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  1. northlander

    Boondocking in wawa

    Family weekend "bring a friend" free permits ( just need to download). I have my yearly and others are new. Thanks for the info. Hope to see lots of people out enjoying the hospitality.
  2. northlander

    Boondocking in wawa

    Found a nice article about the availability of "legal" off trail riding in Wawa this family day weekend. Thought there might be a thread about it here. Does anybody know the areas in question? the small map I have seen looks like it may just be the places along the groomed trail people have always rode "trespassed?" on anyway? Part of the Magpie? Another spot looks like maybe the old hydro trail towards halfway haven? Do we need to have guides to be legal or can we ride on our own? any info would be appreciated. Heading up Wednesday to Northland then to Wawa Friday for Saturday/Sunday riding.Thanks.
  3. northlander

    searchmont trading post

    Thanks for the input. Sounds great. The closing just sucks for me because my place at Northland is closer to Searchmont than Hayden, therefore whenever we come back home it was always nice to top off at Searchmont and only be a gallon or so short for the next mornings start. Now we will have to start having cans at camp again. Just a minor inconvenience, always nice to have full tank before backcountry riding or long day loops. Thanks Dane
  4. northlander

    searchmont trading post

    That is about what I figured. I just wondered if anybody from the club knows if they will even bother to groom if it is not a makeable trip. I feel bad for all who did the work to get trail open in the first place. I also heard rumors about Halfway Haven opening?? Or was that just for summer?
  5. northlander

    searchmont trading post

    I was at camp this weekend and stopped by Searchmont trading post. It was closed and locked. No gas. People at ski hill said they weren't making enough money. Just wonder what this does to the new trail to Aubry Falls. I don't know the mileage, but seems like a long trip if nearest gas is Goulis bay. Also didn't see the groomer staged. Any info will be helpful, thanks
  6. northlander

    who's going up this weekend?

    Two of us are going to my camp at searchmont wednesday. Will probably ride around there thursday if conditions are ok. then go to wawa on thursday night and ride those areas friday and saturday then head back to searchmont saturday night and go home sometime sunday. would love to hook up, especially if you are going to off trail at all. We usually try to take the lake trail from wawa to ernies at some point. Hope to see you. Dane
  7. A friend and I will be in the area Friday and Saturday 3-9&10. We like to ride off trail, but I am a little concerned to go to far away from groomed trails with only being 2 of us. Wondered if anybody else will be riding the area that wouldn't mind a couple extras we would be willing to trailer to meet or whatever. Worst case, does anybody know of a good guide in the wawa/dub area. Not sure if that would be cost effective with only 2 of us though. Thanks
  8. northlander


    Sledjunk, Well hard to give report. Went up thurs evening. Storm had come through wed and thurs. Had tons of snow and great weekend. Can always use a little more in trails. Now web cams look like raining and mild. Hope thing hold up for you. Still a little time until February, but closing in fast. Also, before you trailer to Echo Bay, check on the conditions, I heard over the weekend, they may not have a club this year?? Maybe Kyzer or CJ would have input on that? Also, if they are grooming you can sled from Soo th Echo and I think that would be pretty close to your mileage? Good Luck
  9. northlander


    I will be going to my camp at Northland lake Tomorrow. It is about half way between Sault and Searchmont by trail. The full loop around there when open I believe is about 100 mi. The loop doesn't have any real stops once you leave Hayden/Goulias (just N of sault) until you get to searchmont, but that is about the halfway point. I'let you know about the trails when I get back. I know the club has been working on them and some are listed as limited. Should be great by Feb.
  10. northlander

    "Official" Halfway Haven '09 Thread

    i agree 100% awsome riding!!
  11. northlander

    Wawa New snow

    Excellent news Thanks!!
  12. northlander

    goulais river riding??? ox, cowriverripper????

    Where do you find reliable weather? I keep looking until I find one that tells me what i want to here. Weather.com says thurs-sun under 20F. and sunny.
  13. northlander

    goulais river riding??? ox, cowriverripper????

    I'd rather be stuck in camp than 300 miles south where Im sitting right now. I will be up the 12th for a 4 day weekend.
  14. northlander

    goulais river riding??? ox, cowriverripper????

    I would like to join you if there is a trip planned for back riding in that area. I have A camp at Norhtland lake (about 10 miles before Searchmont.) I've been there for about 5 years and still have not explored near enough!! Thanks.
  15. northlander

    Lodging in Missanabee (Near ernies?)