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  1. manotickmike


    Government enforced larceny.
  2. manotickmike

    NEW PROJECT!! Rigging an enclosed trailer

    I'm running a bit behind on my build. I'm NO carpenter, so I'm awaiting help with the cabinets up front. I remember when E-track was cheap.... Keep us posted on your progress!
  3. manotickmike

    Thinking of doing a Quebec trip ?

    Nice to see the Quebec trails app is working in the off season, for planning. OFSC might want to take note.
  4. manotickmike

    OFSC Convention- Huntsville - Sept 14-16 2018

    It would be fine in daze gone by, when the weather seemed more stable. Now, when trails are open one day, and not the next, I'd have lost 1/2 my local riding days last year If I'd gone by the ITG. It often lags behind by days.
  5. manotickmike

    Trailer flooring ideas

    Thread from the dead! I decided to pull the trigger on 5 sheets of 4x8 fine mesh lattice after reading some of these posts. (Thanks!) I really like the idea of being able to re-position sleds after they're loaded, that was NOT happening with the ski guides. I'll likely be loading sled #2 in backwards with a small trailer mounted winch, so the ability to re-position is key. Got a good end of season deal, so I went with the pricier stuff. Kudos to Rona for a great deal on something not listed for sale. Try THAT at Lowes or HD. Once I get past the stink of HH's alkyd primer (Word to the wise, avoid this crap like the plague, it's been 6 days, and it still stinks to high heaven... Outdoors!) I'm going to use floor paint on walls and floor, and lay it down and put the bike chocks and tie downs etc. on top of it. I'll use the guides and rubber mats on the door in sledding season. I'll keep you posted.
  6. manotickmike

    Trailer decision

    The drive through is from Beckner? I was VERY close to driving down to get one.
  7. manotickmike

    Bed / Tailgate Protection from studs

    I don't think you can stud that track. He's obviously headed for the mountains anyway! CF? In a truck bed? Will Ford have commercials of guys dropping sharp objects on it from a height? Idiots.
  8. manotickmike

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    No fault. Wonder who lobbied for that.
  9. manotickmike

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    That and a few $ worth of actual enforcement might actually help. I find it infuriating when the powers that be go to all the trouble of creating new regulations, and boast about solving the problem. Then there's no enforcement. Roadways in my area resemble a hockey game with no referee.
  10. manotickmike

    On line trail map?

    I've returned to paper maps. For planning. Pretty hard for the powers that be to take those down... On the ITG disaster, has anyone introduced the BOD to the (highly functional, no cell tower or data required, WTH were they thinking?) Quebec model? Would Trakmaps sue? 57 and riding HARD, even in this heat.
  11. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be about the product any more. It's about the stockholder. Then everyone stands around wondering why people buy "off shore" stuff.
  12. manotickmike

    On line trail map?

    My kinda single track. As much as I love sledding, the dirt biking is more reliable as a "fix". Couple more winters like the last 2, and....
  13. manotickmike

    On line trail map?

    Ridiculous. That would be like hiding/confiscating road maps and shutting down GPS so road bikes couldn't speed and wheelie through intersections. A certain local off road motorcycle club tries to promote trail riding and won't publish maps. Goes as far as to remove postings with GPS tracks and map images. They say it's to keep the ATVs out. I get why. ATVs wreck dirt bike trails. I say it's exclusionary and divisive. Among the small number of dirt bike riders left...….. There has to be a better way than trying to hide in plain sight.
  14. manotickmike

    On line trail map?

    Doing a little "off season" research, and hardly surprised to find the ITG or whatever is not running year round. (did the old one stay available year round?) I don't want to look at last years printed maps, as for the most part, they're so vague as to be useless... Just wondering if routes are posted anywhere off the ofsc site. Thanks!
  15. manotickmike

    Newfoundland anybody

    Murphy for PM. Just needs Rick Mercer to lighten things up a bit, and we're GTG.