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  1. How are your local club trails holding up , we start vacation at our place on Clear Lake tomorrow and would love any insight on how things are holding up. We are hoping to ride right through the week.
  2. We have been fighting the plowing all season and the last few seasons on those trails. The club packs and grooms a trail on some of the sections and 1 logger decides it's ok to go and plow it with no direction from his employer at muskoka timber mill. We will be writting a letter again to them as it's a waste of club money and they are told they need to alternate routes each year on pine springs and old wagon Rd which they don't. No communication at all from them. It's pretty frustrating anyway we are up for a week on Monday at our place on Clear Lake and we hope it will hold up fingers crossed.
  3. We are holding our breath, we have a week vacation we have moved twice because of warm spells and now have to take this week coming up with all the warm weather. We are praying the lake routes and trails hold up along with the road sections of the D101b and the area of our club Happy Wanderers. It does show it below freezing every night so hopeful the whole week isn't ruined.
  4. Thank you very much for the update , and that's great news thanks again
  5. Anyone have any information on what's happening with the B trail south of Wood lake , I know the top of Wood lake and back towards Bird lake is full of swamps but it is all good , are we going to see the south side of the trail open this year. It's usually a big part of our ride in the past having a place on Clear lake it's a great way to get to gravenhurst any info would be great thanks again for all you guys do on our trails. Always Grateful