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  1. No Elmer died a couple years ago. However Martti Luoma the second guy in the photo is still alive and with the club. He still drives a groomer.
  2. In districts that had associations the associations for all intent really ran the district. In D12 for example we had all 10 clubs in the association and each had the same rep on the district board. Really one of the boards was a waste of time and volunteers. In the association the clubs have a say in grooming but it is overseen by the association. All operators work under a coordinator for each groomer which might and mostly does groom in several club boundaries. The operators and coordinators work for the association. All groomers are taken care of by the association and each club is a part
  3. Coming from a long time grooming association and knowing how it works and the benefits - I understand and agree with it. It sounds like you give something up but think of it this way you gain a share and maybe use of every other groomer in the district if something happens yours. Also no more worries abut the cost of repairs to small clubs. From a financial perspective - I like what it says. agree it improves accountability and would even go further like someone said a long time ago - All permit dollars go to the OFSC and be distributed according to need ( like the equalization plan - this wo
  4. I am not even trying to tell you which way to vote on MOTS - for us it may sound not to daunting - for others this will be a giant step. If you did not like grooming associations as you figured they were not good and clubs doing it was better you will not like this as you do loose some control of when/where / with which groomer and how your trails get groomed. Do you loose all say - NO. Clubs still have a say through grooming committees and your B of D (and every club should be represented on this board) as they direct what and how things get done. Framework for change and last years groomer s
  5. I guess most of you have not heard but Soupkid is in the hospital in extremely serious condition in an induced coma to deal with medical conditions I will not get into. On the MOTS issue in D12 as Kevin said we are 90% there in this area and most of us are leaning favourably if a few items can be tweaked. Personally I have only a couple concerns - One may be unique to the north and that is the new district boundaries - These cover vast areas and in D12 for example going from one end to the other of the district would take 5-6 hours by car on a good day in the summer. It will have a major imp
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