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  1. I have a spare Toy Carrier hinge for sale. I originally had 2 blue ones and had an issue with one of them. The new ones at the time were black and so I got 2 new black ones leaving me with one good blue one left over. It been sitting in my garage for a number of years and it's time for it to go. Asking $50 Located in the Niagara Region. Please PM if interested.
  2. I have 2 HJC helmets for sale: 1) HJC CS-Air Size Large with heated visor, cord and carry bag (the one on the left in the picture) $40 2) HJC Air Tech 2 Size Medium with heated visor, cord and carry bag (the one on the right in the picture) $40 Located in the Niagara Region. Please PM if interested.
  3. I have 4 ski guides made from old arena board which I made for my snowmobile trailer a few years ago...they are extremely tough. They are 8 feet long and are free for whoever wants them....just come and pick them up. Located in the Niagara region. Please PM me if you are interested.
  4. Dogan

    Skidoo Rev 1+1 Seat

    Seat is still available.
  5. Skidoo Rev 1+1 Seat - BRP p/n 861002700 Seat has had very little use and is in excellent condition. Includes the complete kit.......bracket, foot rests, installation instructions and bonus BRP muffs. Will fit 2004-2007 Rev chassis. $300 Located in Niagara region.
  6. Dogan

    Anyone know what kind of ski's these are?

    I'd say Skidoo precision skis
  7. Rode this area this past weekend....things may have changed by now so take this with that in mind... 706 had just gone limited last week...it had not seen a groomer yet this year, a few big trees down across it and that's likely why it hasn't seen a groomer. It's passable but really really rough. C104D between Dunchurch and Ardbeg was quite rough. As I understand it, the groomer died there a few weeks ago and that's likely why it hasn't been groomed for a while. The drag was still sitting out off the side of the trail. The B123 between 300 and C104D was quite rough as well..not sure what the story there might be. Most lakes were staked with the exception of Wahwashkesh. The D102C around it was good to the south but got a little rough toward the north end. 509, C101, 803, C106, 601 and the Almaguin 300-series trails were all good.
  8. Dogan

    Lunch south of northbay

    We have been at the Crow's Nest in Restoule twice in the past 3 weeks. The food is good but the service is dreadful. They are not even close to being prepared for sledders on a weekend.
  9. We're looking to stay overnight at friends cottage in Restoule. We could just drive there but it's more fun to ride the sled than drive.
  10. I know both of these places allow for snowmobile staging but I am not sure of their "overnight" policies but can someone let me know if you can park there overnight if you are doing and overnight trip by sled? Thanks.
  11. Dogan

    The Forest

    We went to the forest a week ago and it was decent for an early season ride but you definitely have to take what they say with a grain of salt. There was a very thin base and only the main trails had seen a groomer. Many of the secondary trails has seen no maintenance and were moguls, mud holes and had impassable trees across them in some cases. It was still a good day for us but you have to remember that they are marketing specialists and look to grab their $$ in the early season when the OFSC has nothing going on. Would I go there again next year early season? If they're the only game in town, then heck ya.
  12. Trailer is Sold....Thanks for everyone's interest.
  13. For Sale 2005 Double Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer Very good condition, little use, torsion axle, aluminum, spare tire included Great visbility when towing. $1900 PM if interested.