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  1. Owen Sound, Wiarton, Tobermory Condtions

    looks like the temps are going back the right way for the weekend!
  2. Owen Sound, Wiarton, Tobermory Condtions

    Shitcha, im glad i could make your day!!!! You guys should do it for sure....even if we do get a bit of precip it could fall as snow and if it's rain it anit going to add up to much...I've done many runs in plus temps to Tobermory and the trails stay firmer longer than one would think-there's enough shade and very little traffic. It was 2014 or 15 (or both) when they stayed well into April...I think it was around 420 when they finally called it a season.
  3. Owen Sound, Wiarton, Tobermory Condtions

    Yea you park in Fernadale and scoot up from there. It's a tour to go from Ferndale to Tobermory and back in a day. It's only 180 or so km but as most people know it's a slower but beautiful trail.
  4. Owen Sound, Wiarton, Tobermory Condtions

    It won't kill the trail base but it will add to more flooded trails. It would take a monsoon to kill the base in the bases in the penninsula bushes. The fields are still flooded. Here's some pics from that tiny bit of yellow near the tub- smooth as glass.
  5. Owen Sound, Wiarton, Tobermory Condtions

    We still have snow. I'm just a bit north of pike bay and on our lawn we have about a foot of hard packed snow with some fluff on top. I'm guessing the fields and low bushes will have alot of water lying so that's probably the biggest issue but the base is holding up. hope this helps.
  6. Hearing protection

    Hey there 2 stroke. I use either laser lite ear plugs or max lite ear plugs. They are comfortable and don't bother my ears like the 3m Classics did. You can get from Amazon @ $20 for 200. Or it looks like staples sells packs for refilling dispensers @ $70 for 600. I bet other box stores would sell them aswell. be aware of insuperior earplugs.I find the ones that look too narrow are too narrow to block out sound. those 3m Classics are big for a reason..just too big for my ears. Check them out too, they offer great protection.
  7. First opening in D9

    Hopefully you had a good ride the other day, hkb82. Today we didn't quite make it to Chesley, a bit of snow fell last night so that hindered our speeds. But we had a great time riding around in the powder. Last night they groomed some of the trails but we had about foot fall after that so we had an awesome time floating down to Wairton. Once we got to wairton we hit the rail bed and down to hepworth, we grabbed some food and fuel and headed back north via the b107. Trails are in great shape up here. With more cold and snow it won't take long to turn them green.
  8. First opening in D9

    Hey guys, The other day I drove to Oliphant and dropped there. Hit some beauty trails the b108 was freshly groomed. the B was in good shape too. Pic attached is in a field near chesley lake. Tomorrow I'll be leaving from pike bay. both the b108 and b107 north of wairton are being groomed tonight. Just south of pike bay on the b108 there is a bridge that needs some repair so it won't be open for a bit. We will be leaving pike bay around 8am then we are going to head across to lions head and then down to wairton, then carry on south to the ohh so beautiful chesley trails. Do that loop and come back north. Where are you guys ridding out of? we could meet up if yas like.
  9. First opening in D9

    Title and Tag says it all. If plan on riding there just post here and we could meet up..Be on the lookout for a black skidoo wizzzing around...woohoo.
  10. First Green of the season

    Oh right on man. looking good.
  11. OFSC On-line Map Working? Is it just Me?

    Same thing happening on my end Slomo. Won't load any trail status, just a blank Sat image.

    I went a few years ago right at the start of the season and the place was full (100 sleds/per day). That being said, the main trails didn't get whoopped out until the afternoon. They have lots of side trails that people don't seem to want to explore because they hadn't been groomed yet but we had an absolutely wicked time on the side trails and the mains ones. We'd do it again if they were the only ones open close to us.
  13. Easter Monday ride around Hearst ....

    Gotta love those crown royal bags! Thanks for sharing Denis!
  14. new member from wd crew

    Welcome Carter! looking forward to ripping with you and the rest of the WD crew!
  15. Somebody's Birthday today... White Dragon!!!

    Happy brithday dude!