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  1. paulh

    Port Carling area questions

    Thanks for all the info. Would love to break trails though, Id pay for the opportunity!
  2. Just wondering what the conditions are like in the Port Carling area, Just got onto the site and see no trails open yet. Any word of whats expected. Thanks in advance Cheers Paul
  3. Just be really careful guys !! My parents back in the 70's were snowmobiling with a group of 10 across Rosseau during the day when they hit a blowdown or what they call a folded ridge in the ice. 4 sleds went under but all people including mom and dad got out ok. a few people had ropes with them to pull them out. They had to break into a cottage to get warm. . They are almost impossible to see at any speed, probably some of you have it ice blow-ups but the blowdowns or folded ridge is deathly. Here is a link that describes them better, http://lakeice.squarespace.com/pressure-ridges/ Just don't take anyone's opinion that the ice is safe, Just ask my neighbour who put a team of horses through the ice on lake Muskoka when he was a kid...or the guy coming home from the "Inn on the Bay" a forgotton bar in Milford Bay. He veered off course in the night into the mouth of the Indian River. I could here his screams for help in a wintery blizzard when I was barely a teen. They got him out that night but it was to late. Just be careful Cheers
  4. paulh

    Groomer Accident

    that is correct, although the chicken... not so well.
  5. paulh

    Groomer Accident

    UPDATE: The operator was eating chicken wings at the time of the accident, The sound could not be heard for miles, but Its believed that the groomers tracks were not injured other than a cut to the chicken thigh.
  6. paulh

    Groomer Accident

    So let me get this straight, An operator slipped off the groomed track and he bumped his head as it flipped over. Hope he got to the hospital ok?
  7. Thanks so much Blake,, Just wanted to get the warm and fuzzy, I will be careful no doubt ! Cheers Paul
  8. Was wondering the conditions in general around Horseshoe Island and beyond, I could see the mouth of the Indian river was open much more than usual. Just wanted to do some ice fishing etc. Thanks in advance.