canceled Pembroke, went to the restaurant in the hotel to find it full so had to drop the trailer off the truck to search for food. Ended up at Churchill's Prime Rib House. The food was excellent. Sunday we decided to just enjoy the day. We did a similar loop in 6 hours. She got stuck once. I got stuck twice. I told her it was to show her that we all get stuck sometimes. We did hotel to SSR701 to C110D to D to A101D to A north to A102D to D south to C110D to D102C to SSR701 and the hotel. Approx 90 miles. Things I learned: #1 - If there is a rookie double the time. Pembroke was very unrealistic for her. I could have done it but not her yet. #2 - My next sled is fuel injected. My sled Sunday morning took some playing around with the choke and throttle to get her going. Her's started second attempt. #3 - My sled will do 68 miles on 18 litres easy. 120 miles at least on a tank so switch the gauge to coolant temp and ignore the idiot light. (This really bugged me.) Things she learned: #1 - When I am trying to get her unstuck the swearing and ranting is so I can have the strength to lift that damn 800 pound sled plus snow. #2 - Getting stuck happens. Get unstuck, get on and have fun! #3 - Snowmobiling can be fun. We are a community. We help out when we can. #4 - Don't go faster than you can handle. Thanks to all the area snowmobilers who helped us out of the stucks this weekend. Thanks to the club that looks after the SSR trails. Those where great. Also the BF section of the A trail was one of my wow moments. The tall fur trees in the snow. Amazing. In the end we mostly had a lot of fun. The weather was great both days. She says she would do it again so I just might have converted her to snowmobiling.
  25. Whitney or Barry's Bay?

    Tomorrow night we will be in North Bay. Saturday we will be riding. I was extra paranoid about fuel but have since recovered. About to go outside and put the spare tire on the trailer and give it the once over. Thanks to all for the help with information. A friend of mine who has been snowmobiling longer than me said that after this weekend my wife will either love snowmobiling or hate it to death. I said an 170 mile day is a good introduction.