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  1. manotickmike

    Best Trailer Locks

    Is that draw bar lock from Princess? I bought a few last year, felt pretty smug, on sale for cheep, found 3 keyed the same. I left one on for the last month of winter, well oiled, and when it came time to remove it, the lock cylinder had turned to mush. I had to cut it off. That was a pain, not a great spot to be operating a cut-off tool. Use caution. If I'd had to remove that away from home, I'd have been in a pickle.
  2. manotickmike


    I learned last year to avoid the last minute nonsense. Also, kudos to them figuring out the LARGE issue of VINs and people who have decided they want a trail pass, and have not decided on a sled yet. The gift card option is well received, by me anyway. Also, resolve to ride with Paulslund more this year.
  3. manotickmike

    Best Trailer Locks

    I buy a 3 or 4 pack of Master weatherproof or HD ones at Princess Auto. That way, they're keyed alike. I threw out all of my hitch pin and tongue locks. I drilled out a hitch pin to accept a Master lock (2" long shackle?) and use the same lock through the tongue lock. My new trailer is a 2 5/16" ball, I can't remember if my old trailer tongue had the ability to be locked with a padlock. This is the way to convince locks that you are not to be trifled with. I have a few of these. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/micro-jet-torch-0587500p.html#srp On sale (again) this week. Not really worth $33, (unless you're locked out!) but a STEAL at $10.
  4. manotickmike

    OFSC Interactive Map

    Education is key. If that fails, the local government has to jump in. What I notice on the Quebec side, the routes from the trails to the pumps and restaurants and scenic spots are WELL looked after. LOTS of signage. Snow is moved during the shoulder seasons to ensure that people will not damage their sleds on the way to spending their money. If a business owner is too thick to understand that those noisy wallets on skis and tracks are the key to prosperity, they either need to step aside or maybe be coerced into understanding by the local and beyond levels of government who WILL benefit. If one gas station owner is non-compliant, all the other small businesses in the area may suffer. When viewed on a larger scale, such as the Quebec model, this becomes very apparent.
  5. manotickmike

    First ride.

    I wasn't going to call him out. Much.
  6. manotickmike

    First ride.

    We need an "in-house" fab guy to do sled wheels. I'd be down for 2 sets.
  7. manotickmike

    around petawawa feb 16-17 2019

    You won't regret it. Despite some serious trail losses in the area, there is some epic sledding to be had. I was following and lost for the most part my one extensive ride in the area, but the 2 trails leading to The Sands on Golden Lake S of the rail trail really stand out in my memory. I have returned to the area just for them.
  8. manotickmike


    Just ordered 2 gift cards. Seemed much easier. This way I can process the VINs and whatever when the system is not all stressed out. There didn't seem to be a downside to this plan.
  9. manotickmike

    groomer driver s now need first aid

    Way I see it, there's 2 kinds of people. Maybe I'm over-simplifying. I've been involved with risky s#it roughly since birth. Downhill skiing (NOT the kind most of you do..) Windsurfing, (see previous comment) dirt biking, motorsports, etc. etc. Having some training, even the basic, BASIC 1st aid dragged out over 2 days means 2 things. 1 Acknowledging that crap happens. Many go blithely through life thinking they're immortal. I've met these people, and administered 1st aid to them. 2 Being the kind of person that can help when/if it does, maybe not having to re-live it feeling helpless, and maybe a bit guilty. Why would you want to be part of that other group?
  10. manotickmike

    groomer driver s now need first aid

    I'd be OK with needing First Aid for getting a snowmobile trail permit.
  11. manotickmike

    Heavy Boots?

    I'm treating my boots with respect, as I have looked at today's offerings, and live in fear of having to spend so much on such a compromise. I need some support, warmth, and a rockered sole, in case I actually have to walk more than a few yards. I suspect a high end hunting boot, (not camo...) is my only hope in the future. Likely with some sort of help in the heat department to make up for the lack of insulation.
  12. manotickmike


    It's like gun control. That works, right?
  13. manotickmike


    I'm all about an increase in permit prices if we get better compliance. Compliance won't happen without enforcement. MTO charges for it, won't provide it, won't let clubs patrol like the Quebec model. I don't ride in the high traffic/population areas. It's been 3 years since I was checked for compliance. That was at a road crossing. Visible for miles, lots of U-turns visible. Discuss.
  14. manotickmike

    Horse Stall Mats at TSC

    I love the smell of new tires, but this was nasty. There was NO way I was going to enclose my sleds in a 7x14 box with that stink. I fear they would be plotting their revenge, to be served COLD, in a faraway location.
  15. manotickmike

    Horse Stall Mats at TSC

    Use your nose. I hope they have improved the manufacturing process. I bought a big one last year, had to return it. 3 weeks later, the smell still lingered in the garage.