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  1. Well, quite honestly - I've had it in there (wherever it is?) for many years. I don't anticipate actually using it. It's for emergency use. That being said - we did dry-wall screw my chums visor back on once, and it stayed that way for 10 years at least. (still?) Only for him to have to doo it to the other side several years later when that side broke. I doubt that I will ever remember the act of him breaking it. LOL!
  2. So what on Earth is the "flat metal" part all aboot? Maybe sumpthing like young David, and you can unwind the tape 'till just aboot the end, and then use the metal as sling-shot material? To be used in defense of wolves, or maybe offense to get a partridge when stuck in the bush for a cpl days?
  3. Well, you of all people should be able to help out with that eh?
  4. The cop was there, they found the guy, and have already charged him.... What info doo they need at this point?
  5. I believe that I have some in one of my packs - wrapped flat onto just it'self. Am I dooing it wrong? Is this "news"?
  6. It's about to be his fault.
  7. Seems as tho there is some redundancy going on there eh? Besides, Halfway is in Algoma, not up on 11.
  8. I am familiar with the Corridor du Nord. Just didn't recognize the brev.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/halfwayhaven/
  10. Everything is a GO at Halfway now. They got their gas.
  11. Those old "T" skidoos are just too cool!
  12. I have [most] always ran Holz scratchers. They were the first that I know of. Everyone else has knocked them off. However - Holz is pretty proud of them.... https://www.holzracingproducts.com/product/ice-scratchers/ I would rather have 1 Holz style than those worthless cable drives any day of the week! I've been running scratchers for 20 yrs. I really prefer them on the ski's up front. One scratcher on the ski will doo AT LEAST as good as 2 back on the skid, and then you can stagger them for saved wear. But they don't back up worth a Shiite! I have the new style Doo scratchers on my new Doo. They don't look as impressive as far as working, but they should back up fine.
  13. [Halfway] All better, thank you to everyone that helped us through this unplanned struggle and our customers for your understanding. Heavy traffic and the highways closed led up to this “perfect storm”. Never wanted to be in this situation but I guess sometimes life just happens. We have gas, blue bird skies and fantastic trails. [/Halfway]
  14. Then how's come'd it take 'till now to get D trail opened up? I thought that it was low snow? I remember that '96 season! 80" in one dump! I was on the other side of the river at the time, but the dump trucks were hauling snow one after another to dump into the river! Quite the sight to behold. The sidewalks were shoveled out - @ 6' deep! (and 2' wide) I am telling you what - if that was MY sidewalk (IDK why I would be living in town) but after cleaning that out - I would'a covered it all up with OSB and hung ice cicle lights down through it and been done with that BS for the season!
  15. Well, that would have included me fer sure. Sure hope that everyone remembers to change the switch as they get re-arranged during the days ride. Most can't be trusted to remember to turn off the foglights on their trucks when they have the regular lights on.
  16. I generally ride in Jersey gloves if possible. Not for high speed use, but werks good in the bush. Rubber band under the kill switch takes care of that. .
  17. Tube nuts? "Be safe out there" Boy, doo I feel like I've been binge watching old Hill Street Blues eppisodes all day.... I need some new muffs! I should maybe get around and go to Novi next year....
  18. Well, as normal, all free-loaders backed out before show time. Was to have been just me and the kid (kid's pushin' 30, so ...) and yesterday morning my truck decided that it didn't want to go north. So - here's all the pics from Freeloader Weekend trip 2019:
  19. Ox

    I'm out

    I know a fella in Buffalo that is toying with the idea of a skidoo trailer for other porpoises, but Sudbury's a bit of a stretch.
  20. Ox

    I'm out

    Boy, he's Shirley got sumpthin' to say.... Someone's got a prybar?
  21. Ox

    Night Riding

    Oh yeah - back-in-the-day, in our tiny wide spot in the road, there was a ride going on every night! Anyone that wanted to ride would gather behind The Sports Shoppe uptown at 6:30. That was "uptown". Not that our town is big by any means, but LOTS of folks had sleds, and you could ride from your house to the uptown, and then off we would go. We had trails in many of the connecting woods' around the county. Kan't imagine any of that flying these days. Heck, seems like about anytime I have taken a sled off the section, someone is fussing.... Not that most winters we git that kind'a snow anymore, but prolly the better half of you can remember those days too. I have recently heard aboot that phone app thing. That one night 5 yrs ago when we were out to Anjigami (Wawa) at O'Dark:30 one night - the sky was so clear that there was so many stars out that you couldn't see constelations. I wonder if the phone could have then? -------------- Have gone out playing after dark in recent years with the help of a Lead Dog light. No flat light now! ---------- Years ago my chum blew out the trailing arm and rad rod(s) on his RMK on a land mine. We fixed what we could with what Gordy had available at the time,. I think that he had the trailing arm, but he had rad rods for trail sleds, not RMK rods. We was planning on being in Chapleu (sp?) that night, but when the sun went down, we were in Gordy's parking lot (Wawa again) and it was Fishing Derby weekend, and if anyone's ever been to Wawa on F/D weekend, you know there's "no room at the inn". So we called down to Halfway, and they had room for us there, so we unloaded at Anjigami and headed south well after dark. Only for the bent rad rod to give up completely when we was on the trail - in the bush. Shut the sleds down to "contemplate our situation" (not that there was anything to contemplate, nor that we really discussed it at all, but...) and it was pitch black. I waved my hand in front of my face, and could not see it. Not too often that you can honestly say that... And while we sat there, just taking it in - some fussy hoot owl kept yukking it up at our expense.... We loaded back up and went home.... Pic from that day: My chum calling Gordy on the sat phone. .
  22. Well that's not the first time for that eh? About 15 yrs ago they were in a tight spot and a chum bought a bunch of stock as he figgered The Queen wouldn't let it close. His stock went up - seems like 20X at least when they got their care package. (He didn't buy nearly enough stock!)
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