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  1. Paramuir


    Hard area to break down in. If you see my post I was broke down north of there and ended getting a truck and trailer to drive us back to my truck....
  2. The trails I got to ride were awesome and it''s nice to go to a hotel for sledders run by a sledding family. Know exactly what you want and need
  3. Ok so abit of a long story. Was doing a couple night trip this past weekend from Sault. Left Saturday went up to Wawa. Sunday we were day tripping. Was headed for Doubreville for lunch and broke down on the D trail. Was a drive issue and did not have a crazy carpet. So left my sled on the trail ended up being 22 miles from Dubreuilville. Got into town and was directed to Magpie hotel. The manager there Pat jumped right in to help us. Ended up selling me his kids new toboggan in order to help me get my sled out of the woods. After a very long tow back into town we arrived back with my broken sled. As we pulled in the hotel manager was just gearing up to come look for us on his sled. They then hooked us up with a good rate on a room since we weren't leaving town now. They also helped arrange a truck and trailer for the am to drive us and our sleds back to the sault to my truck and trailer. It was so nice to have so much help from people you don't know. The owners are sledders so totally understand and want to help. Sucks our trip was cut short but could have been alot worse. So thank you very much to Mapie Relay hotel and please if you are heading that way check them out. Great rooms and amazing owners who will help you out of a bind.
  4. Paramuir


    Went from sault up to wawa today with a stop at halfway for fuel and food. Conditions really varied. Cant say table top but I know they are having issues with groomers here and snow levels are all over as far as depth goes.
  5. Paramuir

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    Leaving frosty booked in Fairfield Inn Friday might then up to wawa staying up there for 2 nights.....can't wait to ride Anymore mst ride spots up there
  6. OK went out today briefly. Snow on the ice was drifting then the wind and snow started to blow turned around at Beausolie Island PLEASE BE CAREFUL! !!!!!!!! Stake line from midland there is a large pressure crack out there.....approach with caution it is not marked Also the rough spot from ice breaker but it is clearly marked with slow signs Also present island has some wet spot on the far side.
  7. Perfect just want to go for a small ride nothing crazy got about 5 to 10 cm today aroud barrie area so was hopeful they got something in midland
  8. Hey anyone been out on the ice lately I know it was pretty good then the melt... Some fresh snow for lube and cooling today wondering if tomorrow night be good for a small ride
  9. Paramuir

    North Shore Loop Alternate Routes

    What about sault to search Mont take the f around to d106 then back into sault either d106 or d..... for a days loop Gas stops? Distance?
  10. Paramuir

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    Looking for some over night destinations. ...leave sault area sat am and back by monday
  11. Paramuir

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    That looks great. Can someone give me some distances and times to run them. Also good places to leave from stay one night then leave trucks there
  12. Paramuir

    SOO Trail condtions?

    What kind of distances and time are you travelling ? Myself and 2 others are looking at heading up that way maybe stage out of the sault or elliot . Have 3 days of riding to do and don't know the area that well.
  13. Paramuir

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    What kind of distances and riding times?. Were you able to leave truck and trailer at first hotel
  14. Paramuir

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    How are things up there. Planning a trip Feb 8 to 13. Trying to decide where to go. Wondering with everyone heading north if more are heading east then west. Might head out that way
  15. Paramuir

    Collingwood to Wasaga B to Midland trails?

    Might go tomorrow to. Keep an eye out for a white skidoo 1200. Will have my little guy with me too