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  1. Yukon Cornelious

    Sled Insurance - 2019-2020 Season

    The OFSC is endorsing Desjardin insurance on the website as part of the rider advantage program. As a permit buyer, you are able to take advange of this program.
  2. Yukon Cornelious

    Worker hurt removing bridge

    It was explained in one of Fords press conferences, that he doesn't want to delay housing for those who are in the process of moving within the next 6 months. So anything started for residential use prior to April 4th can continue, under strict rules/consequences..
  3. Yukon Cornelious

    So... Any thoughts on the new CEO?

    I think hiring Mr French is pretty exciting, he has some very good credentials. He is also a snowmobiler/permit buyer so he comes with a vested interest. Time will tell, but I think Excom did a good job with this one, as they have done in the past.
  4. Yukon Cornelious

    Worker hurt removing bridge

    Not enough counterweight calculated to compensate for high winds. Outriggers not locked in place could also be the culprit... I guess we can all speculate, I just hope the operator is ok..
  5. Yukon Cornelious

    Supertrax mag still in print?

    Why not use the unsubscribe option on one of the emails?
  6. Yukon Cornelious

    Supertrax mag still in print?

    I read about a year ago regarding Go snowmobiling Ontario magazine going digital. One or two mailouts and 2 digital. I didn't pay much attention passed that. But there was a notice about.
  7. Yukon Cornelious

    Tether Cords

    I wear mine everytime I ride ,along with my Tekvest..
  8. Yukon Cornelious

    Summerizing routine

    I Doo believe it does!
  9. Yukon Cornelious

    Summerizing routine

    Ride hard and put away wet. Beg the mechanic for forgiveness at a later date!
  10. They will be out tonight and tomorrow night grooming, check ITG for trail status changes!
  11. Yukon Cornelious

    Open water at tip of baeuseliel

    The tip of Beausolei island is notorious for being open water. There is a shoal, which extends a good 200 ft out. My buddy was there to see the rescue, he said the news is blowing it out of proportion, they were standing in 4ft of water. Regardless as the old saying goes, if you don't know, don't go.
  12. Yukon Cornelious


    That's my buddy running the groomer, they will be knocking down the drifts as long as they need too. He is quite happy to be moving some snow.
  13. Yukon Cornelious

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Yes it is still there and over the Black River. We redecked it a few years ago.
  14. Yukon Cornelious

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    It is mandatory for clubs to update trail status 2 times per week. I believe Mondays and Thursday, rather it be Unavailable, Limited Availability or Available. If it stays status quo, no changes. That is mandatory. Clubs can update trail status changes at any given time of the day or week. Some do, some don't. Each club fullfills those mandatory 2 per week updates.
  15. Yukon Cornelious

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    Who wants to take on the liability of the off trail riders in the OPG owned Canyon as well? Just my thoughts!