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  1. manotickmike

    Newfoundland anybody

    Murphy for PM. Just needs Rick Mercer to lighten things up a bit, and we're GTG.
  2. manotickmike

    I quit

    Our blessed government is the ONLY organization that could sell weed and lose money. I can't wait for July 1. I will be subsidizing Trudope's stoners.
  3. manotickmike

    I quit

    Congrat's guys. Took me a few tries, over a few years, but it's done. almost 5 years now. Just keep thinking of the guilt free $$$ you get to spend on sledding. I'm here to say, this gambit can be used for YEARS!
  4. manotickmike

    Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    Wish there was one near here. We had a GREAT fastener spot, ALWAYS a line at the counter. Had all the odd, metric or stainless bits I needed. Or would have them in a day or 2. Then someone didn't see a future in the walk up customers, and only sold quantities. I remained a customer for my hardware for the brake conversion kits I sell. Then one day, after 15 years+ of being a customer, I was told I needed to have an account. It was with mixed feelings I noticed their sign come down about 9 months later. I now buy all of my hardware on-line. Same stuff, costs about 1/2. It's M-10 and 12 SHCS and FSHCS countersunk stuff. 10.9 and 12.9 Fastenal (too far away) and Brofasco (ugh) were not an option. I've also learned to keep an "inventory" of common stuff here, and the odd bits my Japanese sleds and bikes use, and that even worse, that Austrian one.
  5. manotickmike

    Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    $26! They had all grades, IIRC, the Dexos was $30.
  6. manotickmike

    Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    I do my research 1st. It's NOT about saving $$$. Most OEMs re-brand the oil they can make the most profit on. I trust Mobil 1. Filters are worse. I think Yamaha quoted me $26 for a filter that's worth about $5. I'd rather have the K+N filter. (Hiflo is a K+N without the sticker.)
  7. manotickmike

    Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    https://fortnine.ca/en/hiflofiltro-oil-filter My $9.68 filter option. The service interval on the Apex for the filter is ridiculous. I change both annually. Seems the least I can do for something that gives SO much, I abuse so hard, and put away wet. On 87 octane fuel.
  8. manotickmike

    Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    0-40 M1 Euro formula goes in my Apex, following recs from the TY forum. Typically do a forced march to the very back of wally-world (my annual visit...) to get it. Anyone see the 0-40 euro on the sale pile? Going to need to do 2 sleds this time around.
  9. manotickmike

    OK, I'm done. Last ride for the season at Missing Link.

    Sight lines are better than this implies. The truly blind corners I'm WELL over. I ride at a clip that leaves room for adjustments. I'm in no hurry to die, DIRT BIKE SEASON is coming!
  10. manotickmike

    End of season prognosis

    I put a Cobra 1.35 on my Apex, about as tall as I can go. It's studded. I won't ride without studs. I've seen what happens to a rider in over his head without them, and I have been fortunate to have HAD studs, and been able to maintain my control and avoid them. The edges of the "paddles" are pretty torn up. It has a LOT more oomph getting underway, and is MUCH better in deep snow than the Ripsaw I had previously, but I doubt it will last anywhere near as long. My next sled has the capacity for a significantly taller track. I won't be buying a Cobra for it.
  11. manotickmike

    OK, I'm done. Last ride for the season at Missing Link.

    How DARE you infer illegal activity on my part! I had to dust off the top of the motor to be sure, (still warm...) but the more observant (educated?) guy I met later on said the part off to the side of the trail gave it away.
  12. manotickmike

    OK, I'm done. Last ride for the season at Missing Link.

    Here's a noble steed who made it almost to the end.
  13. A few minutes of Saturday around noon. My beloved 197 was flawless, but there were sketchy patches on the 195 and 191. Racked up another 250k or so, and put a deposit on my "new" sled on the way home, in the midst of the "snowstorm" that turned into an icy mess instead.
  14. manotickmike

    Anyone else out inthe Missing Link this weekend?

    Good call.
  15. manotickmike

    Anyone else out inthe Missing Link this weekend?

    I'm not sorry I missed that. I did see: Some poor sled's last ride ended here... These cool guys, at a nice waterfront spot along the 197. Hi guys! And my TRUSTY Apex's last ride on an open trailer, ever, and likely it's last ride as my sled.