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Peck’s Tap & Grill Plattsville N43 18.143  W080 37.7374
Best wings on the trail and great food

Davis Fuel Burford N43 6.383  W080 24.702
Gas Station just off the trail

Burford Legion Burford N43 03.075  W080 20.226
Trailer parking (right on the trail)

Turkey Point gas /food Turkey Point N42 43.928  W80 21.795
Food and gas on the trail

BB Gas Station Walsh N46 11.382  W079 16.834
Gas Station on the trail just north of Turkey Point

Drumbo SC Clubhouse Drumbo N43 12.411 W80 31.466
Clubhouse on the trail

Princeton Restaurant Princeton N43 09.876 W80 31.550
Restaurant near drumbo clubhouse

Annettes Kitchen & Gas Field Ont. N46 31.373 W80 01.587
Restaurant and gas bar

Tomiko Restaurant & Gas Tilden Lake N46 34.985 W79 38.258
Restaurant and gas bar

Wheelers Restaurant and Gas Astorville  N46 11.382  W079 16.834
Good food and open 9am to 10pm

Dan/Ayr Gas Ayr N44 082  W21.915
Open til 10pm at the end of the trail in Ayr (beside Vincents Motosports)AL ONTARIO

South Portage Marina Lake of Bays N45 19.062 W79 04.137

Boat Launch Lake of Bays Lake of Bays N45 12.895 W79 06.572
Public launch, right of South Portage Road. 600 M from D102

Lake of Bays Access Baysville N45 10.493 W79 06.256
2 kms of back road form D102 to Lake of Bays above the narrows
Marked and fenced between two cottages. Time saver to get lake access for Dwight or Dorset from Baysville.

Town of Baysville Baysville N45 08.907 W79 07.141
Just over the bridge Gas n Food (Near D102)

Cariboo Lodge on Wood Lake Muskokas N45 00.072 W79 04.919
More info soon

Sprucedale Gas Sprucedale N45 29.4468 W079 27.572
Gas station on the trail near Sprucedale Hotel

Northland Recreation / Gas Huntsville N45 09.963 W079 29.621
Ski Doo dealer in Huntsville near gas station (thanks for the help)

Lakeland Motorsports Gravenurst area N45 18.593 W079 14.807
Ski Doo dealer with gas station on lake (name to be added)

Fiery Grill Dorset N45 14.639 W078 53.749
Louisiana style Restaurant in downtown Dorset

Tower Hill Marine / Gas Dorset N45 15.042 W078 53.281
Polaris dealer with gas station on lake (name to be added)

Old Mill Marina Dorset N45 15.996 W078 48.562
Ski Doo dealer with gas station on Kawagma Lake

Webster Beacon Gas Dwight N45 19.403 W078 59.735
Yamaha dealer with gas station and variety store

The Cookhouse Dwight N45 19.403 W078 59.267
Pub and grill located just off the trail

Sunridge Shell Sunridge N45 45.896 W079 24.054
Located just off the trail in Sundridge on Highway #11

D intersection with D123 near Sunridge N45 47.886 W079 13.654
Trail 300 runs south, D123 runs North and West

Judy’s Restaurant/Esso Gas Powassan N45 51.652 W079 15.897
Open 7 to 7 Best homemade soup!

Trail D / C 105D Intersection near Sunridge N45 51.652 W079 15.897
Caution: Watch out for dog sledders on trail in this area

D123 intersection with 300 trail near Sunridge N45 42.952 W079 13.654
Trail 300 runs south, D123 runs North and West

Pickerel Lake Lodge Pickeral Lake N45 39.947 W079 18.034
Lodging, gas booze, good help all around in a emergency, open approx 24 hours a day if there was a problem!!!

Tim Hortons / Gas Orillia N44 48.318 W79 19.758
Coffee and gas

Algonquin Outfitters South River N45 50.468 W79 22.779
More info soon

Rocky’s on Lake Wanipati Lake Wanipati N46 46.331 W80 48.568
More info soon

Sportsman Lodge Sudbury N46 43.216 W80 35.136
North of Sudbury

Wolf Mountian Scenic Lookout N46 51.544 W80 39.875

More info soon

Cedar Meadows Timmins N48 29.305 W81 21.501
1000 Norman Street

Temagami Shell Gas /Food Temagami N47 03.425 W79 48.562
Restaurant and gas bar

Chinese Food Restaurant/ Temagami N47 03.564 W79 47.973
Don’t miss this place (beside shell station)

Huskey Truck Stop New Liskeard N47 32.174 W79 40.392
Gas and Food

Quality Inn New Liskeard N47 32.297 W79 40.419
No info available

Three Bears Camp Shining Tree N47 33.904 W81 15.638
Gas /lodging

Howard Johnson Kirkland lake N48 09.285 W80 01.723
Formally known as Bon Air Motel

North Adventure Inn Cochrane N49 03.754 W81 03.978
No info available

Cardiff General Store Cardiff N44 59.555 W78 00.885 Gas/Restaurant/beer/booze and Open from 7am – 9pm