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Snowcrest updates for 2019/20

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Update for Snowcrest Riders trails as part of District 7 of the OFSC.


Trail 15

Unfortunately, after much time and effort from the club, we will have to close trail 15 due to landowners denying access to cross their land. The trail has been removed from this season's trail guide. The gates will remain closed and locked. We ask all riders to respect the decision of the landowners and not to trespass.


Trail 4

We have been notified the blue swing bridge will remain in the open position for this coming winter, meaning it will not be available for crossing. We will continue to maintain trail 4 as an access trail from the crossing on Canning Road to trail D on Kahshe Lake. If there is a change in the bridge status we will let everyone know. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


Trail D

We will have a detour from Summerland Store to Trail B for the upcoming season. Again land owner denying access to cross their land. We ask all riders to respect the decision of the landowner and not to trespass. We will update the Interactive Trail Guide with the reroute.


We do ask all sledders and even non-sledders who appreciate the Ontario snowmobile trail system in both social and economic benefits to our communities and the people who live there, to please come forward and see if we can work together for alternative solutions for the effected areas. Please PM me.


Snow Crest Riders are in dire need to have all snowmobilers along with community-minded people, whether it be on a social level or from the economic benefit that trails provide our area and its business’s, for your assistance with alternative passage solutions for the effected areas.


We all have to work together, and most importantly, respect the land of our valued partners - the landowners!!!


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