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    TRAILS OPEN as "Limited Availability" The D201F Trail just opened tonight as "Limited Availability". 95 miles (152 kms) of groomed trail. Tremendous dedication by the Sault Trailblazers to get this trail open so early in the Season. A huge thank you to Greg and Eric for grooming 17 hours non-stop and started at 3 a.m this morning, Also thanks to John for legwork and coordinating and Rodney and Phil for working to get the groomer ready. Here's a screenshot of the club website that was just updated a few minutes ago. This links Searchmont to Aubrey Falls / Black Creek. A Big weekend of snowmobiling coming up as the word is now out.
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    That's because no one is that small in this group! I now know not to be that last person in line at an all you can eat buffet with the folks on this site.