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  1. Thanks for the heads up. It was raised in the OFSC New Groomers thread but is very helpful as a standalone thread for trip planning.
  2. Shwing in D'ville when the Groomer Guy when he sees this thread ...... Way to get'r done. Looks like a well run operation.
  3. That Esso was very convenient. Great to hear.
  4. DORSET update - The Nordic Inn review on your website is accurate - "B" rating. Older motel but attention to detail. The other Dorset location - Moose Inn is now open (you have it listed as closed until Feb. 2014 - "B & B, 3 rooms, hot tub, parking, WiFi CLOSED FOR RENOS UNTIL FEB' 2014". It's rumoured to be the nicer of the 2 'inns' in town, but had 'no vacancy' last Saturday. Keep up the great work on your database. Very helpful.
  5. No gas (yet) at Cedar Village Marina (Pickerel River). Without snow, they're not pumping yet. (705) 857-2522.They may be selling gas later in the season. Rich at Owl's Nest Lodge has been providing great local information on that area for years. Maybe he has updates on the region. We fuel north of there in Estaire (Congo).
  6. Thanks for organizing this, guys. Added bonus was the opportunity to buy PET raffle tickets.
  7. The Killarney Sportsman's Inn is not open during the winter.
  8. Never stayed at Sportsman's. It seems central to everything. Have to give it a try. Lep (from this forum) speaks highly of Sportsman's, as I recall. About the only reason we've stayed at the edge of town (Chateau Guay - http://chateauguaymotel.ca ) is the ability to set our own 'dinner' time and good food.
  9. Keep me posted on that trip, Nunz. Would head up there again in a heartbeat. A Parry Sound start would be a bonus. When in Sudbury, try the Cartier Moose Loop (lunch and gas at Windy Lake http://www.windylakemotel.com/our-hotel/). It doesn't get as much traffic as the other local loops and the trails are wider and faster (less twisty). The next day, run the Chiniguchi Wolf Loop east towards North Bay.
  10. A map showing the issues as you get north of "The Bridges". The southern part of this map is Cedar Village - not sure if gas available. (map from Sledgas.com - very useful with cellphone access on Hwy 69).
  11. x2. Also did the old 'circle Alban - looking for gas tour.' Beausejour Inn (Alban) has a snow covered gas pump. Hasn't functioned in years.
  12. Although we bypassed it last year (seemed to have enough gas leaving Port Loring) - it's an impt. gas stop and glad it's still on the grid.
  13. White Dragon, In case you've never been behind a Yamaha - that's what our snow flap looks like.
  14. Don't feed the animals. Encouragement leads to more "humour" And it was great meeting White Dragon and Bill. The 2 of you heading to the top after the Fraserdale gas pumps closed was an epic memory. Have gas, will travel.
  15. Reved, One toque black with gold. "Canuck" on the side. One cap, black with gold. "Canuck" on the side. Pick up at show; paypal once account is setup (luddite). Essentially "snapper's" order, with my info. Thanks for undertaking this. If you join us for dinner at the sled show, dinner's on us (to say the least).
  16. We won't have developed cloverleafs because of the 'expropriation without compensation'. And I see what your truck driving friend is talking about, whether it's the new Esso northbound at King City (looks awkward for trucks, unlike the old 'voyageur' facility that they could drive behind and pull up). Can't comment on new Barrie facility since haven't stopped. The in-progress southbound 400/89 Ellis-Don is plain dumb, seeing as how close it is to Barrie (where Bayfield business owners would love for you to drop by); Innisfil and the southbound 400 Esso in King City (also a truckers nightmare at back, where you do face the facility). Skydome construction prices for a gas station. Only in Ontario.
  17. Seeing that new service station take shape on Hwy 400 southbound (north of old Hwy 89 station) makes blood boil. In the 'States they call that expropriation without compensation. If the 'government' (Ellis-Don) builds a huge gas station directly accessible from the highway, the mom and pop at the cloverleaft intersection WILL go out of business. They have no business building these tax funded mega-stations. It's putting 10 gas stations, serving 10 different communities, on that highway out of business.
  18. Great looking sled! Glad you're getting the snow and time to ride this year. Did you give white dragon the keys to your sled in the pic above?
  19. Thanks for the update, Revrnd. This type of locational "summary' is helpful. Huntsville also has a gas station directly across from "3 Guys and a Stove restaurant", if you're going there anyways and want to avoid the Canadian Tire road rash. I think it's an Esso.
  20. Thanks for joining up and offering to provide info on Kitchener - Waterloo riding. Wing night on the first Friday of every month is duly noted.
  21. The new Petro Canada in Port Severn is taking shape. It's in the Baxter club area --- Gateway to Georgian Bay. (not a 'closure' but hey, we need positive news as well)
  22. Thanks revrnd. Hopefully the trail guides will reflect the above. They'll be going to print 'soon'. Let it snow, let it snow.
  23. Heading up north, but wanted to attend this one. Hope you have a good turnout.
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