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  1. Crawdaddy

    Seat reupholster

    Yep, I thought the same thing. It was a cold flipping day so I think he was pretty thankful he didn't have to walk the extra 5km. SJ, that sounds horrible, who would ever think that hard styrofoam would make for a good seat.
  2. Crawdaddy

    Seat reupholster

    Perfect thanks Dave! I'll make the tour down the 16th. I think I've given an older gentleman a ride there before, he was hitch hiking and I dropped him off before the driveway. It was the oddest thing as I don't think he wanted anyone to see him hitch hiking so he ask me to drop him off a few poles before the drive, then I pulled away slow and saw him walk in that lane way. Thanks again for the recommendation!
  3. Crawdaddy

    Seat reupholster

    Hey guys, I'm looking at firming up my seat. It's gotten pretty soft over the last few years and I'm wondering if anyone has an idea on who to recommend in mid-western Ontario. I feel the best bet would be to check out a Mennonite harness/saddle shop. There's a few seats on the Kijiji's for a reasonable price ~$200, so that's an option too. I recall SJ getting his seat done a few years ago and it seemed to be a bit of a run around for him- sounded like goldilocks and the 3 bears. I'd like to hear if anyone has had their seat firmed up and how's it holding up. Thanks
  4. Crawdaddy

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    I did 'laker , it was emailed to the address that I use as my log in name.
  5. Crawdaddy

    Elliot Lake

    Right on man. Wish I was with yas, sounds like a prefect day for brapping. The groomer is coming from Wawa to halfway tonight..lucky guys.... you'll have to tell WD to get another picture with him.haha
  6. Crawdaddy

    Elliot Lake

    Good to hear that you guys had good trails yesterday. Have a great ride today!! Say hi to everyone for me!
  7. Crawdaddy

    Chapleau Accomdations

    It's a great place to stay. We stayed there last year and a few times with work this summer. It is off the trail and you have to run sheppard-Morse road. But it's only plowed for 2 km south of the moosehorn.. but there's cooling to be had on the side. If you call ahead you can as for some fuel and some drinks and they will run to town and grab it for you. I'm not sure if you guys are doing a loop but if your next day is going to be long and your heading east- i'd just run sheppard-morse up to the 129, cross the hwy and follow the unplowed road to the trail- It will have sled tracks on it. The yellow section of the trail runs long the road and sees a crap load of sun, there will be a few exposed rocks to look out for, nothing major at all, just take your time in that section. If you see the trail bed along the road in the summer you'd wonder how the heck anyone can make a trail out of it. Hope you guys have a great rides!!
  8. Crawdaddy

    Aubrey Falls Trading Post

    I'm not too sure they had/have strange hours. Black creek outfitters is on the other side of the hwy and they are open 8am to 6pm - according to their website. I'll give them a ring @ 705- 841-2555. Chances are they'll be open but I don't wanna give you bad info.
  9. Crawdaddy

    White River/Marathon

    109km to white river then another 120km to Marathon. 230km or so.
  10. Crawdaddy

    White River/Marathon

    Seeing all those old trail signs last week made me do a bit of digging. I'm sure if Marathon see's more ridership it could spur interest in opening the trail further west or north to Manitouwedge. By the looks of the sponsored map it seems that Manitouwedge was a bit of sledding hot spot a few years ago. D 16 Trail map.pdf D16 east trail guide.pdf
  11. Crawdaddy

    White River/Marathon

    I rode to Marathon last week and there where 3 washouts in between duberville and Marathon. All of them were very well marked and had detours around all of them. We rode 2600km last week and the run from Dub to Marathon was highlight of the trip for sure. Lots of snow around them parts.
  12. Crawdaddy

    Owen Sound, Wiarton, Tobermory Condtions

    Right on man! glad you got out there.. they do an awesome job, it's a wonder how they can get the groomer around in some of those cedar bushes. How where the fields around Ferndale?
  13. Crawdaddy

    Owen Sound, Wiarton, Tobermory Condtions

    glad to see central Penn open now too! just need some riders up there to pack the snow in the fields. That area sees very little traffic and youll ride for an entire day and when you come back through the fields around Ferndale, if the wind has picked up and there's been no riders on the trail the wind takes all the base away...so instead of being negative VR hook your trailer up and drive 2.5hrs north and doo us all a favour and pack some of that snow down....
  14. Crawdaddy

    Owen Sound, Wiarton, Tobermory Condtions

    Tobermory just opened up. Get up there a grab and hand full and let us know!!!!
  15. Crawdaddy

    North Shore Loop Alternate Routes

    For sure it is, last year we left from Espanola and made it to halfway a bit after dark, but we went again later in the season leaving from Dunlop lake lodge and made there with ample daylight left!