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  1. manotickmike

    cold weather

  2. manotickmike

    Quick Question

    Get your tape out! My 144" Nytro came home in my old 10" enclosed cargo trailer with room to spare.
  3. manotickmike

    100 kms of trail open near St Zenon PQ

    I think I hear my phone ringing...
  4. manotickmike

    The BIG decision, 850, 900 turbo, or Sidewinder?

    I can see why they wouldn't be interested in the "race to the bottom". This is why Ford is no longer going to bother making cars. Seems the people attempting to sell or trade their machines in after a year or 2 were finding out the hard way they couldn't compete with leftover stock. Pretty hard to sell them a new sled by the same manufacturer. Therefore, reduce the supply. Yamaha fans are a loyal bunch. Ask anyone who drives one. I think they'll be OK.
  5. manotickmike

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Pressing 0 GOT me to the canned response. I set up automated attendant and voice mail systems for years. Back when they were a new-fangled thing. Salesmen would tell customers how much they'd save over a live attendant... I'd be honest with the customers, (my bad...) and let them know about how much business would leave and go elsewhere if they got caught in "voice mail jail". The ONLY place this nonsense works is to save frequent callers the bother of speaking to someone, and the only place it still exists is when callers have no other choice, like monopolies and government.
  6. manotickmike

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    I was optimistic when I finally found the # and called, but got a canned reply at 2:00 p.m. mid-week. It told me to visit the website. (what, no poop emoji?) I guess it's helpful if you "know the extension of the person you wish to speak to".
  7. manotickmike

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Seems I can't edit, as permit is already assigned. Yes, plate as in the sticker.
  8. manotickmike


    I have a pal who lives in Beachburg, crosses there VERY regularly, (studded track, heavy sled, vicious carbides on Split rail skis) who says he has no issues crossing. I'd imagine wheels would drop right into those openings.
  9. manotickmike

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Little help... I bought both my permits last night, as I was pretty much SURE I wasn't going to get to "service" (HAH!) Ontario before the early bird deadline. I entered the vin of my new(to me...) sled, but put NEWSLED in for the plate, as I figured plate to owner applied to sleds. Processed fine. Turns out I made it in to S.O. today, and after a 2 hour wait, determined my license "plate" remains the same. Seems I can't edit the info on the OFSC site post purchase. Do I need to go through transferring the permit before I receive it? Or just leave it. Hoping I don't have to contact the OFSC... Thanks.
  10. manotickmike

    Season 2019

    Good work guys! So glad to see a "Sled positive" community. A great example for all. See you soon!
  11. manotickmike

    Quebec Trail Permit Pricing Info

    I SURE wish Ontario would get on board with the insurance included thing. It just makes sense. I'd have to look it up, but IIRC, my (liability) insurance last year cost more than my OFSC permit. I'd rather give the trail system the $. That way I'd actually see something for my $. I know guys who won't ride Ontario because the liability (which increases every year...) can cost more than the trail pass. It's called a "group buy". Can save a ton of $ which some sledders, myself included, would prefer to spend ANYWHERE other than propping up a business which cries the blues with every event, raises rates every year, and then in smaller print, posts record profits every quarter. Sounds like something every sane person would avoid, if it wasn't a government legislated purchase. On the "value" of the pass, there really is NO comparison. Literally. The Ontario system struggles against all levels of government, tree huggers, and idiots, while the Quebec system THRIVES, with full government support, both financially and from a legislative standpoint. Sadly, if it weren't for sledding with fiends up north, and the odd local weeknight ride, if the trails open, I wouldn't bother with an Ontario pass. Mainly because of the insurance issue.
  12. manotickmike


    I'll be calling my agent later this week. State Farm has pleasantly surprised me several times over the years. I'll keep you posted...
  13. manotickmike


    Government enforced larceny. RECORD profits every quarter.
  14. manotickmike


    Government enforced larceny.
  15. manotickmike

    NEW PROJECT!! Rigging an enclosed trailer

    I'm running a bit behind on my build. I'm NO carpenter, so I'm awaiting help with the cabinets up front. I remember when E-track was cheap.... Keep us posted on your progress!