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  1. Did the BW circle and it was pretty right on. A few rough fields that you gotta watch for but hats off to the club for putting in the work to build the base.
  2. Went for a rip around BW and Ellice swamper trails. Had them all to myself last night. minus the rail bed into Monkton, Everything was right on. trails are holding up well.
  3. Still lots of base west of Monkton. Even the plowed fields look great.
  4. Just went for a boo around the Listy trails. Great shape. Well done Maitland valley.
  5. The north part is pretty fast, follows a hydro line. The south part is slower but you still make good time. No clue if there's ploughed sections this year.
  6. I'm not sure about the washout now, but 2 years ago It was passable even when it wasn't fixed. 6" of water or so. I think black Creek is open as I saw Dan senior stageing from there earlier in the year. It's not to far for a day ride. If you keep a reasonable speed up. The trails from Dunlop to wawa are pretty quick. Have a fun ride!
  7. Just input anything. I put 'pending' on my snowmobile when I wasn't sure of the vin. You can go back and fill it in later once you have your vin.
  8. haha, one can wish. There isn't much snow here at all, just a light dusting that we got last night and heck that's at 1400m and 50km south of Dawson.
  9. Hope ya's all had a great sledding season or are having one! I'm sitting here in the Yukon at a exploration camp and I'm shooting the sh*t with a fella that used to live in Waterloo and was part of the New Dundee snowmobile club. So we get talking and he mentions he used to be on a forum and I asked him what it was called and, he said it was Ontario conditions and I just started to laugh. We've been chatting about all the good times we've had ripping around the area back in the day. I was nice, lots of reminiscing. But any who, small world. So Vintage Idiot AKA S2S_sl
  10. bill & I with our sons are thinking next thur heading to halfway & duberville if u can..nothing in stone 

    we may leave early morning & skip Dunlop lodge,drive to next staging area or next gas stop...let me know

    1. Crawdaddy


      Hey dude that right there sounds like a good time. i don't think i'll be able to make it.You know id be there in a heart beat,- It's been an busy winter at work, my sleddin has took a hit from that for sure.Looks like you guys had a wicked time in Qewwbeec! would of loved to of been there and be witness and part take in the shenanigans. Enjoy your rip.


  11. Hey all, Work screwed me over this year and I missed a big trip with the boys, and seeing as all the tears i sheaded over this didn't melt all the snow in Ontario, I'm looking at going for a day trip on Wednesday! I should be at the north side of Lake Bernard around 9-10am. Maybe go to Mattawa and back or just head to the bonfield trails. I'm easy, just wanna get one more day of riding in. PM if you'd like to join, It'll be a great time. It's gunna be plus 6, so I can't bring all the cream and butter for the taters will be riding in!
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