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  1. Sunday, Mrs.Doonut, myself and Killswitch headed out to Port Perry to join Nutter for KS's first licenced trail ride. Can't thank the guys from PPSC enough for the patience and support they showed Sarah on her first ride. Me, Killswitch and Mrs.Doonut Killswitch kickin it down Lake Scugog on the way back from her trail ride One of the gang on a PPSC trail Follow me dad !!!!!!!!! My little girl on her little sled. Fits right in don't you think Sarah taking a break..............................I'm tired Back at the PPSC club house after her first "official" trail ride. Can't wait to do it again next weekend. Thanks again to Nutter, TV Brian, KevChev and the rest of the PPSC crew for making her day memorable.
  2. Did a 1000km trip in Feb with two 800 and a 600 Poo, a 800 e tech and a 1200 4 tech. Mileage between the 5 sleds was very cllose.
  3. Doonut

    My sympathies to the city folk

    Only had to trailer once this season and that was to Cochrane between Xmas and new years. We were able to ride right from the back door of the sled shack in gravenhurst all winter right up until Sunday. 2000 mile season is nothing to sneeze at for me. Had some good trail rides, some great trail rides, some not so good trail rides, some great lake conditions and some awsome boon docking from Jan 15th until March 11th. Not as bad a season as it appeared.
  4. Doonut


    Trail ride Saturday with Mrs.Doonut and Killswitch and then Sunday will be KS's first day to experience some boondocking. She's dying to try riding the out back in some of Dad's secret play places. Hope for snow, curses on Mother Nature if it turns to rain.
  5. Hoping to get some bondocking in Sunday pending conditions. Anyone wants to tag along and see some real Muskoka is welcome to come along. With the current conditions, even standard tracked sleds will have no problems accessing some really beautiful country. As long as you're not afraid of the chance of getting a scratch or two from tree branches on your sled, you should consider coming along. Novice booner to advanced rider terrain available in Doonut's playground
  6. Doonut

    winter bicycles on snowmobile trail

    Known locally as the Old Bala road or the Settlement road. That ws originally 169 long before there was a 169. Imagine that being the only route from gravenhurst where the trains stopped to bala.
  7. Doonut

    winter bicycles on snowmobile trail

    That was Snowcrest trail 9 we were on Monkey boy. It's actually a non maintained road so I suspect they had the legal right to be there. They were courteous and moved to the side to let us pass but I wouldn't want to come around a blind corner and meet a pack of them head on. "What is bicycle bowling for 1000 Alex?"
  8. Doonut

    What has been your best sledding accessory?

    I use 4 pulley blocks, a combination of caribeaners, some webbing straps tied into various length loops and 5/16" parachute cord. I can lift a 500 plus pound sled off the ground with one hand. It can be rigged in multiple ways for leverage or length, weighs about 2 pounds and fits in one freezer bag in my tunnel bag along with the kitchen sink
  9. Doonut

    Riding Gear

    Coldwave gortex non insulated jacket. Coldwave gortex pants with removable liners or Bass Pro gortex wind breaker and shell pants when spring riding off trail. Varying layers of polyester under wear and MWW Windy Mountain brand fleeces. Baffin Evolution boots ( new model this year and awsome) for most days and SubZero -100 boots for when its nasty cold with Bass Pro (Red Head) .house brand 100% synthetic fibre hunting socks Gloves are Klim or Coldwave, depending on temp. Unwind velaclavas too.
  10. Doonut

    Thefts in Muskokas

    10 bucks says it headed right to the Gibson.
  11. Doonut

    What has been your best sledding accessory?

    Block and tackle and 150 feet of parachute cord. Sure beats trying to drag a sled UP a stee hill when ya burry it boondocking.
  12. Doonut

    Bubblers, Another Hazard to Watch For

    Criminal code of Canada C46, subsection 263. read it, know it. If you go into a bubbler hole, it will come in handy for the court case.
  13. Did you know the PET ride is that weekend in Gravenhurst when you picked it?
  14. Doonut

    New Snow In The Skokes

    Because the MSR asked Snowcrest to stop grooming that section of MSR trail. Thats why. Same reason the 44 trail is still closed. MSR has not gone thru it yet and requested SC to refrain from dong so.
  15. Hi gang. For anyone interested, I will be meeting people at the Wharf in gravenhurst to guide them to the breakfast vial lakes and ponds and about a mile of trail. Considering the rain out we just had, I suspect getting there strictly by trail will be out of the question. For anyone interested, we will be leaving the wharf just around 10:30 / 11:00 am and run the bay to the back lakes route to the community center. Post up if you plan on being there so I have an idea who's coming.
  16. Ya, its been my main stomping grounds for over 30 years. I pre ran 3 different routes on Friday and picked the least destructive one for the group ride Saturday.
  17. No kidding. I originally heard from about 8 people who wanted the guided tour. I went to bed friday night expecting to meet 15 or so sleds. Nope, there's 30 or more coming Sean. WTF? are you kidding me? Nope. Picture 39 sleds nose to tail going through bunny trails connecting small lakes together. I had no idea what so ever where the last sled (Glen D93) even was for the first half hour he was so far behind me. Was a great turn out and great for the club to have so many non members show up and support us. Big thanks for that gang. We'll see some of you folks next month at the PET ride.
  18. Good to hear you didn't toss in the towel Steve. Where is your sled?
  19. Dangerous as hell this year. No real ice yet. The bay is good and the small lakes are good but the main lake is NOT ready yet
  20. What is your ETA at the wharf Blake?
  21. Thanks for the clarification. Always knew those islands as the 3 sisters for some reason. I run mainly Muskoka and Rosseau with a few annual trips to BLH for wings and rings. Doesn't look too good for doing that this year though. Probably no need to try the ice caves on bohemia this year either. No snow = no ice caves.
  22. Your reference to BPP is where?????
  23. Doonut

    Who Should Have Waited to Buy a Sled.....

    not sorry at all really. Got nearly 600 miles on so far. ice is in on lots of lakes. trails are getting a good base and th snow machine has been feeding Muskoka for a good part of the day. Nope, I'm feeling like sunshine I tell ya