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  1. Old photos from a friend at the old Oshawa Snowmobile club.
  2. Is that a common/known problem with those? Sorry to hear about your lost opportunity.
  3. Great pics, Revrnd! Thanks for sharing. I haven't ridden those trails in and around Wilberforce in years, unfortunately. I have quite a few friends on Esson lake and I use to go up every year but due to life things getting in the way, it's been too long. I'm retiring in July so I am hoping next winter all that changes. Same goes for the Whitney/Madawaska/ Barry's Bay areas. Rode many miles on those trails back in the day as well.
  4. Another vote for an Indy Lite. My son went from his Kitty Cat to an Indy Lite to his current XLT.
  5. I read that on the Book this morning as well. Great job Rick and crew!
  6. Guy spills/pumps fuel all over his sled and doesn't even realize it until the guy points it out around the 1:40 something mark. Right after, fire! Certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer!
  7. Right where this guys thumb is, BF. There are normally 2 small stickers there. One goes on the back of your ownership.
  8. I will for sure, John.
  9. I figured Monday would have been busy so that is why I decided on Tuesday. When I encountered some rough trails south of Long Sault and beyond, I said screw it and headed back towards Port. Those trails were in great condition as usual so I just rode them. I seen a few peeps out and it was a bluebird day so I am not complaining whatsoever.
  10. I tried to make it to the Ganny but encountered some pretty rough trails east so I headed back not wanting to take the chance the Ganny wasn't any good? I thought about heading north from there to try the island trails but it showed red sections on the map, plus I checked out the field just north of the CH and seen how bare it was so I decided against it. I got a later than normal start than I was hoping to so I just tried the Bagdad trail and and 108 east and west a few times then called it a day. I was able to play with my suspension settings and I still did around 90 kms so the day wasn't w
  11. Irv

    2020 Ski-Doo's

    I've been patiently waiting as well but I certainly am not going to hold my breath! There is talk about a new 2 stroke Yamaha that a lot of people have written off as bunk but they currently have a 600 2 stroke sled across the big pond. It is a Cat engine however but from what I understand, it is Yamaha's design/engine that Cat built? That has been the talk for many years and one year it could happen but personally I don't see it just yet. If Yamaha does break away from Cat then to me that means they are in it for the long haul as I am sure the money they would have invested in that wo
  12. I still haven't done that ride but have hoped to for a few years now. My SIL lives in Harwood so one of these years I hope to be able to head/leave from there and check out all those trails and hopefully make it to our trailer in Marmora. If we get some decent winters someday and time permitting, leaving from Port Perry and doing a big ride isn't out of the question either.
  13. Yep, I don't let more than a couple/few accumulate before I remove the old ones. Just a hairdryer or heat gun and they come off pretty easy. Stealing them from vehicles also happens quite often so I also make sure those ones don't accumulate either.
  14. Yep, it sucks! I got out Tuesday luckily and the Port Perry trails were mint! I was hoping, earlier in the week, to get out today but with the weather forecast I knew it likely wasn't going to happen. The computer weather, or Environment Canada weather, shows +4 Sunday with snow/rain mix but the weather network on T.V is showing +8-9! Not that that matters a whole lot, but with it being almost March, I may have just got my last local ride in?
  15. When are the other manu's release dates? https://www.ski-doo.com/ca/2020-whats-new-ski-doo.html?utm_campaign=18_02_2019|ski|na|cheetah|en|ca|MY20_LAUNCH&utm_medium=email&utm_source=eBlast_pre-segmented_list&utm_term=main|0|0&utm_content=0|0|0|0|0
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