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    13' mxx tnt 800 etec , 15' renegade 800 etec
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  1. skidoo700jay

    SSSC/SSSR Poker Run&Silent Auction.

    hey how easily is this accessed from katrine?
  2. skidoo700jay

    Parry Sound Area Trails

    is there a poker run , cause i thought the radar runs as well as poker run in that area were cancelled?
  3. It always amazes me to see these people who give permission to use the property and the amount of tracks from those individuals who think its hilarious to go ripping everywhere but the trail and then the rest of us suffer!!!
  4. I'm sure we ll be up doing the routes, and the visitor centre is great place to start your like 1 min from seguin
  5. skidoo700jay

    No snow in the North... not looking good.

    Conditions around Burks falls , looks like they got some snow , but not updating the conditions or if the rest is packed and this week its good and cold so that should stiffen things up
  6. I was looking at a doo 800 etec tnt model, rode one it was really fast and nice on the bumps....does anyone own one now that has complaints??
  7. skidoo700jay

    Burk's Falls

    dont know if anyone has been there lately, but, i heard that they got another 20 cm of snow is last day or two, but some major trails are still closed and there were 3 sleds that broke through ice over a swamp towards sprucedale last week so be careful.
  8. skidoo700jay

    Burk's Falls

    Well , I was up on the weekend for the first weekend of riding, some rough patches, as can be expected, lot of traffic, I m hoping they get some much needed snow fall, or it might be a quick season....the seguin still has two really bad wash outs......
  9. skidoo700jay

    Burk's Falls

    Just returned from the cottage, about 6 inches when I left, and light snow, drove into squalls alll through barrie, trails need a huge dumping before any will open - not looking good in the forecast
  10. skidoo700jay

    Burk's Falls

    Hey was wondering what the real condtions are like in this area, have received several reports all conflicting each other - dont want to get too excited
  11. skidoo700jay

    New sled

    Just wondering if anyone has done this, looking at the prices, and cannot believe the difference for the exact same sled. ??? Any help or information greatly appreciated
  12. skidoo700jay

    Burks falls?

    [ Nothing in Katrine other than the marina, they really only have gas and some parts....then to burks falls which has the village restaurant on the main drag, another 15 min or so you could hit pickeral lake lodge ....hope this helps
  13. skidoo700jay

    Burks falls?

    Well just came back from the north, and there is about 6 to 8 inches, not very much, but i still hear and see some clowns riding on the trails even if there closed, then they will be complaining about damage to sleds , the property owners will complain about damage to their property.....when will people learn????????? Weather network says there looking at another 6 inches over this weekend so keep your fingers crossed....still very cold at night, -22 the othewr night..........
  14. skidoo700jay

    Burks falls?

    They are saying now that there is sufficient snow to begin packing and possibly opening some trails on a limited basis, i hope that it stays cold and adds some fresh stuff
  15. skidoo700jay

    Burks falls?

    Hey just wondering if this area is getting any of these snow squalls????? and how much is on the ground