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NL-Cochrane March 14-17


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Headed up north for one last ride with my “little guy”. Turning out to be a big 15 year old!

trailered to New Liskeard - on trail 11:23 am.

the previous red/crossing (currently yellow) frozen over as of now just before Elgenhart,


and we stopped for lunch at Tim Hortons.  



gassed in Matheson. The 650 was on fumes at 188km.


not a ton of snow , crossings starting to be lots of gravel - but overall trails really good.


made good time (after stopping and helping two guys load a broken sled into back of a truck ) -arrived at the glorious Travel Lodge of chez Cochrane at 5:36 pm at 296.9km.








plan to head west and back to Cochrane tomorrow (without bags).



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Your drive home on Friday might be difficult. Stay safe.


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Well made it back to the Chateau Travel lodge .

563.8km for the day - Hearst and back. Little under 12 hrs round trip. Oil light on the little 650 , which ran 1-2l more than the 850 every fill up.




was first out on the trails it seems at 8am and minus 18. Didn’t see anyone till Kap.

Was hard , smooth fast trails this am.

even with some playing in the powder at smooth rock - we made it to kap for gas at 10:17am and 154.8km. 





had a nice long stop at Tims in kap for late breakfast and chatting to dealer on new sled deal next year. Finally on the trail 11:30 ish.


made it to Hearst from south end - great trails mostly. Some more snow but still not lots.


In town really minimal snow like kap.


gas stop @286km and 1:44pm - time to turn around!



made a little trail side snack of Mr noodles - takes a lot longer to melt snow and then boil it btw!


met a mother and daughter on trail (little girl went wrong direction and was lost ) - they had the cutest throttle stop - maybe next year she will graduate to a AAA!


Filled up in kap again , then a great dinner at Ellies in smooth rock (our favorite food place).

all gassed up and ready to do Abitibi (4 oil jugs and 1 linq can) , late lunch in SR/Ellie’s then onto Timmins tomorrow.
Hoping weather holds .


Friday will be a mess getting back to New Liskeard and trailer home (7 hrs), but we will play it as it comes. If we have to stay a night won’t be an issue. All part of the adventure.
Only have 45 miles going east out of timmins at start of AM on Friday that I won’t have fresh GPS tracks back to New Liskeard .



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great write up

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x2 - Nice to see pictures & details, again.....it sure does make for a better report when you add some dialogue along with pictures! 

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Nice easy day today - nothing like feeding the birds!


left La Grand Travel Lodge and heading to Timmys for breakfast - as we weren’t going to eat again until Ellie’s in Smooth Rock.


left 9am.


Tons of ice on ice road - they almost need another digit!


dropped  the 4 oil jugs of fuel in at warm up shack 86 km in.


Trails hadn’t been groomed for a while - but mint. Soft and a little bumps in corners.



Made it to dam 11:28am, 165 km. NO water flowing at all!


Made it to smooth rock after playing on hydroline for a bunch - son getting good at wheelies! 

guess what kind of gas they had left ? NOT premium ….. emptied out linq into the 850 and put her on ethanol mode.


great lunch at Ellies. We will stop there every chance we will get! Think we have tried every sandwich on their menu - and all great!

C trail was great heading south.

timmins is HURTING for snow anywhere near a roadway.

After filling up gas , checked into Travellodge (east side Mario’s  next door).

Don’t have to clean skids tonight !


in at 4:41pm at 363 km for the day.


we will see what weather brings us tomorrow !!!!!


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Well fat lady sung for us.

left 8:30 am Timmins - back at truck  in new liskeard 3:45 , 291km


Total trip 1541 km from Tuesday 11am.


had some challenges finding trails this am out of timmins with the 10-15cm fresh snow on ground . Broke trail for first 60 km or so. The outdated 7S map did help alot though.



Rained from elgenhert south .

Great season for us - looking forward to Quebec next year as son will be 16 and able to ride legally .


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Thanks for taking the time to profile your trip

enjoyed following your route. Looks like a great time.


Curious- where did you park at new liskeard?



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1 hour ago, Sevey said:

Thanks for taking the time to profile your trip

enjoyed following your route. Looks like a great time.


Curious- where did you park at new liskeard?



By the location of the flag in the picture and the other sled trailer, it looks to me like the trailer parking area at the Quality inn.

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1 hour ago, PISTON LAKE CRUISER said:

By the location of the flag in the picture and the other sled trailer, it looks to me like the trailer parking area at the Quality inn.


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