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    Bracebridge Lodging

    Thanks for all the info, so next question is what are some decent places to stay in the Hunstville area, or the surrounding area? Dont need Deerhurst type accomodations,just easy trail access.
  2. punchtech

    Bracebridge Lodging

    Does anyone have any advice on where to possibly stay in the area this upcoming weekend, 0 miles on sleds so going to drive from Sarnia area up for the weekend. Looking for something as close to trailhead as possible, just something in that general area would be great! Any new reports on snow conditions would be great too! Thanks!
  3. 2000 Arctic Cat 440Z ES Great condition, clean sled, runs great, electric start, new carbides and new hyfax. 1400.00 810-985-7133 Port Huron Michigan
  4. I rode from Clinton up around Listowel and back last Saturday and the conditions were for the most part pretty good. No mud in the woods and only a couple small field trails were needing some snow, overall very rideable, lots of snow around Brussels, great trails in that area! Hope this helps, will only be better this weekend!
  5. punchtech

    Grand Bend\Hensall

    Just wondering with all the lake effect how the fields are looking in the Grand Bend area? I'm sure they lost most of the base but it was pretty deep a few weeks ago.
  6. punchtech

    St. Marys radar runs

    Does anyone know the dates of the radar run at the St. Marys clubhouse this year? Thanks!
  7. punchtech

    Where is winter???

    Weren't we asking the same thing in August, where is summer? Crappy weather all year!
  8. punchtech


    Noticed they closed Strathroy yesterday, did they lose that much snow, or are they trying to save the base?
  9. punchtech

    "Classic Permit" price difference?

    As a michigan resident I know my opinion isn't that important, I ride D5 and D9 every weekend and have for the last 9 seasons, I own 3 sleds, and to be honest, I quit taking the family a few years ago as I only used the extra 2 permits once or twice a year, this year the family will be riding again due to the classic permits, great deal for me! And honestly, we will spend quite a bit on the one or two weekends at the local motels, and restaurants, so I feel it is a winwin situation. Help the local economy, time with the family, and a few more bucks for the trail system.
  10. 1980 Kitty Cat, great condition, runs great also. New deep snow kit installed, widens ski stance and lifts sled aprox. 3" front and rear, really makes a big difference! $575.00 810-985-7133 punchtech2@advnet.net Port Huron, MI
  11. punchtech

    Warwick update

    I'd also like to say what a great job the Warwick and Strathroy clubs do every year. I've put on close to 1000 miles this year all on these close to home trails and have had great conditions every time!! I don't think its over yet, long range looks good!
  12. punchtech


    Wow, Sorry to hear that, The Snack Shack was always a favorite for everyone, Kinda like a little oasis in the middle of nowhere, always great food, and busy!! Honestly, It was cleaner than alot of restaurants I've frequented!
  13. punchtech


    Just curious if anyone knows if the Snack Shack outside of Hensall is open this year, I don't think its been open for a few seasons but with this much snow maybe this year?
  14. punchtech

    Wingham, Blyth

    Just curious how the trails held up after todays warm temps, any info would be great!! Thanks, enjoy the weekend.
  15. The only place I can think of would be in Forest, either behind the Red Rooster restaurant on the way into Forest or at the old arena in Forest, the trail runs right to the Rooster and is about 1000 yards behind the arena towards the lake.