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  1. Has anyone rode the D201F lately? Just wondering what kind of condition it is in. Will be heading out that way Friday on my way to Wawa.
  2. skidooboy is right, Ranger Lake Road is not paved. I have traveled it many times by snowmobile and never had any issues. If the weather turns out to be warm it may not be to great.
  3. Yeah, from Aubrey Falls you can just take Ranger Lake road and bypass the red section of trail and meet back up where the trail starts as limited.
  4. Yeah, from Aubrey Falls you can just take Ranger Lake road and bypass the red section of trail and meet back up where the trail starts as limited.
  5. Well it looks like the D201f is listed as limited now! And the trail in Sudbury is also back on the map.
  6. Oh it would be awesome if the D201F did open up. Having a hard time trying I figure a reroute to Wawa from Elliot lake with out adding aN extra day to my plans.
  7. Thanks Sledjunk. I just know riding from Sudbury to Elliot lake the trails aren't the fastest, we always looked forward to once we got outside of Elliot Lake when the trails opened up. I was just looking at the trail map and we usually park at the Sudbury Trail Plan Association, now with everything messed up with this insurance for the OFSC there are so many trails that go no where in Sudbury. Looks like we would have to go way out of the way now, we used to cut across to Chelmsford but that trail is now taken off the map. This is making it really hard to plan our routes this year!!
  8. Well that’s going to change my plans for this season. We always ride Sudbury to Elliot lake, to Wawa, to Hearst, to Cochrane to Timmins and back to Sudbury. Is there any other good route that is quick to get back to the D trail? Could probably head toward Sault Ste Marie and then head towards halfway but have never rode those trails and not sure how fast they are or how many gas stations there are.
  9. Yes exactly, that trail is awesome. That was my first time taking the L123, have always just took the A trail through Kap.
  10. Rode through Kap last week when we hit up Hearst and what a mess. Took the L123 when we headed back to Cochrane and it was a 100x better.
  11. You could always check out the moose hotel in Smooth Rock Falls. Stayed there for the first time Saturday night and ended up getting a room that wasn't even cleaned and had a dirty needle sitting in the ashtray out front of the room while little kids ran around. Told the owner about this and he just said oh we thought that room did get cleaned, not sure how that happened, here take room 25. Also told him about the dirty needle and showed him pics and asked if he would go and take care of that but he never did.
  12. Ya I don't think it looks bad at all! Hopefully it stays looking like that! Was planning on heading up Thursday morning.
  13. Forecast is looking a lot better now, now I just have to hope my buddy doesn't bail on me!! He seems to be looking at a different weather forecast and thinks its not worth going!!
  14. Trails look mint other than the water hazard. Has that been the only obstacle you guys have come across so far? Was hoping to arrive in Cochrane Thursday morning but looks like some warm weather and possible rain coming next week. How are the sleds doing for over heating, we have ice scratchers for morning, I would imagine trails loosen up in the afternoon.
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