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  1. Anyone going to check it out in Sault Michigan? It's definitely a great spectacle to see if you haven't been before... the only mile oval track in N.America and they run for 500 miles, hence the "endurance" part of it. I've been a few times since I live on the Ontario side, not sure if I'm going this year, hopefully.
  2. Just a few events in the Sault Ste. Marie area: THIS WEEK (Feb 1-6) is I-500 week in Sault Michigan. This is an awesome event with the main race taking place on Saturday. This is a 500 mile endurance race taking place on a 1 mile oval (the only 1 mile track in N.America). http://www.i-500.com/ Saturday, February 19th - SNOWARAMA http://www.easterseals.org/whatwedo/events/snowarama/?load=main Saturday, February 19th - Amateur snow drags. 660' hard groomed track. http://runwaypark.com/content/event_info.html?ID=122 (I'm not sure if they're going to change this date as its the same day as Snowarama. I've emailed them but no change has been reflected yet. Saturday, March 5th - Amateur snow drags...same as above http://runwaypark.com/content/event_info.html?ID=162
  3. The groomer is supposed to take another run up there tonight or tomorrow. Our annual club ride to halfway is this weekend also. Should be good hopefully.
  4. CjGaughan

    Trouble With the STOP Program?

    This came up tonight at the meeting. The original guy who sent the letter is hot headed / on a power trip - many weren't sad to see him go. We've had complaints about his methods in the past too. Another good point brought up was the fact that the right to arrest has NEVER been used.
  5. CjGaughan

    Algoma Rail

    There are indeed two large trestles in that general area (first 100 miles of track) which leave an amazing view for the fall foliage. The first is just before Searchmont (about mile 25 or 30), and that is the Bellevue Trestle (the one that goes over hwy 556 aka the "searchmont highway"). The next one is the big one and thats the one that goes over the hydroelectric dam at Montreal River (mile 92).
  6. CjGaughan

    Echo Bay - Bruce Mines - Aubrey Falls

    Several trails around the Soo are now OPEN, several more LIMITED. I havent been east in awhile, so not sure what it is like out that way first hand. I see on the ofsc website that D trail from Bruce Mines to Thessalon is now LIMITED.
  7. All trails now OPEN. We could still use some more snow to cover up some rough spots but for the most part conditions are good! Just a note - the city staging area is no longer located at Lock City Dairies on McNabb due to construction. It can be located only a few km away on the corner of Black Rd. and Second Line East.
  8. CjGaughan

    Echo Bay - Bruce Mines - Aubrey Falls

    Not much here in the Soo (just West of the area you're talking about), the past couple days have been promising and the entire area is supposed to get a few more inches today - so if they're not open yet I suspect they will be very soon! Everything is frozen solid - we've had good cold weather to create an awesome base, we just need some snow now!
  9. CjGaughan


    I'm in the Soo - our snow conditions are dysmal. It's been cold enough but no frikken snow! Was thinking on trailering up to Wawa - anyone have any insight on the conditions up in that neck of the woods?
  10. CjGaughan

    Algoma Rail

    Haven't done anything with the train myself however I would love to one of these times! It's one of the nicest train rides you can get east of the rockies as far as I'm concerned (I've been as far north as Agawa Canyon). I rode to halfway last year closer to the beginning of the year, left from Searchmont. Whitman Dam road was being used maybe 15 or 20 km up and after that it was unplowed...was a highway. The plowed section was also good as they had not used sand and it had been cold since the last snowfall. The trip took 2-3 hours. As for straight/fast trails or windy trails...there's definitely a variation up here but I find the further North you go the faster the trails get in general. Closer to the Soo there are lots of hilly sections but still fun riding! Up towards Hearst you can clean that carbon out - if you know what I mean.
  11. CjGaughan

    Earliest start i can remember

    I was out on my old sled the other day - we had a good foot on the ground. Put a few miles on some local trails (riding back and forth mind you :P ), no problems whatsoever. Come on snow!!! Supposed to stay cold anyways... calling for -20 up here in the Soo on Thursday morning. Our groomers have been out packing also.
  12. CjGaughan

    Club Meetings

    Our meetings are open to the public, snowmobilers one and all. They are held at the Water Tower Inn, enter from the Pavilion. Meeting times are at 8pm and usually last 1 hour. Coffee is available on us and other refreshments are also available at a reasonable price, courtesy of the Water Tower Inn. First General Meeting Date is as follows: Oct 20th 2010, and every second Wednesday after that.
  13. Monday, November 8 and Tuesday, November 9, 2010 6:30 to 9:30 WaterTower Inn – Library Room Cost is $ 40.00 Open to all young snowmobilers who are 12 year of age and older* Class is limited to 25 participants so register early to avoid disappointment. Register in person or by phone at the Sault Trailblazers Snowmobile Club 68 Old Garden River Road Phone 759-0023 Payment must be made at time of registration (cash, cheque, debit or major credit card) * Proof of age in the form of a birth certificate or passport must be presented before a student will be permitted to participate
  14. CjGaughan

    2009/2010 Mileage Thread...

    I'm pretty sure everyone's done for the season now??? If not let me know... I'll get a final update up tomorrow. Sorry I haven't been around...I've been too depressed!! haha
  15. CjGaughan

    Question Your Weather Nostalgia

    Just heard on the news that on a NATIONAL scale we've had the warmest, dryest winter since records have been kept. I know that up here it hasn't been a terribly warm winter, cold enough to keep snow, but it has been extremely dry. All of the snow that was here we got early on in the season, and it was just cold enough to keep it around for awhile. As soon as things warmed up it was gone in a flash though. I'm hoping for one more quick storm so I can blast some fields, but it may not come....we'll see, fingers crossed! haha