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  1. Where are the narrows
  2. Hey guys I heard someone went thru the ice at the narrows last weekend, anybody else heard this? where are the narrows? thanks chris
  3. Woohoo thanks guys
  4. Woohoo thanks guys
  5. Have you heard if the lake will be staked
  6. Thanks. Might head up this weekend, have you been down to grants bay that's where I'm headed.
  7. just wondering how the ice is on kahshe lake thanks
  8. Just wondering if the trails are starting to shape up around Kahshe, and ice thickness? Thanks
  9. When do the stakes usually come off on Kahshe lake? Thanks
  10. 2 pistons 2 cylinders 1 crank engine gone new engine here tomorrow back on the trails next weekend
  11. Kahshe lake was a little rough, but all staked, did 70 km on Sunday (first ride) Then blew a piston
  12. no, if its the same place that had the rink last year, it was on the road side, half way down the channel, I'm further down on the east side when you reach the actual bay, heading up sunday morning, first ride
  13. I'm a newbie to this site, I think it's great, my cottage is right across from trail 4 in grants bay , this is a great way to get information, this will be my second year snowmobiling, Thanks to all the people at snowcrest riders. Chris
  14. does anyone know how thick the ice is on kahshe lake?