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  1. skidoo rob

    The BIG decision, 850, 900 turbo, or Sidewinder?

    I guess it all depends on where you ride. If you ride the Muskoka's, dont even think about the Sidewinder as the weight will kill you. That Yamaha engine is impressive and reliable as hell.
  2. skidoo rob

    thank you MTO and the lawyer's for this one

    Unless Dougie Ford is a snowmobiler, good luck with that one...
  3. skidoo rob

    Experience Dealing with MTO

    Just to get something straight, when you refer to "along the right of way", do you mean inside MTO property or outside of MTO property?
  4. skidoo rob

    Experience Dealing with MTO

    What section of Hwy. 11 are you interested in? I don't buy the fact that they won't let you use land outside the right of way even though it is slated for their long term expansion plans.
  5. skidoo rob

    Single open snowmobile trailer - For Sale

    She is a local chick from Bolton who once was Miss Indy Toronto. To this date, I still cant find nudes of her on the net...Gonna have to ask the local punks about her..
  6. 2004 Premium Excalibur trailer with 3500 lb axle, EZ Lube hubs, spring tilt assist, tongue jack, track mat, ski guides, sealed grommet style lighting, 5.30 x 12C Tires, 2" coupler, galvanized rims. Drop deck design makes loading and towing this trailer great. Brand new this trailer is over $1500.00 with those options. $1000 obo No longer need this trailer. Trailer is located in Caledon Ontario. Rob (416) 566-1519
  7. skidoo rob

    Trailer Fuel Doors - Where to Buy?

    Domino, By any chance did you buy that off of ohiomxzrev on HCS???? If so, what was involved with bringing it over the border? BTW, nice trailer. skidoo rob
  8. skidoo rob

    Truck Ramps

    03 RX(TON) !!! Your going to need a 1 ton truck for that baby skidoo rob
  9. I'm looking for a complete set of rebuildable shocks for a 2005 REV with SC3. Preferably at least the front shocks for now if available. skidoo rob
  10. skidoo rob

    OFSC Web Notice - PSSD

    Heres a few examples of the possible fines. Looks like the website has not posted the charge.
  11. skidoo rob

    OFSC Web Notice - PSSD

    THE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY COUNCIL OF ONTARIO (OHSCO): ONTARIO’S OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY SYSTEM TORONTO--The Occupational Health and Safety Council of Ontario (OHSCO) is comprised of senior decision-makers from Ontario's occupational health and safety prevention system. The system is comprised of the Ministry of Labour, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), the Institute for Work and Health and the Health and Safety Associations. OHSCO sets priorities and develops strategies for improving the occupational health and safety system in Ontario. Their goal is to create healthy and safe workplaces and prevent all workplace injuries and fatalities. The OHSCO partners have distinct roles within the system. Ministry of Labour The Ministry of Labour is responsible for overseeing and enforcing provincial legislation and regulations with respect to occupational health and safety. Specifically, the ministry's role is to: Set, communicate and enforce occupational health and safety standards Motivate, influence and regulate workplaces to reduce or eliminate injury or illness Create an environment in workplaces where safety, productivity and competitiveness are inter-connected. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board The WSIB oversees Ontario's workplace safety education and training system. It also administers the province's no-fault workplace insurance system for employers and their workers. As part of this system, the WSIB provides disability benefits, monitors the quality of health care, and assists in the early and safe return to work for workers who are injured on the job or contract an occupational disease. The WSIB is paid for entirely by employer premiums and receives no funding from the Ontario government. The WSIB's vision is to eliminate all workplace injuries and illnesses in Ontario. The WSIB is also responsible for promoting, educating and fostering workplace health and safety, and for funding health and safety associations. In addition, the WSIB: Develops prevention plans and works with the health and safety associations to set prevention targets and objectives Motivates and influences workplaces to implement good health and safety programs and practices Raises awareness of the importance of health and safety, in workplaces and the community Provides information that will help workplaces achieve successful health and safety programs Conducts research, analysis, and policy work to support strategic and operational functions Administers legislated training programs (e.g. First Aid, Certification). Institute for Work & Health The Institute for Work & Health is an independent, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to conduct and share research with workers, labour, employers, clinicians and policy-makers to promote, protect and improve the health of working people. The Institute has been providing research and evidence-based practical tools for clinicians, policy-makers, workers, labour and managers since 1990. It operates with the support of the WSIB. Health and Safety Associations Health and Safety Associations are designated under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997, as safe workplace associations specializing in occupational health and safety matters. These associations work to improve health and safety performance of their clients and communities with the aim of making Ontario workplaces the safest in the world. They are funded by the WSIB. Health and Safety Associations establish prevention strategies for their sectors, pursuant to standards set by the WSIB. As well, they: Lead in the development and delivery of injury and illness prevention education, training programs, products and services Provide audit, consultation and technical services Raise awareness and provide prevention information Sponsor conferences Provide operational expertise to clients Identify, motivate and influence workplaces to implement good health and safety programs and practices Develop risk-based prevention plans. Health and Safety Associations who are members of OHSCO and who consulted on the MSD Prevention Guideline include: Construction Safety Association of Ontario Education Safety Association of Ontario Electrical & Utilities Safety Association Farm Safety Association Industrial Accident Prevention Association Mines and Aggregates Safety and Health Association Municipal Health and Safety Association Ontario Forestry Safe Workplace Association Ontario Service Safety Alliance Ontario Safety Association for Community and Healthcare Pulp and Paper Health and Safety Association Transportation Health and Safety Association of Ontario Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW) Workers Health and Safety Centre (WHSC)
  12. skidoo rob

    OFSC Web Notice - PSSD

    I am going to have to take sides with MOL. This afterall was a workplace accident which resulted in death of one of our dear own. It is the mandate of the MOL to investigate and if found guilty, lay charges. Unfortunately, it's the timing and the charges is what sucks here. I'm pretty sure it's not just PSSD that is worrying but also the OFSC. This could have an effect to all the clubs. Look to see some sort of safety guideline implemented. skidoo rob
  13. skidoo rob

    French River

    600 XC, We were over the Dorset area on Sunday. Plenty of snow but very soft, so the trails took a beating mid day. We need some cold to set the trails better. skidoo rob