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  1. For sale: 1978 Skidoo 340 Olympic

    Machine is SOLD, thanks for looking.
  2. For sale: 1978 Skidoo 340 Olympic

    This machine is still available with copy of ownership, original Operator Manual and Service and Repair Manual.
  3. For sale: 1978 Skidoo 340 Olympic

    Still available, located just north of Newmarket.
  4. Good summer project for somebody. Bought for grandson 3 years ago...no interest on his part would rather play with ipad. Good condition stored inside, not seized has spark, needs new fuel lines (all lines are hard as a rock) asking $300. Call Gunther 905-960-8081
  5. Happy Birthday sledjunk

    Happy birthday Dave (a little late but better late than never)
  6. Snowmobile dolly

    Still available, the easy way to move your machine for storage.
  7. Flagstone Arizona got dumped on

    Glad somebody noticed.
  8. Snowmobile dolly

    Homemade dolly to move your machine around easily in the garage or paved driveway, Large caster wheels make it easy to maneuver in tight spots. Asking $30, located in Queensville (north of Newmarket)[
  9. Novi 2011

    The auction was very well run, one outside ring for trailers, boats, jet-skis, motor-homes etc. and two inside rings that moved snowmobiles, ATV's and motorcycles . Check out the link to the auction price report and see what stuff went for. http://www.snowmobileauction.com/price_reports/nov.htm
  10. Its snowing in Barrie

    Lots of looking, saw some great deals both at the auction and the show but I kept my wallet in my pants and just drooled. So I'm still a "looker".
  11. Its snowing in Barrie

    What a stroke of genius (OK....luck) I just put the snow tires on yesterday afternoon. More luck on our part that this didn't happen last week-end, it would have made the trip to Novi, MI a lot more difficult.
  12. Novi 2011

    By 4:00 Sunday I hope to be stuck in traffic returning to Sarnia
  13. Novi 2011

    Just looking.........for now. Still thinking what I'm missing.
  14. Novi 2011

    Going to the White Star snowmobile auction ( Bronson, MI) on Saturday, will hit Novi Sunday morning/noon.
  15. Honda Concept Sled

    Double post, I have to stop typing with my thumbs