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Best Men’s Gloves??


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On 1/25/2021 at 7:13 PM, Cuyuna said:

These were recommended to me by a member of the York Region Marine unit - Cooks Bay / Lake Simcoe. Standard issue for them, and they are out in the windy, wide open cold a lot. I run the lakes in Haliburton (fast) all the time and these have been THE best I've ever had in 40 years of running. Don't use guards or muffs and don't need them. 




I use these as well.   never have cold hands.  

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Best gloves in the world won't warm a hand that's cold... Maybe keep it from getting colder.

Core temp is key. The second it drops, your flow to extremities stops.

Learned this the hard way windsurfing, wet bare hands, high winds, and often sailed down to around 4c. No mitt or glove worked properly. A relaxed grip is key.

Diane has Reynauds, AND low-ish BP... No meds for her.

When we ride, I swap gloves with her every stop. Happily, she has not got tiny paws. 

Her hands get warm as I warm up her gloves. 

I have TNF and Klim  gloves, among others, but dangit, the Head ski gloves from Costco are pretty hard to beat. $29 and I snagged 2 more pairs on clearout last week for 1/2 that. Good grip, good loft and fit, and zippered on the back for hot packs. 

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As many said to really solve the issue muffs really work. I have the ski doo muffs and at -40c my hands were frozen. I put my muffs on and couldn’t believe the difference. At low settings on my grips my hands were toasty hot. Haven’t used them  for the last few years as haven’t ridden in extreme cold.some folks won’t use them for fear of being ridiculed. I say screw them and be comfortable. Difference between a good ride and miserable ride......

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