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  1. traNsplantEdneWFie

    OFSC Trail Guide

    It works fine for me. Here's a step by step process that I used... 1. zoom in to the general location for you route 2. pick a point on the trail as your start point 3. A window pops up and shows an 'arrow' pointing to the right - click arrow and point 'A' will appear where you picked your point in step 2. 4. Pick next point on your route 5. Click arrow again and point 'B' will appear 6. Continue to pick more points (and arrows) to add to your route.
  2. traNsplantEdneWFie

    OFSC Trail Guide

    I think one of the issues everyone is going to have with this software is that it defaults to picking the shortest distance between two points. If you're just trying to go from points A to B that works fine but in the case of a snowmobiler, we're usually looking for either the 'longest' route OR a complete loop that brings you back to where you started. One way to 'trick' the software is by adding more points; start with point 'A' and add points B, C, D etc along your desired route even if you want to come back to where you started as an end point. That method seems to work just fine for me. Good luck!
  3. traNsplantEdneWFie

    Trail Status

    Is there a chance that winter could start all over again? Long range forecast is calling for up to 40cm in the next two weeks. Has it ever happened before where you get a break in winter, trails are closed and then reopened late like this?
  4. traNsplantEdneWFie

    Trail Status

    Trails are already starting to close. I bet after tomorrow we'll be RED!
  5. traNsplantEdneWFie

    Trail Status

    Yes, but as long as they're open, I'm goin'.
  6. traNsplantEdneWFie

    Trail Status

    I've been going out almost daily but it's probably coming to an end. Fingers crossed.
  7. traNsplantEdneWFie

    Trail Status

    15cm of gold forecast for Friday. Bring it!
  8. traNsplantEdneWFie

    Trail Status

    I did almost 2 hours this afternoon. Trails are decent with some corn fields exposed occasionally. Probably go out again tomorrow.
  9. traNsplantEdneWFie

    Trail Status

    Trails map just turned YELLOW, west of Kitchener. Heading out tonight. Woohoo!
  10. traNsplantEdneWFie

    Trail Status

    Should be looking good by this weekend I would think. Anyone have an update?
  11. traNsplantEdneWFie


    Seeing a lot of trails reopen in the Barrie-Midland-Collingwood area. Hope it's contagious and comes south
  12. traNsplantEdneWFie

    Aubrey Falls - Black Creek

    I read people talking in km's and miles. That could make a huge difference.
  13. traNsplantEdneWFie

    Trail Status

    Lot's of snow fell in the past 24hrs. I wonder if there's enough? Anyone know what's going on in our region?
  14. traNsplantEdneWFie

    Trail Status

    Looks like we could get up to 30cm of gold in the next 4 days. Bring it on! A family day weekend trip would be great.
  15. traNsplantEdneWFie

    Miller Lake New Years day 2018

    My sister has a cottage here. They rent it out but not in the winter due to the difficulty in keeping it winterized.