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  1. raaaid

    sled rental asap

    hey guys i was hoping you had some contacts for sled rentals for all this week starting tomorrow.i had it booked with rousseau marina but he just called me and said that he didnt want the machine on the trail because of the conditions.im in a jam now cause i had my week set up with the family and cottage rental to do some riding. i called around just now but its sunday and its late so i dont know what else to do now.please send me any info you can.thanks alot.
  2. is crane lake lodge now called crane lake resort? i remember it being a small place where a bunch of guys would kick back by the fireplace and bs. the resort seems way more than i remember it,mind you that was in 2000.
  3. its been awhile since ive been up this ways riding.i just picked up a sled again this year and am making a trip this weekend with a buddy. i remember when i used to go up there we would frequent rivas and crane lake lodge.i think rivas is still open but what about crane lake lodge? we're looking for a motel or inn near/in mactier to stay,any ideas? thanks guys